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How to make beachy waves for your straight or fine hair?

How to make beachy waves for your straight or fine hair?

It’s Friday, you need a new look that isn’t the typical flat iron and you go on the web to look for something innovative to do to your hair. Between pages and videos, you notice that most of the girls or celebrities you are inspired by, have those prominent waves that can make anyone fall in love. and that’s to be expected since it’s an excellent, versatile, and easy-to-do hairstyle that won’t take more than half an hour. Interested in knowing how to do them? In this article, you will learn to prepare amazing beachy waves for your straight or fine hair. All of that even in home conditions. Keep reading!

We know that their extravagant and extroverted appearance can make them look difficult to do. But if we have some time to make them, and we have enough patience we can do it in less than half an hour as we mentioned before! It has been a very recurrent technique in recent times, and there are multiple ways to make them. Luckily for you, in this top, we are going to show you a little bit more about how we can do it without having to apply very harsh treatments on our hair and with a few things, so you can adapt the technique to what you have at home. So be patient, here we go!

●    Beachy Waves made with a flat iron or curling iron

Some of us may have learned this in our teens, but it’s a technique that is immensely used because of how easy it is. It also allows us to choose the size of the wave we will make. We can do it with both straighteners and curling irons, which in fact despite what you may think, comes out better with the flat iron technique. But curling irons are usually cheaper. When using this technique, we will need to use some heat protectant on our hair to avoid damaging it, as in either case, it can be a bit aggressive if we apply too much heat. Something to remember is that while you are making the strands, you should consider that the bigger the strands, the wider the waves will be at the end.

You may be familiar with this technique worthy of the 80s, and at that time, having fluffy hair and prominent waves was the sensation of the moment, and is still useful today. We don’t need to use a hairdryer or a flat iron to do this method, the only problem is that the treatment must be maintained for a long time so that the waves are more defined. To do this procedure we will need a pack of several tubes, where we are going to roll our hair little by little. After about three hours we will slowly release the tubes and give it a fluffier finish with our fingers. If you prefer, you can brush with a comb to give more size to each curl.

●    Waves made with a high bun

Let’s think about those spring or summer seasons where our hair is always wet from constant trips to the beach. If you don’t have much time and need an immediate look, this technique is for you. We are going to comb the hair back and you are going to gather it all in a bun at the crown of the head. we will wait a while for it to dry naturally, or if you are in a hurry you can do it with a hairdryer, and you will see how when it dries the waves are quite natural and easy to treat. we can combine it with headbands and clips of bright color, you decide how to use this method.

●    Waves with a scarf

Another incredibly effective alternative to make waves in a very natural way is to take a common scarf that we have stored in our closet to tie them to our neck and roll it little by little in our hair when it is just out of the shower. It won’t look neat, so it will look like you have naturally wavy hair.

●    Waves with braid

Another way to make waves quickly and easily as with a basic braid. These are useful if you have a busy life and don’t have time to do an extensive treatment like with tubes. The size of the curls will depend on how thick you braid or how highly you tie it, so it’s up to you. If you want small waves like the ones usually used with baby highlights, you can braid small strands in various parts of the scalp. But if you want them more prominent, one or two braids on the sides would be enough. If we want them to look more pronounced we can gently run the iron along the length of the braid to give it even more shape.

●    Finger waves

Are you on an unexpected occasion and need to give your hair a little more shape? This could be your salvation. If you have no way of getting hair tubes or applying any of the techniques we have above, we can apply some water to the hair and start making waves with our fingers, holding the problematic parts with hair clips or bobby pins. This can also work with gelatin and is a quick way out of this problem.

●    Beachy Waves with stockings

And in the last of our top, we see the solution for big, voluminous waves without having a lot of material other than our sticking! Yes, those that we put on our feet. Make sure they have a good smell and insert strands of your hair into them. After that, we must tie them up and leave them fixed with some hairpins. We can blow dry if we want and that’s it! There is nothing easier to do. If you want you can leave them overnight for a better effect.

We are done with our top today! We hope the tips we give you here have helped you, and that you put them into practice soon. Remember that patience and consistency is the key to this whole process. If you want to have more styling ideas you can go to our main page. There we have a lot more! See you in the next post.


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