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Type 4 Hair? Blend them perfectly with Izabel Hair Extensions!

Type 4 Hair? Blend them perfectly with Izabel Hair Extensions!

There are multiple hair types, and not all are equally manageable or have the same amount of volume. The subject of hair is a whole universe. Some people have straight hair, others have curly hair, and even people who need wigs to wear a giant mane. If you have type 4 hair we will teach you how to blend them perfectly with Izabel Hair Extensions.

In our world there are all kinds of skins and ethnic characteristics, in the case of Afro-descendant girls, the characteristic that they let stand out the most are their defined curls or their tousled and beautiful afro. It should be noted that this type of hair needs very meticulous care, because its structure is porous, therefore it needs a greater amount of hydration. Since then a lot of hair products started to come out, and everyone started to want to have an afro as prominent as those of the big stars.

But there are multiple problems that come with this desire for afro hair. The amount of hair that is needed is not very common to have. So in this case many have opted to buy afro extensions to make it even more abundant and striking, or even just to change the style they wear and opt for something new.

Clip-in hair extensions for type four hair

These types of extensions are the most used and versatile of all. As these can be attached and detached at any time, painlessly. Therefore at any time, you can try a totally new look without chemical treatments or other coloring tools, keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Usually, this type of extension brings in each bag about 5 to 8 pieces depending on the client’s needs and comes in various sizes and volumes.

It should be noted that all the pieces should bring the clips for immediate placement, it is similar to putting on a hair clip since it is only open the product, place it in your hair, and close it again to be fixed at our convenience.

The history of afros and extensions, how did they come together?

Today the use of both straight and wavy hair extensions and even afro hair extensions have been quite common, especially in women of African descent. And its history goes back to 3500 B.C. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used to extend their hair even more than normal as this simulated power and extension of dominion in terms of land.

While in Colombia curly or afro hair extensions are used to make hard braids, this is a representation of Afro-Colombian women and their experiences in liberating their people from slavery. In fact, there is an annual event in which different types of braids are made and people from different countries can enjoy the process, ask questions regarding the tradition and participate in the hairstyle.

Benefits of afro extensions:

  • Increases length: As we mentioned before, this can be considered the main reason why women look for this type of extension. And to all benefits! Since they stimulate hair to perfection and fit perfectly with our hair.

  • Versatility: Thanks to its strong resistance and the fact that it is a supplement to our hair, it can be modified to our liking. It can be dyed, bleached, and even heat tools such as flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron can be applied. All this only needs to be removed with a good hair wash.


  • Durability: They are highly durable; in fact, they can be kept intact with good care for up to 8 months of use. Being a one-year investment if you use them on a non-regular basis or you only have to invest in it two or three times annually.


  • Cost: They have an affordable price in most of them, especially us in our online stores! Don’t miss out on yours. This in addition to durability can make it not a big burden on your pocket. Besides being a great accessory, they are extremely affordable!


  • Several options: As we had mentioned earlier, this one has great versatility because of the amount of demand there is. It comes in multiple colors and lengths, so you can choose the style you prefer or with which you feel more comfortable. Do you want them in blue? We have them for you


  • Add elegance to our hairstyles: Need to make a bun for an event? Extensions are there for you! You can customize your hairstyle to your liking to make it look more voluminous or just if you want to try a specific hairstyle, the possibilities are endless.


  • Double stitching gives you double the density: You can order your extensions with double security so you can be more confident when wearing your extensions. This is beneficial if you are a very active person and need to always be prepared. Anti-slip clips with a silicone or metal liner can also be added to prevent them from falling out at any time. Wherever you are, you will be protected!


  • Not visible: Forget about having to explain why you are wearing extensions on your head, you can wear them discreetly and no one will notice. Don’t stress because they look fake or that the seams are noticeable.

Control, recommendations, and handling of afro extensions

There are some big misconceptions about afro hair or extensions. Among them is the saying that this type of hair stays dirty, so that’s how it looks. And as for afro extensions, it is said that it is not necessary to measure the length of the hair as it is always tousled. Something wrong, since it is only shrunken and should be stretched to take the measure and buy the one that best benefits the person who will place them.

What may be partly true is that extensions of all types, not just afro, tend to stop hair growth a bit. This is mostly people who braid the hair together with the extensions to make the box braid very tight. But they don’t really stop it completely, only partially.

As we have seen in previous posts, the mane of people with this type of hair may be long, but it shrinks by 80%. But this is counteracted by extensions, and everything works out fine if you buy ones with your own hair texture or to cover all the hair.

Remember that even if the extensions are not your hair, you should maintain a good washing habit to keep it neat and tidy when you put it on top of your head. This prevents it from looking ugly or getting damaged. Of course, you can easily buy new ones, but if you want them to last long, you must be careful when using them.

Moisturizing is a key factor when using extensions, as this type of hair tends to be porous or a bit drier than normal, which means it doesn’t absorb water easily. An occasional hair mask, either commercial or natural, is not a bad thing even if it is an extension. This will keep it shiny and soft to the touch, as well as looking spectacular and even more natural.

A change is also needed every 5 months if you plan to use the extensions to make African braids or other similar hairstyles because from this type of practice the fake hair can store dirt in the hair to a greater or lesser extent. Something that can bring the opposite of a benefit to your scalp. In addition to that, it can lose strength and shine. This will cause our hair to look damaged.

Remember, if you need extensions; don’t hesitate to contact the experts, or in other words, us! We have thousands of options for you.


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