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We have found the perfect knot for you.

We have found the perfect knot for you.

Do you want to know the perfect knot for your hair? We got the right answer for you. In this article, you will learn which is the best know and how to make it ideal every time. Although we all love to wear knots in our hair, it is not a lie that the same type of knot does not look the same on everyone, sometimes you see someone on the street with a high knot and you think: it will look the same on me, it is normal to doubt and fall into the insecurity of how something you like looks… changes of look can be risky, but above all they are interesting.

With a few little tricks, we can venture down this road with the certainty that we will make the right decision, the key to everything is to know what type of hair you have and how it will react to the knot you want to make.

How will I know if the knot I choose is really the ideal one?

More than a question of compatibility with your hair is a question of comfort if you feel comfortable with the knot you choose you will also feel that you look good; out of that, you should also keep in mind that you should choose a knot that suits your hair type, shape, size, everything to avoid damaging it.

Here are some suggestions of knots for your hair, surely in this list you will find one that suits your personality, your tastes, and your hair.

·        One Minute Half Hair Knot

This knot is ideal for almost any type of hair, long or short, big or small, and it’s also very easy to do! It’s a look that the messier it looks the better, so you don’t need to be so careful.  If you have straight hair you can add some waves to give it some character, if your hair already has curls you can comb them out a bit to give it even more volume underneath and make it look delicate on top.

·        Easy Twisty Knot

Making this knot is really easy and will only take you a few minutes, you only need two clips and that’s it! You can do it anytime, this bun is elegant but also has a bit of a messy style; it looks best on straight hair or hair with waves, easy to manage, to make it long-lasting.

·        Handkerchief knot

Well, the point of this was to find a knot that’s ideal for you, but if you don’t have a lot of time to make one, this option is very useful, just make the simplest knot and ADD a scarf! If it has a nice and trendy print, it will add a subtle and chic touch to your style. Sometimes something simple also results in something amazing.

·        Havana twist top knot

This knot is gorgeous and very eye-catching, it is ideal for people with thick hair, although doing the Havana twist hairstyle takes quite some time the result is amazing, If the half updo is one of your favorites and you are looking for something different, try this braided top knot with Havana twists. It is created by twisting two strands of hair over each other to create a thicker braid. Once done, gather half of the hair into a top knot and you’re done!

·        Voluminous top knot

The key to a dignified top knot is volume. If you have curly, textured hair, you’re in luck, but even girls with fine hair can achieve this look with a few tips and tricks. To style hair extensions with an updo or a top knot, be sure to hook the wefts following the direction of the hair. For updos, this means hooking the wefts backward. This knot is very versatile, so if you haven’t found one that suits you yet, this could be the one for you.

·        Space buns

For those looking for a slightly more advanced, yet stylish top knot, this is the one.   To get this look, just make a center parting and tie your hair into two high ponytails, then take the rest of your hair and twist it to create space buns. You can create smaller buns and leave the rest of your hair loose or tie all your hair in two buns. The choice is yours, this knot is also great for a variety of hairstyles, it will look good on almost anyone.

·        The top knot with accessories

Just like the top knot with a scarf this one is also very useful, you can use it according to your situation, just style it messy or elegant as you need it, with some accessories you can give a twist to your look, just choose the knot you like the most and decorate it a little bit.



·        Party bun with bobby pins

Put a rubber band on your head, divide your hair into three parts, and secure the back part with a rubber band. Fold the hair towards the rubber band and secure with bobby pins. Twist the hair strands on the sides and pin them over the bun. Finish with decorative bobby pins.

What are the risks of choosing a knot that doesn’t suit my hair?

For starters, it could start to fall out if you put too much pressure on your scalp, it is important to recognize what type of hair you have, if it is very fine simple knots are more advisable, if it is thick, there are more options to choose from with less risk.

If you still don’t recognize your hair type, try asking your stylist or observe how it behaves with simple actions such as styling.

  • Double bun

To begin, comb, detangle your hair well, and divide your hair into two parts, making a vertical parting from the forehead to the nape of the neck, and secure the left side with a clip. On the right side do the following:

At the level of the lower crown, make a horizontal parting, from the middle parting to the ear, pinning the hair at the top with a clip. With the lower parting, braid a 3 strand braid, but instead of crossing the strands over, do it underneath. Secure it with a rubber band. Now loosen the top clip and make a high ponytail, also fastening it with a rubber band. Once this is done, do the same with the left side. Well, now you have two high ponytails and two braids at the bottom.

Depending on the size of your hair, you can: Cross the two lower braids (if you have long hair) and attach them to the high ponytails. Bring each braid to the top ponytail on the same side. This is a great trick to keep the bottom hairs from getting loose when you do a high ponytail and it looks really cute on top of that.

On each of the ponytails, you will need to braid a cord braid on both ponytails but keep the following in mind: The braid on the right side will have to twist the ends on themselves to the left and cross them over each other to the right. And the one on the left side, you will have to wind the ends on themselves to the right and cross them over each other to the left. Now all that remains is to make the bows. To do this, you just have to take each braid and wrap it around the ponytail and place the necessary hairpins so that it is securely fastened. The one on the right side to the right and the opposite on the other side.

·        Double low bun

The division will be made at the top of the nape of the neck up to the ear. Make a high ponytail at each parting and twist it around itself. If you have a styling needle, so much the better. Make a three-strand braid in each ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. With the lower partings, make two low ponytails, adding the braids previously made. In this case, you can also choose to cross the braids or wear them on the same side, as in my case. Release the elastic bands of the upper braids and comb the ponytails well. In each low ponytail, weave a braid and secure them with a rubber band. To finish, wrap each of the braids around the ponytails (twisting the one on the right to the left and the opposite on the braid on the right) and secure them with bobby pins.

·        Tight low bun

Divide the hair into two parts, and gather the back part in a low ponytail. Loosen the hair a little and twist the ponytail, and tuck it in to tighten the bun. We gather the hair on one side and twist it tousling strands for more volume and then we adjust the hair and put the hairpins in. We do the same with the other part of the hair.

·        High tousled bun

We gather our hair in a high ponytail but without taking it all out the last time. We loosen and mess up the hair a bit to add more volume. And we twist the bun together with another ponytail. Finally, we add more volume to the hairstyle, and we put some bobby pins to hold it. You can also slightly pull out some of the front strands.

·        Fake high bun

We are going to make a ponytail mainly, it can be al ta or low. Then we will use a hair donut and we will put it right inside the ponytail. Then we will spread all the rest of our hair and once the donut is well covered, we will pass a donut over it, and with the remaining strands, we are going to pass them back and make a twist around it to wrap it in the donut. That’s how it ends!


·        Lovely bow bun

We’ll need to make a half-ponytail at the top of our hair. And we’ll pull it through a ponytail, try to keep it a bit loose. An important part of this hairstyle is to have a few strands leftover at the back. And once we have our fan we are going to divide it in two and we are going to divide it and expand it even more. So that these ends stay in place on our head we are going to use hair clips to secure them on our head. Now we just need to fix it to make it look better. We will pull the strands that are left at the back, and we will pass them through the front.

·        Elegant updo or bun


We’re going to part the hair to the side, and pull out some extra bangs. We’ll need to untangle it, and after that, we’ll gather it back. From the crown of the head, we will try to hold the hair back with the shape that best suits us or where we want to place our bangs. At the nape of our neck, we will start to pick up those extra hairs that we have in the back. The tail must be very low and we can adjust it a little bit forward to give it a more chic touch. The final step is to gather the little bun at the back.


·        Tousled bun with back braid

The first step is to brush the hair well to remove any knots. Then we are going to separate the hair into two sections, and for this, we are going to make a line a little above the ears. When we have the two sections separated, we are going to use a rubber band to hold the top section, for this you can hold it with a tail or bun. That way it won’t bother us while we are doing the braid. Next, we are going to start braiding the root braid. To start with the braid we are going to put all the hair down, and we are going to start by taking a small section of hair from the bottom of the head, almost from the root of the hair. We are going to divide this section of hair into two equal sections and make a normal braid from there. We cross a strand on one side, and then the one on the other side. Now is when we will start adding sections, we cross a strand on one side and then add another strand of hair. And we tighten the braid well. Now do the same on the other side, cross a strand and add another strand of hair.

We will do the same until we finish with all the hair we have in the chosen section. Again, we cross the strand, add a strand of hair, and tighten. Every time we are going to add a section of hair we are going to comb it first with our fingers to make sure that it is smooth and that there is no knot. When we have all the hair of the lower section in a braid, we will secure it with a rubber band. I recommend doing this with a small one of the same color as the hair. We are going to join the upper and lower sections of hair, and before we make the updo, we are going to brush all the hair so that it is smooth and there are no knots on the sides. When we have done this, we will make a tail which we will give two turns to the tail. When we are in the third twist, we will leave it in the middle. Next, we will twist the hair to one side and put bobby pins in it, then we will do the same with the opposite side, and we will also secure it with bobby pins. Now we simply secure the updo with different bobby pins in different places.

A tip from us is to let some strands loose on the sides, this gives a perfect messy look.

Don’t worry and go for it!

So, is it a question of comfort or utility?

Knots are for enjoyment. They are small changes that help you feel better about yourself, comfort or utility, it is a matter of both factors, but it is enough that the knot you choose does not damage your hair and makes you feel beautiful, finally is to give it utility, do not think too much and if you can try them all!

So much for today! I hope you enjoy the content and keep reading us little by little, we have lots of tips and advice to give you, plus new styles that you will surely love to use.

Remember that these can be used with all hair types, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

Don’t forget that if you don’t have enough length or just want to add highlights or another style to your hair, our extensions are available for immediate delivery. Don’t stop looking the way you like because of any impediment! These extensions with excellent care last up to 8-9 full months, so you would only have to invest in them once a year. Incredible, isn’t it? They are ideal for when you have to have a treatment that is too aggressive for your hair. Like perms, constant flat ironing or blow-drying, curling, bleaching, etc.


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