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Quick and super easy way to make your curly hair look outstanding!

Quick and super easy way to make your curly hair look outstanding!

If your hair is between type 3 and 4, that is, curly or afro, we’re 100% sure that at some point in your life you wished you had naturally straight hair, just like when you flat ironed it. We also know that you probably had a lot of trouble styling your hair or even detangling it. And especially dealing with things like frizz, frizz, lack of moisture or volume, dry hair, among a thousand and one things. But the one that really bothers them most is combing your hair. We know you’re probably tired of looking disheveled and simply decide to go for materials such as the iron, dryer, or chemical straightening. But we’re here to bring you hope, curls are trending this year! Here are some ideas to guide you.

Things to use to make the hairstyles

  • Hair ties
  • Small rubber bands
  • Fine combs
  • Hair clips
  • Bandanas or scarves

Now, let’s get started!

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Hairstyles for curly hair

·         Pineapple with a scarf

In this first hairstyle, we are going to use only a hair tie and a scarf, the one you like the most. The first step is to make a very loose ponytail, but first, we have to see how high we are going to put it so that the fringe is perfect. If you have short hair, do it at the top. If you have long hair, do it lower. Now, hold the ends and put them forward like a fringe. To proceed, take the scarf and fold it in the shape of a triangle, we don’t have to put it at the nape of the neck as if it were a towel. Be careful, we have to take the lateral ends and make a knot above the central peak. We are going to place the handkerchief and we cover everything well inwards. That’s it!

·         Pineapple with forwarding bangs

This second hairstyle is super easy, and the first step to start with is to make a high bun. But, when we have half of it left to roll up, we must stop. We need the ends to make a fringe again, and now we take the scarf we like and fold it into a ribbon. We place it under the nape of the neck and tie a knot at the top and above the fringe. Finally, we shape the bun with some hairpins and we place the fringe well. See how easy it is?

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·         Bow

To start with this hairstyle we must separate two strands in front and then make two lateral lines from behind the ear to the crown of the head. Once the hair is parted, we make a high ponytail and give it volume with the comb, besides pulling it from the ends a little bit. This hairstyle is beautiful, but you can add a scarf, which you will fold like a headband or put from the bottom up so that the hair is fluffy in the back.

·         Two loose ponytails

For this hairstyle, which is one of our favorites, we will need the small rubber bands and the comb. Start by making a line from the forehead to the crown of the head, and if you like, you can take out two strands at the front. Next, we make two lines on each upper side of the hair, up to the crown of the head. Now the easy part, we take two rubber bands and make two ponytails. Finally, we take the comb and give volume to each one.

·         Two loose buns

With the previous hairstyle already done, this one is quite easy. We just have to transform the ponytails into buns. For the buns to be well fixed, use mini rubber bands and bobby pins. Once the buns are in place, simply shape them by pulling them slightly to add a little volume to each one.

·         Two buns

We are going to use bobby pins, rubber bands, and a comb. The first thing to do is to separate the two front strands and divide the hair in two. When we have finished dividing the hair in two, we proceed to make the buns. A trick to make the bun voluminous and tousled is to put the rubber band before we roll it up completely. Finally, we add some bobby pins to fix the bug and any unruly curls.

·         Chongo with a scarf

Mainly you have to separate the two front strands and make a high bun, but the trick is to do it halfway so that it looks fluffy and messy. Finally, we give shape to the bun and if you see that it is necessary, put some hairpins. Of course, you can add a scarf to the hairstyle because it looks excellent.

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·         Pigtail with a handkerchief

For this simple hairstyle, we are going to use a handkerchief and a round clip. We start by separating two strands of hair and we do as if we were going to make a high ponytail, when we have already positioned the ponytail we are going to put the round clip. As the last step, you must adjust the scarf well after arranging the ponytail. There is nothing easier to do!

·         High bun with ponytail included

This is one of our favorites because you will see that it is super cute. To do it we just need a rubber band, bobby pins, and a scarf. The first step, take out two strands of hair like the previous ones, check the height of the bun, and make a ponytail. Once we have the ponytail made we divide it into two parts. We take the handkerchief and we pass it under the rubber band, to leave it in the middle. Now the trick, we make two braids with each of the halves of the handkerchief, that is to say, one of the strands of the braid has to be the handkerchief. And finally, now we have to twist the braids in the same direction until they form a bun. Secure with bobby pins and pull out a few strands of hair to create a slightly tousled effect.

·         Half knotted at the back

You have to wet the root to managing it much better; you can leave the curls on the sides, those that are above the ear so that the hairstyle looks much more romantic. With a rubber band, we are going to hold the crown in the back, and then once we have put it on we are going to turn it halfway in. This way we will hide the rubber band. With a little bit of water, we are going to wet the curls on the sides and any that are frizzy to give it definition again. And that’s it!

·         Low bun

This chignon should not be done so tight and not too much oil to comb it. We will only do it with the hands since the grace is that it is well loose and that it is seen that the hair is curly. We hold the ponytail with a cord and we will roll the bun very loose so that it is thick and big at the back. Leaving some random curls loose. You can spray a bit of hairspray to give a little more hold to the hairstyle. Forget about using gel because it can look wetter than it should. If you want you can leave it like this, or add a shiny accessory like a hairclip.

·         High Chongo

Wet the whole root to make it more manageable. The bun has to be done high up so you have to keep your head down all the time. Brush well all the part of the nape of the neck and the front part so that the hairstyle looks totally impeccable. With a cord or an elastic band, you are going to hold it very well, you can apply the gel in both parts so that random hairs do not come out. Now you are going to roll all the hair while twirling it. This is important because you won’t see these random hairs sticking out. You can do it lightly but it is best to keep it neat. We must hold it with two thin tails of the same color of the hair, and with several hairpins so that it is well fixed and does not fall apart with the passage of time. We must put a lot of hairsprays to finish.

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