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Learn how to choose the best possible shade for your brown hairs

Learn how to choose the best possible shade for your brown hairs

Want to give yourself a little change so your whole office will notice? Just want a dose of self-love? Or maybe a new year change? Keep reading as here we bring you different shades of hair to make you look gorgeous in the new stage of your life!

You might think that with the passage of time, hair tones will begin to lean towards the blonde, blue, gray, or chocolate brown colors, but this is not the case. This time we will not talk about green, or violet tones, today we will deal with more sophisticated shades, so it is important that you have knowledge of their names. Undoubtedly very elegant shades.

●    Ash brown hair

To start, we’ll take a slightly cooler color palette. Ash brown gives you a light gray tone that gives you a smoky feel and a bit of mystery. If you’re looking to join the trend, this look can help you achieve it. It should be combined with a neutral base but this base should be dark, this will allow you to achieve that shading or create a balayage that looks more natural. This balayage technique is known for creating an illusion of length.

●    Dark auburn hair

Auburn hair shades usually start from a combination of maroon and wine tones. This type of hair makes a good match with dark skin tones. When you combine shades like red and violet, this combination gives your hair a dramatic look. The way you combine your makeup, clothing and if you have soft features, will also contribute to the impact of the look.

●    Caramel-brown hair

for those who want to create a light effect with soft tones, you should try the caramel tone. This technique is one of the most commonly used when it comes to coloring all of your hair. If on other hand, you only want to apply it in certain areas, your trusted hairdresser can guide you to achieve contouring in the frontal area. This will allow you to incorporate subtle tones to create light caramel highlights. This would only be applied to the area around the face to create a brighter effect.

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●    Warm brown hair

If you still want to keep that warm look, then you should not fail to combine nutty shades such as auburn. It is important to emphasize placing shades of red tones on brown-toned hair. This is because the red tones in the hair of this tone provide warmth and brightness. If you combine highlights of this shade with your natural hair, you will be able to personalize your hair.

●    Cool dark chocolate

The darkest color among these shades is chocolate brown. It is one of the coolest color palettes and is combined with black to create shades. It is recommended to apply this shade all over the hair to create an elegant and simple effect. Take advantage of the intensity of the brown to highlight your hair.

●    Hazelnut

There are so many shades of brown that they can be compared to the different fish in the sea. For starters, this shade of hazelnut gives the hair a modern style but at the same time, it is a classic shade. Undoubtedly one of the most popular shades, it is very easy to adapt to most hair types. Anyone who prefers this combination should consider applying a multi-dimensional version, so that is not just a boring shade. For this, you should talk to your trusted stylist who will know what to do.

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Stylists have the ability to blend hair tones with skin tones. To do this, they must achieve a high level of professionalism. Experience allows them to determine what shade you can look best by taking into account your skin color and eye color. With this formation, he will know if he should apply slightly lighter shades of blonde, golden, or perhaps reddish. In the case of hazel brown, this shade suits girls with blue eyes, because it creates a contrast with that mystery that gives the look.

●    Highlights in the bangs

This is a procedure that allows you to create highlights in strands of hair. To do this you must select different strands of hair and apply a bleach that will allow you to create this effect. It is common to apply this type of brown hair, especially in the fringe area.

●    Light brown shade

This is considered the lightest shade among the dark shades. Like the previous one, it is very popular, it is a shade that girls like to have and some others have it naturally. Without a doubt a balayage technique that gives light to your hair by dyeing other layers of hair.

●    Chocolate brown hair

If you want to transition your hair to a reddish shade, brown can be your best friend in this process. The charm within these brown shades is that brown tone it gives off. It is considered a tasteful shade and provides a natural glow. If you are experimenting with new styles, this is definitely an effect you should try, especially if your intention is to try a red shade.

●    Tobacco brown

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the henna shade, it’s a spectacular shade. IT is one of the shades that give a natural effect. To achieve the tobacco effect, a lightening must be applied to the hair using blonde and dark red tones.

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●    Smoky gold

The well-known smoky gold is known for being a warm tone. With this bleaching, the warm colors will take control of your hair. To achieve this sensation, shades between gold and smoky tones must be used. It is an excellent choice for both blondes and darker skins, do not be afraid to use it, because it is a color that will undoubtedly know how to shine to anyone who applies it.

●    Copper

If you’re one of those girls who dream of sporting a mane of red hair but feel it’s too much, copper could be your middle ground. It’s a much more subtle shade than red, but it’s a great option to get close to it. Plus, this shade lends sweetness to your face, so it can be a winning combination. So you know, if you want to go from brown to a reddish shade, this color is for you.

So much for today! It is important to emphasize that before we do any chemical treatment on our hair we must look at the health of our hair, as applying even partial bleaching can damage it in the long term because it does not have the nutrients needed to resist the power of the chemicals. This can be discussed with the hairdresser before proceeding with any type of procedure.

These tips are mostly for people with a brown hair tone, but can be tried on any hair type! Don’t limit your imagination and try every style that catches your eye. The only requirement to wear a garment or accessory is that you are confident enough to wear it like a queen. If you want more tips you can go directly to our home page and take a look at everything we have for you! Where you can see hair recovery based on a natural hair mask to the best tips depending on your hair type.


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