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Summer, Hair Extensions, Sunscreen – What You Should Know

Summer, Hair Extensions, Sunscreen – What You Should Know

We know that when summer arrives the first thing you want to do is cover yourself in suntan lotion and run to the nearest beach, or you can lay back in a chair and get that golden color you love. Either way, you enjoy it there can only be one result, fun and relaxation.

But there’s a problem, you’re afraid of damaging your precious extensions, well let me tell you there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in that regard and here we’ll tell you why.

Extensions vs. Summer

Hair is not only our faithful letter of introduction, it is a means of expression, it is intrinsically linked to our image, and is our faithful companion in all the trends we choose to follow. On its own, it is an element that requires certain care to keep it healthy and beautiful at all times.

However, when it has fixed accessories such as hair extensions, it is logical that its care should be twice as thorough, especially in times like summer as there is a risk of damage from exposure to the sun, saltwater, or chemicals that may be present in the environment.

But this doesn’t mean that our sunny days will go away while we protect our hair at all costs, luckily for extensions, there are many methods you can use to take care of it while enjoying it to the fullest.  If you are looking for extra durable hair extensions don’t forget to check our best quality seamless hair extensions.

summer hair extensions

Tips And Care To Shine

We know that in this chaotic season it is very common that you do not have much time for long care routines that involve a few steps before going out, but if there is something to take into account when it comes to showing off beautiful extensions is that making them look beautiful requires a little dedication.

  1. Constant moisturizing:

Depending on your type of extensions, proper hydration should be essential, especially if your plans include a beach or pool. During the summer there is a high risk of hair damage because too much salt water can both loosen the extension bonds and break the hair.

While there are many moisturizers you can apply, it can be very helpful to tie your hair back to avoid complications.

  1. Brushing:

Knots and more knots are the main enemies of anyone who looks extra locks, the best advice you can receive in this regard is to always try to keep the hair untangled, especially when you get out of the water and before bed to avoid a painful awakening with the brush in hand.

Don’t rule outlooks that can make it easier either, braids are a good way to keep your hair protected, both from knots and from exposure to sand, saltwater, and excessive breeze.

  1. Protection from the sun:

Although we cannot completely escape exposure to UV rays, several strategies can be useful to prevent further damage, one of them is the use of hats or scarves that not only protect us from prolonged exposure to the sun but make us look fabulous in any scenario that surrounds us.

On the other hand, hair masks with thermo-protection or heat-proof masks are very useful to keep our hair safe, especially if our goal is to have a good tan.

  1. Don’t forget to wash it

It is extremely important to always remove the saltwater or wash our hair after leaving the pool because it is extremely harmful to our hair dry by having this type of liquid in it, especially if it is saltwater.

But do not despair; everything can be remedied with some good cleaning products and a long shower. It is recommended to remove the remains of the saltpeter very well and apply moisturizer after washing to keep the shine without problems. You can also learn more from a trusted source about taking care of your hair extensions in summer.

best extensions for summer


Heat Tools, Are They Forbidden During The Summer?

When we talk about this topic, there are many factors to consider before answering, such as your plans, the type of extensions you are wearing, the place where you will happen in the summer, the weather, or the look you want to wear.

On the one hand, it’s a bit pointless to use straighteners or curling irons if you plan to spend the day in or near the water, and it’s also harmful if you want to use them constantly to maintain a style if you’re going to get wet.

Usually, summer weather varies between hot, sunny days, a bit of humidity, and rain from time to time; taking into account these factors it is a bit impractical and tedious to use such items. However, not all plans are the same and it may be the case that you have no problem resorting to heat tools to wear your look.

Generally speaking, there is no reason to leave out flat irons or blow dryers during the summer, but it is recommended to take into account the climate and the care required by the extensions during this time, such as constant hydration and avoiding the sun in large doses.

Extensions And Summer, What To Expect?

Commonly, during this time you may feel a little uncomfortable with your extensions because the constant exposure to water and the elements can cause some havoc.

On the other hand, we have the care that when the time comes is a bit tedious and demands a lot of the time we want to spend having fun. In that sense you could take into account the following tips:

– Planning: to look stunning requires time, effort, and dedication, but it also requires a lot of planning.

To make the most of this long-awaited period, you can choose to use practical extensions such as clip-in or adhesive ones, since you can remove them if you need to and put them back without any problem.

In case you do not want to do without them, you can choose ones with strong bonds that do not come off easily such as keratin ones.

– Before, during, and after Some people think that summer is not a good time to wear extensions or accessories of this type, but it is not necessary to wait months to be able to use them.

The key to success is in the care and mini routines that you can establish to keep them in good condition, you just need a lot of hydration and perhaps some hairstyles that protect them to survive.

– Natural products: much has been said in the world of hair care about the benefits that nature has to offer, but it bears repeating.

And is that some ointments such as aloe can be a good relief at night for our hair, as well as coconut oil and other products that although they are part of the ones we already use, you can opt for the most natural form of the same to better maintain your hair.

take care of your hair extensions in summer


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