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Introducing new trend, Coconut oil to your beauty activities

Introducing new trend, Coconut oil to your beauty activities

Coconut oil is something magical that the earth has provided us with to heal all our ills, and for good reason! In a more scientific way, we can say that coconut oil is a fatty liquid that maintains 85% of saturated acid and that comes directly from a fruit, clearly coconuts. It is one of the products that we should always have at home and that has become fashionable lately thanks to its great usefulness. Although it has its weaknesses, when it comes to applying it to the hair it is very difficult that it can contribute to damage it, all this from the fact that these types of oils, such as avocado and rosemary, contribute to the hydration of the hair cuticle, therefore it will do us very well.

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

As we had already mentioned above, more are the benefits than the bad things that coconut oil has, all through the nutritional properties that can bring a lot of minerals and vitamins to our hair to keep it soft. For you to understand more what its use brings you, we made a small list of the important points to highlight when we talk about coconut oil, read on, and don’t miss them!

  • Organic and vegan: Its content comes directly from a fruit; therefore its extraction is not so difficult and does not need other chemicals to be totally stable for our hair. Therefore in its application, we avoid harmful products containing alcohol or other ingredients that instead of nourishing our hair will dry it out.


  • Avoid lice: We must admit that some of us have gone through a lice crisis, and not only at school, as these little bugs are regular in our daily lives. This serves both to prevent them and to remove them in case they are already present, as it prevents these little bugs and their eggs from sticking to the hair strand because of how greasy coconut oil can be.


  • Hair repairer: This property is due to the lauric and capric acids that are present in the formula of coconut oil, in addition to the proteins, which collaborates with the reconstruction of the hair strands and hair cuticle that can be damaged by the constant use of heat tools or by direct exposure to the sun.


  • Effective anti-dandruff product: This through the moisturizing properties of coconut oil, much of the development of dandruff is due to dehydration of the scalp and slowing down the process of cell change that causes different white flakes to be stored on the scalp giving an appearance of dirt and a constant itching that will surely be a problem in your day to day life, almost as annoying as lice.


  • Protect our mane: It is important to maintain a good protection routine, and coconut oil is a specialist! The vitamins E and K they have are perfect for maintaining a special shine in the hair and to protect it from external factors that can damage it, such as chlorine from a swimming pool.


  • Combat frizz: For those of you with curly hair, read on, this is for you! Coconut oil has hydrophobic properties, in other words, it repels moisture from the hair to keep it soft and compact without having to deal with the constant frizz that people with porous hair, such as curly hair, suffer from.

How can we apply it?

We must not deny that there are multiple products on the market that contain coconut oil that can benefit us but to take advantage of all the properties that it brings we will need virgin coconut oil, which is not intervened by any chemical process as it could remove or add properties that we do not need in our hair. It should be noted that there are no limitations, it can be added anywhere on the scalp.

And you may wonder, can we do it directly? What is the purpose of each type of application? Read on and we’ll explain!

  • Moisturizing conditioner: This is a viable option for people who have curly hair because thanks to its nutritional content it can help keep the ends from breaking and as we explained in a previous point, it keeps frizz at bay. To apply it it doesn’t matter if our hair is dry or wet, this is depending on how you prefer it, you will only need a spoonful of warm coconut oil which you will apply on your hair with your hands or with the help of a brush, and that’s it. If you prefer, you can remove it or just leave it there.


  • Hair growth stimulant: This application is only in the root area, for it, we will take some coconut oil and with our fingertips begin to stimulate the hair root with circular and linear movements, after this, we will hold our hair with something soft and apply a bathing cap for an hour, and then remove it. This will make the blood circulation to be cleaner and will increase the chances of hair growth. In addition to eliminating impurities that can be found in the hair follicle, avoiding other types of diseases such as fungus or again, seborrheic dermatitis. We will use this technique about 4 four times a week.


  • Wet look with coconut oil: A trend that has been sweeping for a few years and that we can replicate with a little coconut oil! We’re not telling you to put a thousand liters of oil in your hair, a small amount will be enough on your wet hair, and that’s it!

So much for today’s article! We hope it has served you well, as you could read through all the development, coconut oil even serves to soothe external ailments and diseases, therefore it has antifungal and antibiotic properties. If you want to know about other types of oils that can be useful in your daily life, visit our main page and find out what we have for you! In addition to multiple products that can help you achieve your hair goals.


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