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Got Short or medium hair? You will love those kinds of hairstyles

Got Short or medium hair? You will love those kinds of hairstyles

We have cut our hair and we no longer know what to do to our mane, has it happened to you? We know it has. That’s why we thought of you and today we bring you a top of some of your favorite hairstyles for short and medium length hair. Don’t stress about not being able to do more than get a parting and add bangs. Keep reading!

Types of Hairstyles

●     Reverse ponytail:

For this first hairstyle, all we’ll need is a clear or similar color to your hair, and we’ll make a ponytail in the middle of the head. Once we have your ponytail secured, we are going to create two strands behind the hair tie, and we are going to pass through the middle of those strands, our entire ponytail. Now we just need to adjust our hair a little bit in case we want it a little tidier. It’s quite simple to do so it’s ideal for rushed mornings.

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●     Ponytail with a bow

We will need bobby pins, a bow, and a rubber band. For this hairstyle, we will need our hair parted on the side, and we will draw a diagonal line where our eyebrow ends towards the crown of our head. We will grab all of our hair and make a high ponytail. Once we have the ponytail in the position we want, we are going to start styling our fake bangs and with the help of a bobby pin we are going to secure them at the bottom of our ponytail, and as a final and optional step, we put our bow at the top of our ponytail.

●     Side ponytail

For this hairstyle, we are going to need a normal hair tie, a hair donut, and lots of bobby pins. The first thing we are going to do is make a low ponytail, as close to the neck as possible. Once we have our ponytail, we are going to run the donut through the hair itself and start rolling it all up. The more you roll it up, the better shape it will have. We will do this until we reach the head. Once we have our bun, we will secure it with several clips. For this type of hairstyle, it is recommended that the top strands are loose.

●     Messy knot

For this hairstyle the more tousled you are in the morning, the prettier it will look. We will need a regular hair tie and some bobby pins. We are going to make a ponytail at the top of our head and try not to make it overly neat, without trying to comb it. We will start to knot out the ponytail, but in the last loop of the garter, instead of passing the whole ponytail, we are going to pass only half of it. And we are going to pull and pull, forming a kind of donut. Also, we are going to leave the bun like this, although we can start pulling a little bit of our hair.

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●     Side braid

To make the hairstyle we will start by sectioning a fairly large strand of hair from the front of our head to behind our ear. We are going to separate the hair behind and start braiding the strand into a regular braid. But as we go along we are going to pull strands from both directions, adding new hairs each time. We will continue with this method until we reach the section of our ear and continue braiding in a regular way. We will secure it with a rubber band and place it behind all our hair, securing it again with a bobby pin so that it doesn’t move. Take out the hair that we had put back, and that’s it!

●     Two high ponytails

We will need to have a parting in the middle of the hair, and then we will comb it very well to make sure there is no knot and we will section it in parts from about the height of our eyebrow towards the crown. And we will tie it with a transparent band or with the same color as your hair. We will do the same steps on the other side, making sure they are the same rubber bands, and that’s it! You can pull the buns slightly to create volume.

33 12

●     Two high buns

This hairstyle is a derivative of the previous one, so we need to have the ponytails done. With a hairbrush we are going to fluff each ponytail, combing it backward. This way we are going to achieve much bigger and fluffier buns. We are going to wrap them in the same ponytail and secure the bun with each hook. Each bun will look different, but it’s part of the look. You can play with the shape and size of the buns to suit your taste.

●     Semi-cascading braid

We will part our hair in half and section off the top front part of our hair, and pull out a strand to make a regular braid, but as it goes on, we will add strands from the top only. This until we reach the strands at the crown of our head, and we will stop continuing with a regular three-strand braid. Secure it at the end with a rubber band, you can do it on one side or two.

●     Half-tail braid

For this hairstyle, we will section our hair from the height of our eyebrows towards the back, and we will comb it very well towards the back, securing it with a rubber band. In this step depending on how tidy you want it, you can pull the remaining strands, or take out some strands from the front. With the ponytail that we have formed in the back, we are going to start making a regular three-strand braid, but if you wish it can be a herringbone braid. Finishing with a garter. If you like, you can take some strands out of the braid to give it a more tousled touch.

●     Half ponytail with a strand of hair around it

Again, we section our hair to the side. Then we are going to comb it to make sure there isn’t another annoying knot. Then we are going to part our hair from the height of our eyebrows towards the back as if we were about to make a ponytail. but before we do that, we are going to divide some front strands on each side, both right and left. The rest of the hair we have left we are going to tie it up. Take the strand opposite the bangs and twist it into the ponytail, as well as the other strand. We will fasten them both with a bobby pin.

●     Half bun on top

We take a third of our hair upwards, sectioning it from our forehead to the crown of our head. Then we will comb it well so that it is all backward. Then, with the help of our comb, we will secure this small bun with a rubber band. With a brush, we will lightly fluff the ponytail, and we will twist it together form a ponytail. Then we will secure it to the top of our head with some hooks.

●     Low updo

With a brush, we take care to give volume to all our hair and collect with a garter of our hair color or transparent, a small low ponytail. When we are going to give the last twist, we gather the hair in the middle. If we have small strands left out, we can use some hairspray or bobby pins to tighten it through the bun. When finished, apply hairspray around the hair and that’s it! If you like, you can give it even more volume by pushing the hair up without exaggerating too much.

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●     Backwards ponytail

We divide the hair in half and comb it. Then we are going to apply some protective hair spray as we will use some heat on the hair to straighten it completely. This is only on the bottom part of the hair; the trick is to iron it slowly so that it is smooth. When we finish, we will apply a little hairspray in our hands and flatten the top part, especially in the part of the fringe. And we will start with our hairstyle! We are going to divide the part of the crown and with a brush we are going to give volume by different sections, making sure that they are at the same height. Then we go back to combing underneath, taking the strands from the side of our sideburns and with some bobby pins we adjust them at the back. Then we comb the hair forward and you will see the difference.

●     High chignon with a chick bun

We are going to part our hair only at the front, and take out two large strands to leave for later; making sure that the line we left in the middle of our head is neat. We’re going to take a rubber band and we’re going to make a bun half up with the hair that’s left over. We should use a bit of hairspray to make sure there are no extra hairs around the bun, and with the small strands that are left behind we are going to twirl them and wrap them around the top bun. If you have layered hair, you can make sure that the remaining strands don’t come out with different bobby pins. Once we have our bun ready, we are going to apply some heat protection to our remaining strands and start curling your hair with the flat iron, twirling the same strand, slowly peeling it out. Since we don’t want it to be son eat, we can tousle it back a bit.


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