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How to get your braids to the next level

How to get your braids to the next level

There are many types of hairstyles that never go out of style, and braids are one of the most popular. This type of hairstyle is very easy to do and looks much better than a ponytail. How can you forget that time in your childhood when you and your school friends braided each other’s hair, or your mother made the typical two pigtails to go to school. The best of all is that you don’t need to have hair like Rapunzel to wear them, you don’t need to have a big mane because to the ingenuity of many people, there are many variations for short hair, medium hair, and classic long hair.

We know that to make many braided hairstyles it is important to have long hair, but there is another factor that must be taken into account, dexterity. If you are one of those who have a big mane but little skill with your hands, making a complicated hairstyle is not the best option. That’s why here we will explain easy hairstyles that you can make by yourself. In these options, you will find very creative hairstyles that will allow you to stand out if you wish and maybe even end up sharing a hairstyle with your best friend. They are ideal for any kind of occasion, and we challenge you to try one of these braids every day of the week, you will see how many people around you will constantly praise you! Follow us and learn more about some easy and beautiful hairstyles for all hair lengths.

Braided hairstyles for short hair

As we mentioned above, we often think that having short hair is an impediment to braids because it is not easy to hold and also because there is not much hair to style. Maybe this is a little bit right, because the shorter the hair is, the more difficult it will be to braid it. However, many girls have gone ahead and created very creative hairstyles that will amaze you. Remember to have a hairspray handy so that those unruly hairs that try to ruin your look and undo your braids don’t become a nuisance. Especially if you have curly or wavy hair.

●     Simple side braid

Let’s not confuse simple with boring. This is a very elegant braid and looks great for going out on a date or going to work. Besides being an option for all hair lengths, you can do it yourself. You should start right at the beginning of the parting; this can be either in the middle or on the side, then divide the hair into sections of 5 cm and create a larger and deeper braid. Once you reach the ends, take your hair back and hold it with a clip so that it is attached to your head or behind your ear. You can also add clips or any accessory that matches you.

●     Braided fringe

Keeping a fringe can be a bit demanding, but this hairstyle for short hair allows you the possibility to hide it whenever you want. If on the other hand, you don’t have a friend, don’t worry, it works too. This hairstyle is a headband style, this is to prevent the hair from falling over the face so you don’t have to worry about pushing it out of the way when you are doing chores or if you are relaxing while grooming or whatever you want. What you should do is make a French braid in the fringe area or with a section of the front part of your hair keeping it close to the parting and finish by placing the end behind your ear.

●     Dutch braid updo

Would you like to experience a new hairstyle on your hair without having to try too hard? I have something for you. This type of braid gives prestige to any middle-parted hairstyle even if it’s a simple one. All you need is a bobby pin to hold the rest of the hair as you pull it down and keep the line straight as you weave it through to make your mane look neat and polished. To finish setting the style, use a hairspray.

●     High double dutch braids

This hairstyle is ideal for pixie hair. The first thing you should do is separate the hair in the middle area, make two dutch braids that go straight back on both sides, and secure it with a bobby pin at the ends. When we refer to dutch braids it means that the braid should be tight to the scalp and the braid should be underneath, not on top. The remaining hair can be left loose to achieve the same casual style that these semi updos have.

Braided hairstyles for medium hair

If your haircut is bob or a little longer than this, at collarbone level, you can say that you have medium hair. The different styles for this length of hair are4 is a bit easier to do by yourself than the hairstyles we talked about above for short hair. These hairstyles are still much easier to do than those for long hair so you don’t have to worry about being too skilled. In this section, you will find a variety of easy hairstyles for you to practice, and best of all, they are for all hair types! So you don’t need to worry about whether it’s straight enough to practice.

●     Dutch braid headband

Most braided hairstyles start at the hairline; this is what makes these hairstyles so unique. You should start at the left ear and make a thick dutch braid at the crown of the head. What we are looking for in this style is to avoid frizz and for this, you should apply an anti-frizz smoothing cream, the one you prefer or already have in use.

●     Double dutch braids

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, medium-length, or even layered, this hairstyle is ideal for you and although it may seem like it, it is not the typical dutch braid hairstyle. With these braids you can look fabulous and get the best result you should avoid making the braids look too formal, this can be achieved by leaving misaligned touches and imperfections to give it a more rustic style. The first thing you should do is separate your hair in the center, then you should make a braid on each side of your hair, for this, you can use a dutch style or a usual braid model. Help yourself with your fingers to adjust the braids and remember to be subtle to avoid damaging your hair, with this you will get a little more volume and get that tousled style.

●     Simple wrap braid

This hairstyle has a unique cascading braid style and its advantage is that it does not require four hands to be done, nor a 360º mirror. To make this hairstyle you just twist at the back of the head and finish with a ponytail on the opposite side. A perfect style for straight hair and especially if it is very fine as these tend to lose their grip.

●     High french braid

This hairstyle despite being a simple style has not lost popularity, we know that the french braid is characterized by a minimalist and improved style, also providing the advantage of keeping the hair soft and smooth on the opposite side. For this hairstyle you should make sure to achieve a puffy texture, this will give contrast to the braid and make it look sublime. You complement this hairstyle with a texturizer to give a matte look to your braid, but remember to apply this product before braiding.

●     Ponytail with braid

If you don’t have much skill with your hands, don’t worry. We can apply a simple braid along the entire length of that ponytail, that will transform a gymnastics hairstyle into a modern style ideal for beach outings or even dates. The first thing you should do if you want to achieve a polished look, will be to gather all the hair in a ponytail and this should be located at the crown of the head, once at that point, you just have to make your braid and that’s it. A hairstyle that you can wear all summer long.

●     Loose fishtail braid

What do you think about a fishtail braid that goes from the front to the back and is ideal for showing off your natural waves and highlights? The secret to this type of hairstyle is to braid a section the size of a decorated fingernail. The ideal would be to do this type of hairstyle a few days after having been washed as being a little dirtier; this will give it a better grip and texture ensuring its durability or if you prefer use a spray or shampoo that allows you to match the effect.

Braided hairstyles for long hair

For long hair, there are no limits. Having long hair allows you to make a huge amount of hairstyles with braids, the truth is that all are valid so the real problem would be not to wear any and withstand the sweltering heat that is usually in the summer. However, the disadvantage for this type of hair is that many times the elaboration of them requires much more skill. For example, when it comes to making a waterfall braid, in this case, you may have to watch the tutorial more than once, but if you don’t want to, we’ll leave you with some simple styles to choose from.

●     Mermaid braid

What you need to get this kind of style is big waves either natural or made with your own hands, so forget about the fins. The braiding doesn’t have to do anything super professional, a medium-size braid in the center will suffice. Then you should weave the rest of the hair around the initial braid. You can’t forget the volume, remember that it is the key to this hairstyle. You can apply hairspray to help you enhance it and keep it throughout the day or do it yourself by taking some extra strands from the sides of the head, you can also add a decorated hairpin or whatever you want in any area, you can even try to make it with a bandana! Just pretend that the bandana is one of the three strands of hair and you’re done. You’ll see that it gives you a fresh and natural style without having to run to the salon.

●     Boxer braids

If your hair doesn’t have layers or is a straight cut, a boxer-style braid will take it to the next level. This type of braid has its ancestral origin in Africa and is a braid close to the skull that adds an unparalleled style to natural hair. As a first step, you must divide your hair into two halves, start at the hairline and make a dutch braid in one of these sections that go all the way to the ends, and then secure it. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the hair, if you wish you can apply some kind of extra that allows you to have smoother and shinier hair. It is worth noting that you not only have to do two boxer braids, but you can fill your head with them and in different sizes, no doubt it is a very versatile hairstyle that will get you out of many days in which your hair is not in its best state.

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●     Inverted Dutch braid

Making dutch braids requires a bit of strength in the arms, but without a doubt, the result is worth the effort. For this hairstyle, you should make a thick braid that starts from the top of the nape of the neck to the crown and complement it with a ballerina ponytail. As a result, you will get one of the best-braided hairstyles ideals for graduations. Don’t forget to secure the braid with a barrette. A style that is definitely worth it.

●     Braided fishtail half-up braided crowns

Remember the fishtail braid? Well, you can give it a second look with this hairstyle. What you need to do is to divide the braid and transform it into a crown braid, with you will be able to create a style with semi-braided braids. It is a delicate style that will be easy to do if you have experience with the fishtail, it will only take you a couple of minutes. Secure this hairstyle with a bobby pin to help it stay in place and not lose that elegant touch.

●     Double french braid ponytail

A sweet and charming hairstyle for going on a date or to work. Two french braids start from the crown of the hair and work their way back through the hair. The front part of this hairstyle is ideal for going to the office. These braids meet at the nape of the neck to form a ponytail either half up or full. If you want to make a bigger impact with the half-up style, apply a product to help enhance the volume in the ponytail.

●     Braided buns

I know it may sound complicated, but the truth is that this hairstyle is quite simple. The first thing you should do is tilt your head forward and comb your hair from the nape of your neck to the front. Then you should divide the hair into several sections and make a thick braid with three strands in the center part. Once you have finished weaving the crown, make a ponytail with all the hair at the top of the head, then make the bun and secure it with several clips and some hairspray.

●     Braided hair with a giant knot

If you already have braided hair, this style can be the ideal way to change the look and look radiant. As a first step, you should place all your hair to one side and then twist it around itself. To make sure the bun doesn’t lose its shape, fix it with large bobby pins. If you wish you can lengthen your hair with extensions and give the style more volume. And even add delicate accessories to give it a nicer look.

●     Braided buns or ballerina buns

For a modern twist on the classic ballerina bun, what you need to do to achieve this style is to wrap a very thin braid with three strands around the base. You will have to comb the hair in the same way as you did before with the difference that you must leave a loose strand that you will use to make the braid. This means that you must comb the hair to the center and then make a ponytail. You should leave the strand that we mentioned before loose, form the bun with the rest of the hair and secure it with an elastic band and wrap the hair around the bun.

●     Bell bun with braid

This is another elegant model of braids, the well-known bell style. To make this hairstyle, you must leave a strand of hair loss before making the bun, similar to the previous hairstyle. Then you must gather all the hair to form a ponytail and secure it with a fairly tight ponytail. To finish, braid the three strands into a braid.

●     Braided side updo

This hairstyle is one of the most complicated that you will find in all the ones we have already mentioned, but don’t worry because you will still be able to do it by yourself. You make this hairstyle much easier to do and the above all looks great, you must comb and dry the hair so that it is straight. Once you have straight and manageable hair, apply hairspray to give movement to the hair and start braiding, the braids should be three and from temple to temple, at the ends of the hair, adding hair as you go making the weave. To finish you must make a bun with the remaining hair and another side bun that is attached with several hairpins.

●     German braid

Continuing with the more complex hairstyles, we will talk a little about the German Braids. The first thing to do is to divide the hair into three segments but leaving the central part straight. Then braid 3 or 4 strands at the sides and finish at the ends. With the central part make another braid and finish with a bun joining the three braids. That’s it, you now have another hairstyle to add to your repertoire.

●     Future braid

This hairstyle is a bit of a movie, a braid with a chignon at the top. Divide the hair into two parts from the hairline to the crown area, proceed to braid the previously separated section. Now you must form what would be the bun, rolling the rest of the hair in the form of what would be a bow. You can also make a ponytail or even another low bun with the remaining hair if you wish.

Braided hairstyles will never go out of style thanks to their versatility and style. Whatever the occasion you want to wear them to; weddings, parties, dates, school, for exercise, to keep your hair under control or if you just wear them because you like them, you now have many styles to choose from, so many that even now you only have to worry about which one to choose first. Remember that these are just a small portion of the braiding world. So as you experiment and become more skilled, you will be able to level up more and more until you become a complete professional.


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