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Izabel Advice for perfect hairstyles for short hair and medium length hair

Izabel Advice for perfect hairstyles for short hair and medium length hair

Short and Medium Hairstyles Can Look Perfect on You

Although straight hair is beautiful and very versatile, wavy hair texture can be ideal for medium hair because it has enough movement and body to wash and go and still look polished and fresh. The low maintenance means it doesn’t need much styling, but details like cute braids, cool texture, and half updos can sublimate medium wavy hair. Plus, it’s great for fine hair, as it adds a lot of volume to the hair. We know how to make your short and medium hairstyle look perfect.

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It doesn’t matter your hair type, as long as you have it cut in half. Want some hairstyles to style it? Keep reading girl! You’ve come to the right place to look fabulous without having to risk your hair with extravagant treatments.

Hairstyles for medium straight hair

Straight hair can often look limp and flat. This is not the case for hairstyles with medium hair, which prevents long locks from having a heavy effect. Because it’s shorter hair, it’s not only easier to style: it’s also likely to stay higher at the roots and look bushier. If you opt for medium hair with a straight texture, make sure you keep it straight so it looks like a real-life hairstyle and you don’t look like you just woke up.

  • Wavy half updo

There is no more impeccable hairstyle than long, voluminous shoulder-length waves. First, prepare damp hair. Next, part your hair to one side and gather the back section back, scrunch the length with your hands and let it air dry, then finish your coffee and get ready to start your day.

  • Textured layered hair

A few layers go a long way. And if you want an easy, low-maintenance cut, this hairstyle is for you. Wash your hair and towel dry. Then blow-dry your hair by running your fingers through your hair to separate the strands. When the hair is almost (but not quite) dry, add a small amount of a texturizing hair product, run your fingers through the hair, twist individual strands, scrunch and card the roots to create the perfect sloppy look. Once dry, add volume and fixative.

Medium curly hairstyles

There’s a myth that if you have curly hair you should have long hair. It’s a myth for a reason: Medium hair can keep curls light, which in turn means they’ll retain their definition and shape all day long (plus!). (Score one!) Plus, keeping your curls (relatively) short (think shoulder-length cut) means they’ll have more volume than they would in layers of long hair. Here are some ways to style curly hair.

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·         Low updo with curls


Enhance the beauty of curly hair with a low curly updo. Because it’s pulled back loosely, it holds the curls without crushing them. Plus, its low position means you won’t have to struggle with your shoulder-length hair to stretch it when you put it up in a ponytail. First, prep the hair with gel, either on slightly damp or dry hair and scrunch it with your hands. Next, use a rubber band to secure the hair in a loose, disheveled ponytail. The key is to avoid looking too perfect, so let a few strands fall freely at the back and around the face. It will look casual, yet elegant.

·         High curly updo

Depending on the height of your hair, you may be able to get away with a small ponytail. The trick is to create it in the center of the crown of the head, which distinguishes this hairstyle from the usual updo (although if you can’t get it all up, you can move the ponytail back). The top ponytail can be whatever you want it to be. In this case, it’s a lesson in easy, chic curls. To start, apply the cream to the entire length of the hair. It will help keep the frizz from pulling you away from the chongo. Then, simply gather the hair at the top of the head and twist it tightly into a ponytail, which you secure with an elastic band.

·         Extra-large curls

Did someone say boost volume? That’s the thinking behind these thick, out-of-control curls. The curls fall shoulder-length and look cool, springy, and freshly cut (even if you haven’t gone near a pair of scissors in a while). The hairstyle looks particularly good if you have layered hair, as these add even more dimension and texture to the cut. Apply setting gel evenly and evenly throughout the length of damp hair with your hands. Then blow-dry with a diffuser by tilting your head downwards and blow-drying halfway through. This will increase the volume of your hair even more and give you a truly sensational hairstyle.

·         Lob straight

For those looking for a sleeker look with more volume, the straight lob is fun and refined. It’s a great option for all hair texture types, but can be especially useful for those with finer hair, as it boosts the volume of natural hair without adding too much hair product. After shampooing, distribute a small amount of cream throughout the lengths and blow-dry, using a round brush to curl the ends inward. If you prefer an ultra-smooth finish, simply set the round brush aside, prep the hair with a little hairspray, and touch up the ends with a straightening iron after blow-drying.

·         Defined layered hair

Medium hair can look best with defined, graduated layers. The appeal of this hairstyle is that if you already have straight hair, you don’t need to do much more to make it stand out, as the layered ends are (and should be) the star of this look. To avoid frizz pulling you away from this hairstyle, simply apply setting cream with your fingers to wet hair and let it air dry.

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·         Small braids in half updos

Medium hair may not have the length needed to make a long, eye-catching braid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do other types of braids. Instead, add an elaborate detail with 2 twin braids starting from the hairline. Plus, this placement of the braids keeps the fringe from falling over the hair. (It’s a big plus when you’re trying to regrow your hair.) Start by parting part of the hair to one side. Then braid a small section on that side along the hairline all the way down. Secure it at the back. Then braid another small braid on the other side and place it over the other braid; pin both braids where they overlap.

·         Small side braid

For those mornings when you oversleep (or just don’t feel like following your usual beauty routine), the delicate side braid is a winner. Simply part your hair to one side and braid a small side braid. For a relaxed, casual style, you can leave it loose or tuck it behind your ear. To make sure your hair stays in place and super soft throughout the day, apply hairspray at the end. Yes, it’s a simple hairstyle, but the advantage is that it’s done in seconds.

·         Waterfall braid with curls

Chic waves added to braids equal a sweet and charming hairstyle that works especially well with medium hair. Wash and blow-dry until hair is completely dry. Apply a touch of your favorite cream to prevent frizz and enhance smoothness. Next, use a large-barrel curling iron to curl longer strands. Gently tousle the hair to give it a more natural look; this way you will achieve waves instead of straight curls. Then do a semi-updo fishtail crown braid along the back (it’s 10 times easier than it looks, word).

So much for today! We’re sure you’ll look gorgeous whether your hair is straight or wavy. Remember that practice makes perfect, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t give up!


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