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Do you know which the best highlight for your undertones is? Here is how to choose it!

Do you know which the best highlight for your undertones is? Here is how to choose it!

A makeover does not have to be just about cutting our hair shorter than usual, or buying new shoes, nor does it have to come with a traumatic experience or a breakup. Sometimes we just want to pamper ourselves and prove that we can do whatever we want without expecting compliments or acceptance from anyone! It is important to take time for ourselves and treat ourselves to things we want, for example, what we will discuss in today’s article: A change of look for our hair.

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It is not necessary to have a specific hair type or skin tone, it all depends on your taste and what you feel suits you best. Here we will show you some examples of tones that you can take as an example depending on what you want to achieve. Are you ready to get started? Keep reading and do not leave here!

Highlights and undertones

·         Toffe:

A beautiful color that gives us a Caribbean touch to our manes, it is a shade very similar to caramel color and it is perfect for dark brown hair. You can use it from the middle of your mane or from the roots, as you prefer. They can also be a great combination with ash blonde-haired people, so take this idea with you and tell your trusted hairdresser about it!

It does not matter how you wear it, but we recommend from experience that you try to keep the roots of the hair darker to give a better effect of depth. In addition, if you decide to do it only on the lower part of the hair, you can do pronounced waves to make it look more voluminous.

·         Chocolate Lilac:

This is one of our favorites! All because of its versatility when it comes to application, as it is ideal for every type of hair. Whether it is curly, thin, thick, short, any color.  Although it is perfect for people who have hazel or brown hair, as we said, it does not matter much because it is perfect for short hair, long, or any color.

We will try that the dye that we are going to use as a base for these highlights is also a chocolate color, and add violet tones for the outer parts. You can apply this color with a Californian highlights style technique but with the Chocolate Lilac color, so that when you are sunbathing you will see that iridescent color that is so beautiful and so characteristic of this color. You will see that it will be a sensation!

·         Gold Balayage

Highlights of the Balayage technique? Of course, you can! It is an ideal tone for people with hazel skin color or people with wheat tones. Although it can be used for anyone with light-colored hair. Those golden highlights will make your complexion glow as if you have never imagined and make it look so much more hydrated.

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·         Cinnamon caramel

A classic that will never go out of style! Because of the combination of different colors like orange, gold, and copper, this has become a favorite for redheads and brown-haired people. It frames the face in an incredible way and adds light to the complexion to make it look cleaner and more elegant. It goes with all kinds of styles, and we can make multiple types of bows to which will add more depth and impact. It is just perfect!

One feature to note is that this type of shade can change its appearance depending on what the person is wearing, the time of day, and where they are. Therefore, it will always be perfect for any occasion and will go with many different ways of dressing. Adding an interesting touch that will make you think about your look many hours before you put it on.

However, do not get upset! The result is quite natural and not at all forced, so if you are looking for something a little softer, this option is for you.

·         Caramel Balayage

They are not the same as highlights, but trust us; they will be just as perfect. In addition, it is something a little more natural that will not make you look so overdone. This specific color will focus on the reflection of the light in your hair, creating a beautiful caramel color that blends perfectly with dark or ash-colored hair. Want to look a little more relaxed and not trying so hard, but still gorgeous? This option is for you.

·         Golden Highlights

Forget black and very dark hair dye; let us talk about clarity and light, which is what these golden highlights are all about. It is a tone that will be very much in trend this year and thanks to its shades give more brightness to our face and make us look much fresher and younger. It is perfect for copper or hazelnut colored hair, and for blonde hair. However, with the condition that it will need a lot more care than normal hair color.

·         Sombré Highlights


Another of our favorites thanks to its varied uses that do not depend directly on the previous bleaching, but can be applied in both cases. It is therefore a little less aggressive than other treatments. In addition, it can be applied in different base tones. Whether brown, black, bronze, blonde, red, there will always be a shade of sombré to match any of these!

They are like a replacement for Californian highlights but healthier to apply and with a much less aggressive application process, which accepts any type of hair, no matter if it is thick or thin or if your hair is too short. Therefore, it is a cost-effective option and one that we will not regret later.

Another benefit of applying Sombré highlights is that they do not need as much care to stay perfect. You will not need an appointment every week for a touch-up, nor be so attentive to discoloration, because in addition to being a natural tone, when they lose color, your natural color will remain and will make a nice gradient.

·         Chocolate mauve

This color will never go out of style and will always be the first choice of many girls with cool tones. Its constant application comes through the wide range of colors for which it is available without losing effectiveness. In recent times they are using a lot is techniques linked to balayage, and wow it really made us fall in love! The best thing is that you only have to add a few strokes without having to bleach the hair beforehand, and if you have light brown or blonde hair, it will still look beautiful.

How do you care for highlights?


It is basic to know that highlights on very light or gray hair need specific care with violet shampoo. So that the color is completely uniform and does not change to other unwanted colors such as green or perhaps turn yellow. However, if we talk about caring for dark colors, we can take care of them in other softer ways. With salt-free shampoos that do not dry out the hair and are more foaming.

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What is a fundamental law to take care of our strands as all winners is to maintain a specific daily moisturizing process, it can be as much as three times a week depending on if your hair is dry. If not, do it only once a week and try to wash your hair every three days. This will allow your hair to absorb the vitamins properly and the hair cuticle will not suffer so much damage after bleaching. If our hair is a little longer than normal, we can add a little cream after our wash to give it an extra touch of protection against external agents that can damage our strands. In addition to that, we can give you other types of recommendations:

  • Before doing the treatment, you will need to check your hair intensively with a professional in the area. This will allow him or her to send you the best advice on strand care so you do not mess up in the future.
  • Before you apply the highlights, ask your hairdresser if there is a possibility of adding a stronger technique to make the bleach a little neater and shinier, such as a moisturizer or keratin to give your hair enough strength to withstand the treatment.
  • After you’ve had your hair bleached, make sure you don’t go out in the sun right away and that you protect it from breakage with hair ties or other material. In addition to this, you can apply a treatment that allows you to achieve a higher intensity in the color you are currently using.
  • In case you have already done the highlights, you should remember that it is advisable to do an extra treatment twice a month where your hair receives enough proteins and minerals so that the hair strand does not break easily and can withstand the whole process. In addition to preventing it from becoming even drier and developing dullness.

Masks to care for color-treated hair


·         Egg and mayonnaise mask

It may sound like breakfast, but the truth is that the fats and proteins in eggs are ideal to give strength to color-treated hair and boost its color to make it much shinier. Therefore, it is one of the many masks that we recommend using once or twice a month to avoid damaging our hair. To make it we will need to mix an egg and two tablespoons of mayonnaise in an empty container until we notice the difference between the two. After this, we will apply it to our hair from the roots to the ends and let it sit for half an hour until it hardens. After this, we will remove it with shampoo and warm water.

·         Aloe vera, egg and honey mask

To make this mask, which is useful to repair the hair strand and prevent hair from losing its shine, we will need a freshly cut aloe vera leaf, which we will peel and let rest in a glass container to remove impurities and toxins for approximately 24 hours. After this, we will wash it and add it to a grinder along with two tablespoons of honey and an egg. Among the characteristics of this mask, we can see that it is perfect to prevent dandruff and keep hair strong.

·         Cocoa butter mask

Moisturizing, but not recommended for oily hair. It helps with the dryness that can cause very noticeable split ends. To prepare it we will need three tablespoons of cocoa butter, which we will place in a cup and put in the microwave for enough minutes to soften it. In addition, after this, we will leave it to cool until we can hold it in our hands. From this point on, just place it from the middle part of the hair downwards and wait about 15 minutes for it to take effect.  After this, wash your hair with our bleaching shampoo and warm water.

·         Avocado and yogurt mask

If we have colored hair or not, this mask is 100% effective to rejuvenate the hair and rehydrate the hair strands that have been damaged by constant chemical or heat processes. Therefore, we can try it at any time of the year, and it is much better if the avocado is soft enough to move with your hands. To make it we are going to extract only the avocado pulp and place it in a bowl with the contents of a small yogurt without additives. We will mix it well and we will add it to the parts where we have strands, or we can simply put it on all the hair to moisturize every part of it. In 20 minutes, we have to remove it with plenty of water, and we will try not to use rinse as this mask is moisturizing enough to add an extra product that could cause unnecessary sebum. Another tip we can give you is that after using the mask, let it dry naturally and do not hold it with a rubber band or any other type of material.


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