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What Is The Lifespan Of Hair Extensions And How To Make Them Last?

What Is The Lifespan Of Hair Extensions And How To Make Them Last?

We have all dreamed of having a long and full head of hair, and we want to cry when our hair grows too slowly or going to the salon is more expensive than we would like to admit.

However, the best solution to this crazy problem has come to our hands; hair extensions are an option to look beautiful at a low cost, besides being easy to maintain.

Every day there are more and more women who choose to use these hair extensions while waiting for their hair to reach the desired length. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and last depending on the material they are made of, the quality of the material, and the care you give them.

For this you must know exactly which one to use, here we will give you information and some tips to look radiant.

Hair Extensions, Their Lifespan, and How To Make Them Last More.

These hair extensions are used for three things, but with only one purpose; to improve our look and increase the confidence we have in ourselves. Because that’s how it is, long hair can draw the attention and the eyes on us, making us feel like a runway star, just like Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet.

One of the reasons women choose to wear hair extensions is to add some length. Lengthening your hair makes you look more stylish and beautiful, plus it’s the perfect option for those times when they decide to cut their hair and need to rescue the long hair they lost.

On the other hand, hair extensions also serve to give volume to the mane. A full head of hair makes you feel like the diva of the world, it makes you feel free when it floats in the wind like a wheat field enjoying the virtues of the sun.

They are also super useful when you want to add a touch of color to your hair. Some highlights are never too much, they give life to your hair, and if you don’t have time to go to the salon to color your hair, good hair extensions are your best ally. If you want to use hair extensions or you already use them but want to know more, here we will give you some tips to get the most out of them and look stunning.

Don’t get impatient, here you will learn how to take care of them to extend their useful life and look fantastic. The first thing you should know is what type of extension to use according to the material, they can be synthetic or natural hair, as well as they can be fixed or temporary extensions removable.

Lifespan Of Hair Extensions

Types Of Hair Extensions

Before choosing a type of hair extension, you should know the type of hair you have, if it is straight or curly if it is dry or oily so that the extensions are adapted to your requirements, and the care of your natural hair to avoid that the maintenance of one interferes with the care of the other.

Each of the types of extensions, although they do not require extreme or impossible care, need to be retouched from time to time by the hand of an expert, as it takes into account the material from which they are made and the growth of real hair so that it looks as natural as possible.

Adhesive extensions

They are semi-permanent and easy to place; they usually last three months and can be reused up to three times. The hair is separated by strands and each piece is attached using a hot iron so that they have well adhered to the hair.

Clip-in extensions

This type of extension is the most common in the styling world, thanks to its easy placement and low cost. They are used as a way to instantly increase hair volume. Because they are easy to put in and take out, they can be used as many times as you want for 6 months or more.

Keratin extensions

This is a type of fixed extension that uses keratin as glue to attach the pieces to the natural hair strands. Instead of using adhesives, a heat gun is used to attach the extensions as close to the root of the hair as possible for a professional finish and more volume. With proper care, they can last from eight to twelve months.

How To Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Now that you know what the most common hair extensions are and the method of application, it is important to determine which one is right for your hair type. Then do a little more research to find out how long they last and how to care for them properly. Having a fabulous mane costs so little and is worth so much, you’ll appreciate the tips we’ll give you below.

Despite being a product that you can find in beauty salons or a specialty store, and you can apply it yourself, it is always necessary to listen to the opinion of an expert because certain aspects are essential to extend the life of the extensions and avoid future damage to your natural hair. Get as much advice as possible.

Each type of hair extension has an estimated lifespan, depending on the care you give them. There are professional products made especially for synthetic hair extensions, while natural hair extensions can be maintained with basic daily care products such as cream baths, among others.

Generally, hair extensions are made to last approximately six to twelve months. However, they can last from twelve to twenty-four months, depending on the care and provisions you take to keep them in optimal conditions.

In addition to that, the quality of the product greatly influences its durability of the product. Good quality extensions can accompany you whenever you need them, to be the center of attention in every step you take, or to give a touch of shine to your hair with special extensions for highlights.

Another factor that greatly affects the durability of hair extensions is the type of hair extension and the way it is applied. That is, those that are worn permanently generally last less time because they are exposed to all kinds of conditions, such as the weather, hairdressing tools, hair dryers or tongs, and the humidity of the towel.

Likewise, those that are clipped or clipped per piece have a longer life span than the others. This is due to the nature of the application, on this type of extension they can be put in and taken out so quickly and easily that it is not necessary to wear them all the time and the methods used to care for them are less compared to fixed extensions.

As you can see, there are many aspects to take into account before you dare to use these beauty items, even for those who already use them, but don’t despair! Here are the best tips to make your extensions last a lifetime and discover the potential of your hair.

Tips For Caring For Hair Extensions

Fixed or temporary hair extensions require different care; however, there are general rules to keep them both in good condition so you can enjoy them as long as possible. Whether they were applied in a salon, or you ventured to perform the procedure yourself, you should visit a professional every so often to verify that the conditions of your natural hair are great.

Now, you may be wondering: what is the routine I should follow to take good care of my hair extensions? Pay close attention and put into practice every technique you learn so that you become an expert in taking care of your extensions as if they were part of you.

– Washing: the best thing to do is to use a neutral shampoo that won’t damage your hair or the material of the extensions, massage gently and use cream baths to make brushing easier. Completely avoid keeping the towel wrapped around your head, just remove excess beauty and let it dry naturally.

Brushing: look for a soft bristle hairbrush so that it doesn’t damage the extensions or undo the attachment points between the product and the root of your hair. You must brush your synthetic hair at least twice a day to prevent knots from forming and to keep the extensions free of any residue that can make a mess of this beauty item.

When brushing your hair, try to start at the ends and work your way up, so that when you reach the roots of the hair, you don’t pull the extensions out roughly and pull them away from the joints.

– Moisturizing: this point depends on the material of the extensions you have chosen for you. That is, if they are synthetic and not natural hair, it is necessary to apply moisturizing treatments, masks, or cream baths so that the extensions have a natural shine or are similar to your real hair, and do not have a dry or dull appearance.

The time intervals between the application of each treatment vary according to your criteria, however, once or twice a week will be useful to keep the extensions shiny and silky.

It will also depend on your hair type, if you have dry hair, coconut or almond oil is a good option to bring it back to life.

Professional care: an expert opinion is always helpful when it comes to keeping your extensions in good condition. Once or twice a week will be enough to check the condition of the item and determine if any last-minute fixes are needed.

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What Should You Avoid When Taking Care Of Your Extensions?

Now that you know the steps to follow to keep your hair extensions alive, you need to know some of the things you should avoid completely to extend the life of your hair extensions and enjoy a long and full head of hair for much longer.

Take note of the following tips:

– Heat: you should avoid at all costs, exposing the extensions to extreme heat, because you run the risk of melting the material or weakening the adhesive used. When washing your hair, alternate hot water with cold water or keep it at a medium temperature to maintain the hair’s shine.

Also, if you want to speed up the drying process and simply toweling off excess water is not enough, you can use a blow dryer but make sure the air is cool.

Similarly, each type of extension has its instructions, check if it is possible to use hair straighteners or if it is necessary to use products that protect synthetic hair strands.

– Humidity: remember to dry the hair extensions completely and untangle them afterward. A natural blow dry will be the best option to avoid future complications. Don’t become a knot, keeping an extension alive is simple. Before going to bed, it is advisable to tie your hair in a bun or onion bun or braid your hair to avoid tangles in the morning.

– Toughness: you might ask toughness? Yes, just as you read it. To take good care of your hair extensions, you must treat them with the greatest gentleness in the world, from washing to brushing and drying your hair. This way, you will prevent the bond between the two hairs from coming loose or breaking in half. Treat them as you would a delicate rose.

Now that you know all you need to know about the types of hair extensions, how long they can last and what steps you need to take to extend the life of your hair extensions, it’s your time to shine and put everything we’ve taught you here to the test. Go out into the world with your long hair, and dazzle with every step you take.

If you are new to this, don’t worry, you just have to take into account the type of extensions you will use to give them the necessary care so you can enjoy them for a long time.


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