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Who are the best organic hair products? Worth using?

Who are the best organic hair products? Worth using?

After many documentaries and seeing the conditions in which we leave the planet, the question arises as to whether we can continue to help or if we can improve our lifestyle to a more natural one. Therefore, vegan personal care products or products with few ingredients that allow us to take advantage of the natural properties of each thing have become very trendy. Let’s be honest, there is no 100% organic shampoo because it would be damaged after a few days of use, but there are many that we can use that are quite close to achieving 100% organic.

This is because the shampoo needs to create a little foam or have some small components to give it a moisturizing/sealing/repairing, etc. plus. However, do not be discouraged! You can make your own shampoo at home or pay attention when you need to shop. Here we will give you some tips to choose it, make it or simply inform you about it. So, do not stop reading!

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Benefits of using organic shampoo

In addition to the benefits we do to nature by opting for less production that reaches the world’s seas or creates infertile land, there are direct benefits for us. Among them, the decrease of so many chemicals that can dry or weaken the hair and the extensive nourishment of the hair strand that helps to strengthen the hair cuticles and prevent breakage or loss of the ability to grow steadily. It is also quite useful for people who have a sensitive scalp, as it is not as aggressive and can withstand different temperature changes. However, if we want to see more direct or specific benefits, we can include:

·         Prevention of hair loss.

Thanks to its high protein content, they can help us to control the most frequent hair loss in people who have stress problems or already have an advanced age. It should be noted that this is long-term if we take good care of our hair, so it is even more effective than a chemical shampoo, which we must use constantly to see the functionality.

·         Combat fungal problems or hair diseases

Some ingredients contained in different types of organic shampoos, such as aloe vera, help fight different types of fungus or dermatitis that we may have on the scalp. Among them dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. Also, the accumulation of sebum in the hair follicles, which will keep the scalp clean and free of toxins and unnecessary dirt without totally removing the healthy oil from the hair.

·         Add shine and manageability to hair


As we mentioned before, this type of shampoo is ideal for removing different types of toxins that reside in the hair cuticle, thus allowing the hair to absorb only what is necessary and not needing to dull its shine. It should be noted that we must also choose carefully the organic shampoo to take the one that works for us depending on our hair type and what we want to achieve with them.

·         Ecological and sustainable

Because they are made of natural materials and do not require direct chemical production, they are more environmentally friendly. Also, because their ingredients are of biodegradable origin so their presence in the sea or on land will not affect anything and will avoid infertility or intoxication of biological systems such as fish or crawling animals. In addition, we find them mostly in bottles that are also biodegradable so we do not need to worry about glass containers.

Make your own organic shampoo

Instead of buying it, what better than making it at home! This is if you just want to get a very organic alternative. We must be careful when choosing the ingredients and not go for products like glycerin, which is not biodegradable or organic at all. You can choose from many herbs and plants to proceed with your homemade shampoo, you yourself can choose the combinations that you think will serve better for your hair, eye, you must research each plant before adding it to your shampoo.

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·         Natural herbal shampoo:



o   Dried fenugreek

o   Fresh mint

o   Dried soap nuts

o   Hibiscus flowers

o   Mineral water

o   Raspberry leaves

o   Lemon




To make this we will need to clean and open the walnuts to take out what they have inside and add it in a pot with a cup and a half of water, we will also add one or two tablespoons of the herbs mentioned above, minus the lemon, the portions depend on personal taste. We will put it to cook until we see that the water becomes of different colors and has already entered in boiling state. When we see that it is of a stable color, we will remove it from the fire and we will strain the rest in a clean container, and then let it cool down to room temperature.

While this happens, you can squeeze the remaining lemon into an empty cup, removing the seeds and anything else that interferes with the liquid. In addition, as soon as the mixture cools, add it to the shampoo. Here you decide the thickness and potency of your shampoo, so if you need to add or subtract a little more water, it is your decision.

It should be noted that this organic shampoo is more recommended for people who have oily hair or with a lot of sebum stored, and can be used either daily or only twice a week, depending on how many times you need to wash your hair during the week.

·         Baking soda shampoo




o   Baking soda

o   Freshly cut lavender flowers

o   Water

o   Saponaria powder




We place two cups of water in a pot and put it to cook until it bursts the boiling point and add the Saponaria powder. We beat it slowly until it dissolves completely and we have a homogeneous mixture. Then, without stopping to whisk the mixture we will add three tablespoons of baking soda and lavender flowers, you can put as many as you want. After this, you should wait about 10 minutes with the fire at low flame, and strain the result in a container until it cools down and you can pass it to the shampoo container. Let it rest for 24 hours before using it for the first time.

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This organic shampoo is for hair of intermediate lushness and that has more balanced properties, by this, we mean that they are neither so dry nor so greasy. It should be noted that they are also ideal to remove hair fungus and help with hair loss.

·         Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo


o   Aloe Vera

o   Mineral water

o   Sweet almond oil

o   Rosemary

o   Lemon


To make this we will need to cut an aloe vera leaf and peel it in its entirety, then we will remove the remaining slime with plenty of water and let it rest for about 24 hours before using them. When the resting time is over, put them in a pot with the seeds of the walnuts, rosemary, and the aloe vera crystals that we had already prepared. It will be leftover medium heat until it comes to a boil, and then we will mix for about 10 minutes until the mixture changes color. After this, we will strain and add the remaining ingredients. Let it rest for about 15 hours, and it will be ready to use.


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