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How to choose the best hair color if you have dark skin

How to choose the best hair color if you have dark skin

When it comes to applying hair dyes, fair-skinned girls tend to have an advantage. If you have dark skin we can show you the best hair color. This is because of the ease of being able to change shades, whether they are blonde, dark, red, or even pastel tones. All this without having to worry about looking too pale. Do you fall into this category?

Today we offer you a variety of dyes for light brunettes. Undoubtedly many styles will flatter you and keep you looking much younger. Read on and choose the option that most appeals to you.

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·        Baby blonde

This shade is proclaimed to be this year’s top color, very popular in spring. It is a light blonde with a soft impact and pearly highlights. Thanks to its ashy nuances, this color is ideal for girls with light brown skin. If you want a tip to successfully wear this color, you should style soft waves that help to reflect the highlights of your hair; this will help to soften your features.

·        Golden Brown

If you are one of those girls who are not very excited about blonde hair, this style could be the one for you. A color that undoubtedly helps to rejuvenate light brown skin tones. Its technique is to apply a light brown tone and combine it with golden highlights; this creates a gloss effect that will make your hair look radiant.

·        Coffee latte balayage

It consists of lightning with bronze, peel, or gold tones. These highlights should be lighter than your hair tone. Undoubtedly a tone that allows you to aesthetically reduce your years if you are dark-skinned.

Undoubtedly a style that intensifies the dark hair, quite fashionable for this year for obvious reasons.

·        Chestnut

Other shades that are certainly sweeping for this season are the reddish tones. Whatever your skin type, you’re going to love this shade. This shade is known as ” chestnut nut” and goes perfect with those dark brown tresses, especially if you add some copper highlights. This will help to relax and brighten your features.

·        Dreamy pink

If pastel colors are your thing, I’m sure you’ll love this, a pastel pink tone that will be an excellent combination for those dark skins that want to look younger, tender, and flirtatious. Undoubtedly shades that will make you look sweet and will help you get rid of a couple of years.

·        Creamy cappuccino

If you have dark skin this blonde should be a must-try hair color. It gives your look a bronzed touch and provides an anti-aging effect that allows you to look more effortlessly put together.

·        Chocolate brown

The number of brunette shades is almost as large as the number of girls with brown skin, and the same goes for blonde shades. With this, we want to clarify that no shade is similar to the others, but we can’t deny that dirty brunette is one of the most popular shades among Instagrammers and many actresses.

·        Chocolate mauve

If what you want is to highlight your look but without having to go to extremes, this shade may be the ideal one for you. A shade that suits both short and long hair, a beautiful chocolate color with a chestnut base that combines several shades of brown. This brilliant combination manages to create a gradient effect and above all elegant that I’m sure will fascinate you.

Especially if your hair is fine and a bit straight. Wearing this beautiful shade will add volume and body to your big hair.

·        Burgundy

It is considered one of the most beautiful shades for girls with dark skin. If you want to give life to your beautiful mane, burgundy is for you, a classic color that doesn’t disappoint. The favorite shade among brown-skinned girls.

This shade combines reds with violet, undoubtedly a very daring color that gives a lot of style and power to your image.

·        Light brown

Brown can be a safe bet, a traditional and quite common shade. However, thanks to all the diversities that exist for this type of shade, it won’t be boring at all.

Light brown is still one of the most dominant colors today, it gives a youthful, fresh, and natural touch to the features of your face. In addition to this, it is a very elegant shade, versatile for all haircuts and for your beautiful brown skin.

·        Balayage

As expected, we can’t leave out the classic balayage highlights, an option that doesn’t disappoint when you want to wear blonde tones while still looking natural. Remember that balayage consists of bleaching the hair to a lighter shade and is applied from the roots. It is not to be confused with Californian hair color.

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The effect that this combination gives you is to lighten your hair giving the reflection of sun rays. It also has versatility in shades ranging from light brown to bolder blondes.

·        Tiger eye hair

This hair color is fairly new, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard enough about it. Some models and influencers have dared to wear it, but it’s still a bit daring for other girls.

This shade is right for those girls who want to combine simple shades and then take it to the next level, this creating a radiant effect. This effect is achieved through gold and brown, which gives a youthful touch and a lot of elegance. Undoubtedly a great combination that can also be combined with many types of hairstyles.

·        Copper

If you are one of those empowered and daring girls who are not afraid to show what they like and feel strong, then this shade is perfect for you. Copper is not an easy shade to tame and that’s why many girls with dark skin are daring to use it, to meet the challenge of wearing this beautiful combination.

This shade has great versatility, so if you want to combine it with darker shades, it’s up to you.

·        Honey

The honey tone also enters in the shades with great versatility. So if you are dark-skinned, you should not miss it. This shade combines wonderfully with lighter reflections. So don’t be afraid of success and show off your lovely color.

Being a soft shade, it allows you to vary it in different intensities, as you prefer. If you want to make your hair look much more natural, we recommend baby lights as a companion.

·        Caramel

This shade is very similar to the previous shade, but what sets it apart is its slightly darker intensity.

If you want to achieve a more delicate and naive style, the caramel will go hand in hand with you. This shade helps you soften those hard features, it will give light to your face and your look will be much sweeter. So now you know, this shade will go hand in hand with you and your beautiful skin color.

·        Dirty brunette

We continue with the shades for dark skin, with the dirty brunette also known as DB. A style to end the contrasts of lighter colors, creating uniformity in darker hair. A shade that has created a stir among celebrities with dark skin. Within this style you can find some variants:

  • Dirty brunette with brown highlights: A popular shade among bloggers. What makes this shade stand out is its brunette color and it is accompanied by brown highlights. A very original and daring color, you can’t miss it.
  • Dirty brunette with ash highlights: Brown with ash blonde highlights is a very elegant combination, ideal for girls with short hair.
  • Dirty brunette with honey or caramel highlights: This is the most fun version of the three options; it gives nature to the hair and a sweet feel.


·        Jet

With this type of hair color, you don’t need to go to the salon every month, you can apply it at home either a natural variant or slightly darker shades, it won’t present any kind of inconvenience. You can combine it with a couple of shades that help you to provide fluidity, for this last step it is recommended that you go to a professional if you are not fully qualified to do it.

·        Cinnamon

If there is one thing that is quite clear, it is that dark colors are quite elegant, but sometimes it is good to try with lighter shades, such as cinnamon. This light brown has golden leanings. An excellent choice to give you a bit of light. The best thing about this type of shade is that it can be combined with other more reddish shades, which can give it a little more daring touch.

If you think it’s too much, then stick with the darker shades, if on the other hand, you want to take a risk and look stronger, then make the investment and don’t hesitate to apply reddish or blonde shades. Don’t forget that whatever combination you choose, you’ll still look much younger and you’ll be able to give your hair more volume.

Whatever decision you make, remember to use quality products so that the application of the same is more durable and gives you the desired result so you can wear that color that you like so much. Once you have your beautiful colored hair, we will leave you with a series of recommendations and care for your colored hair.

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5 keys to take care of your colored hair if you have a dark skin

·         Washing

Once you’ve finished applying hair color, it’s best to wait an estimated 24 hours before washing your hair. Once this time has elapsed, you should take care of factors such as the frequency of washing and the products you use so that the color can last.

Contrary to what some people may think, washing your hair does not influence the hair color to fall out unless it is temporary. Otherwise, the number of times you want to wash your hair will not be a problem. An important factor that can affect how long your hair lasts is related to another factor such as hair growth.

·         The shampoo

Once the decision is made to color your hair, it is important to change the shampoo you use. This is because not all types of shampoo are suitable for treating color-treated hair and can cause a lot of damage. The good thing is that you can find a wide variety of products that will help you take care of the health of your color-treated hair.

Another important point is hydration, remember that colored hair goes through a chemical process that can sometimes be very strong, that’s why knowing how to moisturize it is essential.

You can ask your hairdresser which are the best masks depending on the type of hair you have and the hair color applied.

In the hair market, there are a lot of products that will help you keep your hair much healthier, especially after going through such a strong treatment. These types of treatments or masks allow your hair to be nourished and kept hydrated. These products should be applied with a priority of once a week and depending on the one you have chosen, the durability in your hair will depend on the indications on the package.

·         The use of blow dryers and flat irons

These products are indispensable for many women, so it is inevitable that they are used on a daily basis. However, it is important to keep in mind that color-treated hair is much more sensitive to the hair before applying such treatment and above all, this can affect the color and appearance of the hair. This is caused by the damage that the fiber suffers when treated with this type of product.


It should be noted that before applying any of the colors we have recommended, you can talk to your hairdresser and ask for a test to determine if it is really the color you want. Remember to visit our home page for more interesting content and tips, as well as visit our online store where we can give you multiple options to improve your relationship with your hair!


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