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 Seamless clip-in hair extensions: the same, amazing quality remy human hair extensions but now with thin, seamless silicone wefts for ultimate comfort. Choose from two lengths.

Buy Seamless Hair Extensions Online

If you are considering increasing the amount of hair you have or giving more volume to your mane without having to damage it, you may want to adopt the trend of hair extensions. Hair extensions are perfect for improving the visual aesthetics of your face. You can buy the best Seamless Hair Extensions online at Izabel Hair. We provide the best quality, fast shipping, and great prices. 

There are a lot of hair extensions on the market, and they all have their advantages. For example, natural hair extensions allow you to dye and match them to your natural hair color, as well as add thick hair strands to your natural hair.

Each product has its trick of use and we must know how to apply it correctly if we want to see the best results reflected in our appearance. If you don’t take the time to research and inform yourself about the subject before applying to them or if you look for low budget ones, they will most likely look fake and even unsightly. 

Especially because of the sad amount of fake products on the internet, such as hair extensions with other types of products that claim to have digestible grades of natural Remy hair. This is totally false, since Remy hair has no levels, all this was created from commercial speculation and desire to increase sales by offering a product with “Better quality” when they offer the same or worse: Hair that is not Remy. 

So if someone is selling you “AAA grade Remy hair” it doesn’t mean they have better quality, in fact they are probably scamming you, run away from there! We have all the possible solutions for you here.

To do this  treatment we need to take into account our physical complexion and our hair length, so we look for a fair balance.

Nowadays we spend large amounts of money on our appearance to try to satisfy someone else, such as the social stigma that men like a woman with long hair much more than short, or prefer one color to another, and the truth is that applying this type of products has to be in accordance with the personal tastes of the person who will wear them and the confidence she has in herself. No product will make you look good if you don’t feel good! Always keep that in mind.

Back to the topic, if you feel totally confident with yourself and think you are ready for some extensions, read on and we will explain the advantages of seamless clip in hair extensions, which are one of the best sellers in our entire store. You may think after reading that they are complicated to put in, but there is nothing that practice and dedication can’t fix!

To consider before using or applying clip in extensions


Although as we mentioned earlier that if it’s natural hair it can be dyed, it’s best if it already comes with the same color as your hair so it can look more natural. In fact, in our Izabel Hair store we have many shades so you don’t have to look so hard! 

And even if you want you can buy a shade a little lighter than your hair to make an amazing and totally natural effect, don’t be scared to try a different color matching.  Take a chance, we have more than 25 shades available waiting for you and your daring version to go for more, don’t settle for less and ask for so much more, you totally deserve it.

In our store we have different textures and types of hair, but you can also find them natural and you can adapt them to you with the right tools such as curling irons or hair straighteners. This is up to you.

  • Keep your tresses divided into groups according to the number of clips.

Most of these extension packs will have 8 sections or strands of hair. When you unpack the product, you will notice that it will have 3 or 5 seamless clips on the hair extension. Try to keep a division and order between them all for ease of application. Depending on how many clips are in each strand, they should go in a specific placement.

  • Keep your tresses untangled with a clean comb.


Despite what people think, seamless tape hair extensions tangle very easily. Untangle the extension as you would your normal hair, from the ends upwards. Don’t ever brush it from the beginning of the clips without detangling it first because you will damage the extension. You can have either a wide or thin comb to comb through at different levels of tangling.

  • Your extensions can also get burned

Even if they are made of natural hair, they can still get damaged and burned without any problem. Therefore, if you need to use any tool that requires heat and especially on virgin hair, apply a heat protectant beforehand to avoid disasters. 

Remember that the extensions are not attached to the human scalp and therefore will not extract the moisturizing and repairing oils needed to regenerate after constant heat application. Even synthetic extensions, being of the more high quality, can suffer from these accidents that will simply cause you to lose money unnecessarily.

One trick when styling your extensions would be to put them directly on your head and take a low ponytail that allows you to pull them to the side of your head and curl or straighten them a little at a time. 

There is also the option of putting them in a place where you can hold them with hair clips and allow you to control what you are doing with the curling iron or blow dryer. Avoid applying the washed and heated one right after the other, as you may damage the extensions more easily.

  • Keep your hair clean and free of moisture

Your hair care should also be thorough so that the extensions don’t look fake or clash with it, so before you apply them wash your hair as you usually do and blow dry or air dry as you like. 

Avoid products such as gels or creams for too long as they may increase the appearance of dandruff. Comb it well before applying the extensions, this is an extremely important step! The blend extensions into your natural hair needs to be out of knots to look more natural.

How to use Clip in extensions without failing at the attempt

  • Make partings under both ears

For this we are going to take a comb with a thin handle, enough to separate thin strands of hair, and pass it in a horizontal line on both sides below our ears. After this we will make a bun with the remaining hair at the top of our hair, and if you prefer you can help yourself with the guide of a mirror at the back of your head, well placed to know if you are making the lines evenly or not.

The point of doing this is that the horizontal line of your hair is at the same height of the bottom of your ears, it is important to comb the remaining hair that is loose to avoid knots or other complications.


  • Enter a weft with three clips in hair extensions in the lower part of the hair.

As we mentioned before, each weft has different amounts of seamless clip in each hair extensions, so after you have separated them as we explained, you are going to find one that only has three clips and place it in the horizontal parting you just made. Try to get the clips as close to the scalp as possible before sealing them completely. 

Try to start from the center to the corners of the hair for ease of placement. You can make sure the extensions are 2 cm or one inch away from the hairline to make it look more natural.


  • We do the same procedure again, but this time in the middle of the ear.

We are going to divide again another horizontal line in the hair with our fine comb, and again we put the remaining hair in a high bun so it doesn’t get in our way, a loose strand could damage our precision a little bit. 

After having everything divided, we insert again a strand of the extensions but with 4 clips this time. Again we repeat the procedure, put it at a small distance from the root and close the clip so that it is well adjusted.

  • We repeat the procedure above the ears with a longer weft of extensions.

We divide with our fine comb a longer section of hair but again horizontally, this time the line will be above our ears, aligned to the line of our eyes. The weft of extensions we will take this time will need to have 5 or 4 clips that are parted with a good separation so they can clip in and look natural. 

This is a step we can skip if we have thick hair in that area, or if you just think it’s enough with the previous wefts already in place.

  • Apply a weft of 3 two-inch clip extensions to the crown of the hair.

Now you can undo the chignon that we had before, and we will start measuring from our crown to the top about two inches only. With our fine comb we will again make a horizontal line with the help of our mirror, and we will pick up again the bun that we had untied. This time we will place a weft of extensions with only 3 clips. 

If you are one of those people who have small anomalies on your head such as hair spirals in the crown area, pass the mirror over the entire area to confirm that it was placed correctly.

After finishing this step, we will insert a weft of extensions with two clips of two inches approximately on the outside of the ears. And again we repeat the whole procedure explained above, but in each ear. Remember that you can add more hair wefts where you feel there is not enough, the application of the clip in hair extensions also depends greatly on the preferences of the person who is going to wear them. 

Keep in mind that if you put the extensions where there is less hair to cover the clip in, they will most likely show through easily. So be very careful and always check at the end to secure them as much as possible to make them virtually undetectable.

  • Always remove the extensions before going to bed.

Even if they look perfect, we need to remove the extensions if and when we are going to rest for safety, always be the type of extensions that are removable and not sewn in. To do this you will need to feel your head and get the side that has the clips in. 

Then from there you will try to remove them one by one so you don’t damage your hair and can slide them out without any problem. Make sure to always remove the extensions starting from the top down without exception, this avoids confusion and unnecessary pulling and is more pleasant for you.

How to adjust Clip-In Extensions on short hair?

  • Have a pair of scissors handy or ask a stylist to trim them in layers for you.

This may sound a little strange if you need to lengthen your hair and not thin it, but it is a way to make them look more natural and there is no confusion with your hair. This should be done by a stylist, who will trim the extensions while you have them on to fit your own face. Don’t worry, you will still have inches more hair!


  • You can adapt a lighter hair color to your natural hair color if you want a dramatic gradient.

Neither the hair type nor the length of your hair will prevent you from having a filmy gradient in your mane! To do this, you can buy Glam seamless hair extensions from our seamless hair extensions store but one or two shades lighter than your natural hair so you can have a kind of highlighting or coloring that everyone will envy. In case the lower part of your hair is naturally light, you can look for extensions that match that color.

  • Not all thicknesses are ideal for you, pay attention to them.

It’s not just about choosing the right color, it’s about choosing the right length and even the thickness of the extensions so there are no proportion issues. We know you want to make your hair look more voluminous, but you can’t choose a thickness thicker than what you already have because the ends of the hair will give you away, and even to the naked eye it’s totally visible.

  • Lightly brush the opposite side of your hair seconds before attaching the extensions.

This might make your hair not so straight and the wefts might hold on to something in a strong way to create a lot more outer volume. But we’re not telling you to look crazy! This is all done with very short, gentle strokes that work with the natural flow of the hair waves and make the extensions much more concealable.

  • Try to hide the parting of the wefts well through the hair

If you have short hair, you may need to edit a bit where the hair extensions are located, especially if you also have very thin hair. Try to hide them carefully between the hairline, an ideal way to see if they are visible is to shake your head and look in the mirror to see if they are visible while you are shaking your head. Remember to never put an extension above the height of your eyelashes as the level of hair there is too low to hide the wefts.


  • If you have short hair, styling your extensions will give you more of an advantage.

Thanks to the movement of the waves in the hair, it is easier to hide the wefts, especially if you have fine hair as it will add more volume especially at the bottom. To curl our extensions we will need to apply a heat protector as we mentioned before, and you can do it with or without the extensions in place. Remember to check if the synthetic extensions you will use can withstand the heat, if not, even applying the heat protector will not damage them.

Tips for first timers when using clip in hair extensions

  • In case you have trouble attaching the extensions to your hair, be sure to wet the hair roots with hairspray. After it has set and is dry enough, you can attach the extensions.
  • In case you want the extensions to fit your hair, you can edit them with heat tools. But this doesn’t only work this way, you can also flat iron or curl your hair so that it can also match the extensions.
  • If you want something more permanent and that you don’t have to remove constantly, you can use other types of extensions that you can easily find in the market but you need the intervention of a stylist to be able to adapt them correctly to your needs.
  • You have to be realistic, and even though we have cheap prices you will have to pay a little more for quality extensions. It is a fair price for all the benefits it brings to you, so you have to be aware that if you need quality, you should also put quantity.
  • In case you are deciding to get extensions because of constant hair loss, you should mainly go and get checked by a specialist. It can even get worse when pulling the hair with other materials, so don’t try to fix it on your own!
  • You can NOT go to bed with the extensions in place. There can be tugging while you sleep and cause constant hair loss, this is a very overlooked but important warning.
  • You cannot wear clip in extensions constantly, the maximum is three times a week. The pressure the clip exerts on the hair can split the hair and can even weaken the hair root causing bald spots.

Have you tried the hair extensions we offer at Izabel Hair?

The quality we offer in our products comes from a long history of feminine aesthetics and care that many stylists have taken for granted. We could lie to you and tell you the classic cliché that our distinction comes from offering only quality for your hair. 

And, while that is true, we can dig a little deeper and tell you that our extensions are expertly tested to fit perfectly with different shades of hair without distinction, and contain real textures that make it easy for anyone to perfectly hide the extensions through their hair. And best of all, we have hair extensions for all hair types! 

We offer only 100% Remy human hair with the best quality on the market. Buying seamless extensions online has never been easier until our arrival, and it can be confirmed by our many customers located in different parts of the United States, such as Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Our vision is to meet the most demanding tastes. And our values are responsibility, Commitment, Ethics.

Why buy hair extensions from Izabel Hair?

Well, our vision is not only focused on selling you the product, but also on meeting your needs and making sure you are satisfied with the results. All with an excellent service that will make you want to come back. In addition, we promote our values of responsibility, commitment and ethics every time we deliver a product to your door.

Among the benefits of purchasing 100 percent Remy extensions from our store, we can observe:

  • The extension is knot free and in perfect condition.
  • They do not contain frizz
  • The ends are well sealed and treated.
  • It is totally human, although we can also offer synthetic extensions.
  • They are easy to edit. So you can add dye, iron or curl it without burning it.
  • They have a double lock

 Our team is committed to offer the production, distribution and sale of high quality hair extensions, never less. We strive to keep our quality standards high to offer a better product that can be suitable for our customers.

The extensions are carefully selected from many people and we take full care of the hair cuticles so that the hair does not fall apart or tangle easily. We also make sure that they are soft and easy to handle so that they are not complicated for our clients to use.

If you need ultra seamless hair extensions or any product that has to do with it, you can visit our website and realize that we will always be the best option to take. Contact us and we will be happy to help you and even guide you in which is the best type of extension for your hair type, because besides wanting to sell our product, we care about your well being and that you are totally satisfied with the result!

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