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Which is the best way to blend hair extensions?

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Which is the best way to blend hair extensions?

When we want to conceal hair extensions there are factors that are key to achieving this, it all starts with the right choice, knowing how to apply them and how to style them. Sometimes it can be a bother to worry about whether or not they are showing, if we chose the right hair color or if the type of hair extension we choose is just right for us. But don’t worry, here we’ll give you a little crash course on how to hide your hair extensions.

Types of hair extensions

●     Adhesive extensions

These are considered semi-permanent extensions and are very easy to attach and remove. In its application, this type of extension is intercalated with the hair and has a durability of 6 to 12 weeks. These extensions are not recommended for girls who tend to wear their hair tied up for a long time, as they can be uncomfortable.

●     Fusion hair extensions

They are on the list of extensions that are easier to disguise, which makes them more popular. On the other hand, despite having that advantage it is also considered the most damaging type of extension. This is due to its application since glue or keratin is used to apply it and this can cause damage to the scalp. The procedure to be placed lasts about 4 hours and its lifespan is about 6 months.

●     Weaved hair extensions

The application for this type of extension is quite original, unlike the other types where it is hooked or flued, here the extensions are braided by means of needle and cotton thread. They are extensions that can be placed all over the hair. It is important that these extensions are not too tight when they are applied as they can pull the scalp too much, besides feeling very heavy. Not recommended for people with a thin hair type, this option is more suitable for girls with thick, abundant hair.

●     Staple or micro ring extensions

These extensions do not usually cause damage to their hair and do not require heat tongs for application. The appearance of these extensions is very natural and they are versatile for a wide range of hairstyles as you won’t notice the difference with natural hair. This is another type of extension that is not recommended for thin hair, they tend to slip and do not stay firm. It is also not recommended for people who have recently undergone keratin treatments.

These are considered the most popular extensions. If you want to get one, a specialist will recommend the best option according to your hair type and needs. But if you feel unsure, you can seek a second opinion.

Which are the most suitable?

If you are a girl with a fine hair type, the best options for you are keratin or adhesive hair extensions. If on the other hand, you have thick hair, we recommend micro ring or sew-in extensions. However, for girls with African hair, knot or sew-in extensions are better and you don’t have to worry about them damaging your hair.

If you are new to extensions, it’s best to use clip-in extensions, which are easy to take out and put in. If you prefer a more durable option, you can use the adhesive type for its comfort and ease of placement. Now, if you have already decided on the adhesive type for its comfort and ease of placement. Now, if you have already decided and considered that you want to wear them for a long time, then use the keratin ones, they last longer and are of higher quality, but remember, they must be applied by a professional.

The extensions are created for any type of hair, leaving aside the cases with hair loss problems. This is why before deciding to use extensions it is always advisable to attend counseling sessions. Here experts will clarify and advise you on everything related to extensions, especially the most suitable for your hair type and factors such as the amount to achieve the desired result.

How to care for extensions

When it comes to permanent or semi-permanent extensions, you should check their condition and perform the corresponding maintenance every 2 months or so, only with the help of a professional. The different types of extensions require different treatments, but for most cases, it is recommended to brush the hair at least twice a day to avoid tangles and keep it clean. It is not recommended to brush the hair if it is wet, it is best to wait until it is completely dry.

The brush to make these hairstyles should be soft, to prevent the hair from breaking, as well the joints. Another thing that must also be complied with is that the hair should be combed from the ends to the roots progressively. Tips, mid-lengths, and roots remember that.

When it is time to wash the hair, before you start washing it you must first untangle the extensions. The shampoo you should use has to be a special type, especially if it contains keratin. You should massage the hair from top to bottom and avoid doing it in the opposite way. You should apply masks that help to soften the hair after each wash to make it easier to comb.  A leave-in mask can be applied to clean, slightly damp hair.

When it’s time to go to bed, you have two options to choose from, braid your hair or put it in a ponytail. Avoid tightening it too much and remember not to do it with wet hair.

If you want to style your hair with hair extensions, it is important to make sure they are the right choice before using these tools. If that’s what you need, then opt for natural hair extensions.

Can they damage the hair?

In order to talk about this issue, we must make it clear that this will depend on several factors such as, the professionals who apply them and the quality of the extensions. Generally, the extensions that are considered less risky are clip-in and adhesive extensions. It is for these reasons that expert evaluation becomes so important.

When extensions are applied improperly or are not optimal for the type of hair, it is possible that there may be damage or weakness at the root of the hair, which can cause the hair to fall out. Another important reason for significant damage to the hair is due to poor maintenance of the extensions. It is always good to make sure that both the extensions and the maintenance of the hair extensions are in good condition.

Extensions are created to look amazing, but if you don’t know how to style them properly, you probably won’t get the desired result. You should always know how to treat your extensions in conjunction with your hair so that they can go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll explain how to do it.

Steps to disguise the extensions

Choose the right tone: For them to look natural with your hair, it is logical that they should have a similar tone to it or the tone that is closest to it, you can even vary the tones but always in a logical way with a little lighter or darker tones that give the impression of being highlighted. You can’t put black extensions on if your hair is blonde for example.

  • You should cut the extensions when needed: Depending on the length of your hair, the extensions should be cut to make them look more natural. It doesn’t make sense to have 70 cm extensions if your hair is 50 cm long. You can cut the extensions in layers or even in steps to disguise their application.
  • Opt for waves: One of the ways to make the extensions look more natural is to style them in waves. The natural state of the hair in most cases can produce waves and you can play with that to apply for your extensions, just use a flat iron and give it the shape so it can produce more volume.
  • Opt for updos: Another type of hairstyle that helps to hide the extensions. Having your hair in a bun or high ponytail will allow you to combine your hair with the extensions and go unnoticed. If for example, you wear a slightly lighter shade, you will even get the impression of highlights.
  • Clip-in clip-in extensions: To apply clip-in extensions so that they can be hidden in the best way, you must comb the hair and open a space where you will place the extension, then place hair on top to cover the extension making sure that the clip is not visible. This gives your hair more volume.


  • Take good care of the extensions: This is key to disguising the extensions, they should be cared for with the same care that you care for your natural hair. This involves washing them, depending on the type, not overdoing it with tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and picking them up while you go to sleep.


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