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Make Your Hair Thicker With Seamless Extensions

Make Your Hair Thicker With Seamless Extensions

Extensions, the preferred accessory when it comes to changing your look quickly, is not only a short way to improve your hair but it is also an incredibly practical accessory that allows you to move in the current trends in both hairstyles and styling without making your hair suffer.

One of the points that make them very attractive when deciding to buy them is that some even work under simple mechanics allowing the user to use them without the need to attend a professional salon, from the comfort of home, and following easy-to-understand instructions.

How To Choose Hair Extensions

Although it may seem very difficult at first to decide between a considerable number of versions, it is easier than you think when you know your hair well. The first and most important step is to know specifically your hair type and the style you want to wear when you buy your extensions.

Extensions That Make Your Hair Thicker

Why is this most important?

Simple, extensions, just like your hair, are categorized by type, although they can adapt to different types of strands, it is recommended to buy those that are compatible with your hair as they happen unnoticed and when you wear your hair naturally, you will not see the difference, especially if the extensions are permanent.

In the case of semi-permanent or clip-in extensions, this tip can be avoided as they are easy to adapt and if for example, your hair does not match at the moment, you can do without them or adapt them quickly.

The second step when choosing them is to determine the quality of the hair that makes up the accessory because the higher the quality, the longer they will last, as well as gaining a good product that will make you look amazing until the day you remove them.

And the third is to choose based on your needs and routine because the extensions require maintenance to keep them in good condition, therefore, you must take into account the time you have available for that.


Considering that today’s lifestyle is as fast-paced as fashion and style trends, time savers have become our everyday salvation. You can find them for almost all areas of life but the ones we are most interested in are the hair ones, specifically hair extensions.

And there is nothing better than a quick, safe, stylish change that we can use at any time of the day in a matter of seconds. We are talking about seamless extensions or also known as clip-in extensions.

They are a wonderful product, versatile and comfortable to use, no need for salons unless you want to go to look even better. You can find them in different sizes and qualities, but of course, it is always recommended to buy the best quality ones for a longer duration and better effect on the hair.

An excellent resource to use quickly, and with a great effect on our hair without fear of damaging it.

Hair Extensions For Amazing Thick Hair

Seamless Extensions, Are They For Me?

We are always faced with the difficult decision of choosing when we are about to change our image, especially when it comes to something as important as our hair. Seamless or clip-in extensions not only offer a quick, long-lasting, and beautiful change to our hair, but they are also very convenient in terms of care.

We know that some models can be aggressive for certain types of hair, but this is not the case with seamless versions because unlike perms or those with seams, these are not glued to the natural hair but are attached to it by small clips that can be removed without any problem when we go to sleep.

In terms of care, they offer a higher level of hair preservation and, although most extensions are non-abrasive, clip-in extensions have greater advantages in comparison, especially in terms of maintenance.

How Do I Care For My Seamless Extensions?

As we have already mentioned, this type of accessory has a strong point in its favor and it is the “ease” factor, as well as the “care” factor and this accessory that we can find by wefts allows us to change our look in a matter of seconds and from the comfort of our room.

The method of care is just as easy as placing them, as with your natural hair, you must wash them with gentle movements being careful not to tangle them, to make it easier you can use a bowl or container in which you can add water and a good cleanser.

Rinse them very well and apply a moisturizing mask but in small proportions, just enough to make it easier to detangle them gently with a comb. It is recommended not to use hair dryers on the extensions because they can become tangled again and in some cases irreparably.

You can leave them to dry naturally and then apply heat with a flat iron or curling iron if you want to shape them, always after they are completely dry.

Step By Step To Install Your Seamless Extensions:

The best part after buying your long-awaited extensions is undoubtedly installing them, and like a child with a new toy, we can’t wait to take them out of their packaging to show them off, especially if those long-awaited extensions are as easy to install as clip-in extensions are:

Step 1: first of all, we must make sure that our hair is in optimal conditions, that is to say, that it is clean, well detangled, and ready to attach to the accessory.

Step 2: have a clear concept of the look you want so that you can place the wefts in a way that you can create a hairstyle while you are placing them.

Step 3: Choose strategic sections of your hair that are relatively thin but can support the weight, then proceed to attach them using the clips built into the end of the extensions.

For a hidden effect, install the extensions by leaving portions of hair between the clips so that they are not noticeable.

Step 4: Apply heat or fixative products depending on the effect you want to achieve and that’s it, sport your new look.

Recommendations: For more comfort when resting, remove the extensions so that the clips do not disturb you while you sleep as they can be a bit uncomfortable.

On the other hand, you run the risk of tangling the extensions while you sleep and some knots are often impossible to remove.

Thick Hair Seamless Extensions

Tips To Better Preserve Your Clip-In Extensions

Professional hands:

As with any product we love, we can’t hide the desire for them to last forever, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be with us for a good while, especially if we take good care of them.

Hair extensions, in general, have relatively easy maintenance that varies in time and needs, for example, permanent keratin extensions are simple to clean and moisturize through a process similar to natural hair care but must be done by a professional to avoid damaging them as the joints represent difficulty especially if they are not directly seen to be careful.

While clip-in extensions can be cleaned at home, however, this does not mean that we cannot take them to a salon for more professional treatment. One of the best ways to keep them in good condition is to leave them at least once every couple of months in professional hands to have them refreshed with specific products and procedures.

From home with love:

Of course, if time or money is not spare, keeping them decent ourselves is not complicated, it is recommended to have them cleaned once a week to keep them presentable and ready to use.

We can moisturize them in several ways once we can make the cleaning process with shampoo, preferably without salt to avoid accumulating grease due to our sweat.

To moisturize we have two options, natural or normal products, and both are excellent choices. You can start with a normal conditioner to detangle them easily, preferably with an oil base such as oil with vitamins, coconut, or aloe vera.

Moisturizing masks are also good options, but they should not be used excessively, especially if the extensions are constantly subjected to heat since the lack of blood flow tends to form a layer of grease that dulls the shine of the strands.

Natural products such as coconut oil and aloe vera can be used in two ways; the first is by adding them in small portions to the conditioner of your choice.

The second is to apply them directly to dirty hair and let it sit for a few minutes without having previously applied conditioner and without doing so later, as this would generate excessive grease.  When we do this we should proceed to remove the product with a mild shampoo.


The best way to comb our seamless extensions is to use a soft brush, preferably made with natural bristles because they do not damage or generate frizz, but a spaced bristle brush is a good option as well.

Brushing should always be from the beginning where the clips are towards the ends, stopping to gently tug where there are knots.

It is usually easier to untangle them when they are wet and using a product, but it is also advisable to brush them when you remove them from your hair because daily use also generates small knots.


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