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The best way to shine in summer with perfect glow up advice!

The best way to shine in summer with perfect glow up advice!

The term “Glow up” refers to the evolution or transformation of a person both mentally and physically through self-love and care. These can range from learning relaxation techniques to learning how to make up and dress. However, all this depends on who does it and the purposes. Although it should be noted that this should not be seen as something superficial, since the basis of this is to increase our self-love and apply part of our time to our psychological evolution.

This can also refer to the passage of time and the natural evolution of a person, such as the typical short and ungraceful looking girl who after spending some time becomes naturally beautiful, but we can also force or cause it with different techniques.

If we put in a basic standard, the Glow up would be to lose weight, cut your hair, and make up like all divas. We do not say it’s wrong, but it is not only about that, it is about learning good habits to be better with ourselves and feel much better.

If we want to be part of this process and improve our mood and appearance, there are many things we should do and try. Here we leave you some ideas to get you started with your own Glow Up process:

·        Exercise on a daily basis:

This is fundamental, and is that exercise is not just for improving physical composition. It has been proven by science that people who practice sports or maintain constant physical activity are happier because of the release of serotonin that causes the heart rate to increase to a certain level. In addition, the feeling of advancement can make us feel even better.

·        Increase your water intake

The amount of water estimated by nutritionists that a person should drink per day to meet all the needs is two liters of water or eight glasses that will help facilitate many necessary processes in your body. Among them the elimination of toxins, and hydration of the dermis. Therefore, your face and skin will be cleaner and will look brighter.

·         Have a balanced diet

We emphasize the need to eat fruits and vegetables. Since everyone always excludes these without knowing that, they are a fundamental source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for our body to stay healthy. An easy way to add fruit to our diet is by eating it between meals or early in our breakfast to give us a shot of energy that will keep us awake throughout the day.

·         Maintain an appropriate sleep routine

Believe it or not, sleeping all night or at least 8 hours a day is important for our mental health and body, especially if we want a well-shaped body and we are exercising, since the recovery of our muscles is seen in this process, and if we do not get enough rest there will not be enough oxygenation and will make them look less strong. In addition to increasing cortisol levels that are what make people put on weight in an unhealthy way.

·         Have a skincare routine

It is very important! Our face most of the time reflects our state of health, so a well-cared for and clean face will say that we are doing something right! One way to keep it beautiful is to visit a dermatologist to get the right treatment depending on your skin type, as there are many different types of skin. For example, oily skin, dry skin, skin with acne, blemishes, dermatitis, etc. Or we can also do a little research and make small changes, such as using a specific soap for it, make some masks, keep it hydrated, among other options.

·         Meditate on your day

Meditating is a very important practice when we want to grow mentally. Therefore, we can consider the things that were wrong or right, our attitudes resolve what we have inside us, and be able to heal the things that do not let us sleep at night. Therefore, either having a yoga or meditation routine, on our own or guided by an app, goes a long way to achieve our goal.

·         Have a morning routine

Being more organized and having habits, even if they are small, help maintain productivity and a good mood. Wash your face, make your breakfast and make a daily list of things you like about yourself or things you would like to do for the day. This is also a way to build confidence and love yourself a little more each day.

·         Stay positive

We are not going to tell you to walk around with a smile on your face all day, we know there may be times when you are stressed enough that you do not want to see anyone. However, if you can stay positive, do it! This is a big change, avoid complaining so much and try to see the positive things in the small accomplishments and in yourself. Affirm to yourself that you are a special person and that you are going to accomplish all your goals for the day because as long as you visualize everything you want, you can get that much closer to making them come true.

·         Improve your appearance

This is much more optional, as there are people who are not given to makeup or just do not see it as a profitable option, but we don’t mean that you have to have a crash course on how to do makeup and fix your hair to perfection! However, we can try to pay attention to the details that we can improve such as adding some earrings or making a nice but simple hairstyle. The idea is to feel comfortable and pretty, regardless of your other tastes.

·         Give yourself that style you have always wanted to try.

Renew your closet, go try on clothes, try new things, indulge yourself by wearing that style you always wanted to try or see on you but didn’t do it because you were insecure. All clothes will look good on you if you are confident enough to wear them, they are just myths that clothes are for a specific body type. Be you and show the world that you are not afraid to be you.

·         Go to bed at a specific time, and get up early.

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! Sometimes we feel like we do not have enough time for anything and our mornings are more rushed than usual, but if we get into the habit of getting up early, this will not be an excuse. In case you prefer to exercise in the morning, you will have time to eat breakfast, train, get ready, set your priorities, take your pet for a walk, and much more!

·         Organize your day and your stuff

An organized room/house/office and headwork better than having everything piled up and making it up as you go along. Try to keep your stuff in good order and in its place your tasks and chores, one way to do this is to download an app that reminds you of basic tasks like taking the laundry out of your room and even washing the dishes. On the other hand, as we had already mentioned, make a to-do list that also includes these types of things. In addition, applying schedules to do homework is a way to organize your time and not waste it on anything.

·         Try to get out of your comfort zone

This is sometimes very difficult to do because we do not have enough confidence or simply do not have the time or desire. However, if we want to change our habits, why can’t we also try new things? Try a recipe, or a new sport, maybe a new hobby, or whatever it is that you are interested in trying that you have not been able to do before. This is your chance to add new things to your life and try everything the world has to offer.

·         You only have you, and you are the only one who will be there.

This is an important part of the process and is that accepting yourself as you are, with your faults and virtues is all we want to achieve with this. And in case there is something slowing down our process, remove it from our life and keep moving forward. You are beautiful just the way you are, and exercising or having a good eyeliner will not make you a better person or make you feel good about yourself if you do not think you are enough. In addition, you are! There is no one else like you in the world, and that gives you many opportunities.

What is mindfulness and how can it help us to a mental Glow up?

This is one of the branches of meditation that can help us improve or understand what is inside our heads. It is something that is very fashionable lately thanks to its functionality, as it compiles different types of relaxation techniques and unites them into one to create a perfect combination. We cannot say it is meditation, therefore, to clarify the differences let us define what meditation is.

The definition of meditation focuses on a deep concentration technique; this can be on a thought, mantra, feeling, or anything around. The idea of this is to concentrate on one thing that helps us to forget what is on the outside, just concentrate on what we want and discard any bad thoughts.

Mindfulness: starting from traditional meditation

We can say that Mindfulness starts from this practice where we focus our attention on a dead point. In addition, it should be noted that there are other categories that we can describe as religious, and in which we will concentrate that is based more on the mental and physical health of people. Although all have to do with the benefit and self-improvement as they all start from the root mother that would be Buddhism.

Mindfulness has some very specific characteristics, and that is that it gives a 160º turn to conventional meditation or other categories because it does not base its existence on religion or specific philosophy of life, simply on the benefit of the person to improve their inner self. It only counts on being a practice that seeks the advancement of the human being in the plane of his mind.

The idea of this practice is to reach a deep state of consciousness while performing the technique. We try to make our interior not to fight with its feelings or sensations, but to understand and analyze them, to let them flow, and after this to go breaking down what would be our personal problems in a way that does not cause us an inner conflict. It is a softer way to face the problems that afflict us and to give more importance to our true feelings that sometimes are well hidden inside us; again, we emphasize that all this from a deep state of attention.

What is the right time to try it?


The most advanced practices can go from 40 minutes or more; but if we are starting, it is best to try with practices of 8 minutes or 15 minutes maximum, so we can create the habit and not saturate ourselves with things we do not need. Besides being able to practice the deep state of consciousness that we assure you will not be very easy to achieve. It is likely that we get bored at first and want to give up, but as we take time this will become much easier, although there is difficulty with people with anxiety or depression, as it can be a little harder to take the habit.

Where can we practice it?


As with meditation, we need to find a place where we feel safe and comfortable, as well as being in total silence so that we can focus on what is important and not lose concentration while practicing. Therefore, it is important to have our phone or any electrical device nearby, as we will be tempted with constant notifications to abandon the practice in the middle.


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