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Struggling to grow your hair? Here’s how you can grow your hair faster in record time.

Struggling to grow your hair? Here’s how you can grow your hair faster in record time.

Are you a person whose hair doesn’t grow or do you simply wish to have hair like Rapunzel’s? You’ve come to the right place! We bring you some tips from a specialist to speed up hair growth a bit. You’ll see how you’ll go from shoulder length to back length in no time at all, keep reading!


Let’s hear it for the girls who always want their hair to go back to its previous length after a radical haircut, especially because they miss being able to do different types of hairstyles like braids or high buns. Don’t worry, we can totally understand! But before we take pills that can compromise our health or constantly straighten our hair to give it more length, we can first look at some theory regarding the subject and then go for our techniques.

How long does it take to grow hair?

We start from this point which is quite important when it comes to understanding how long our hair can grow and not despairing when we don’t see results. In a scientific and proven way, we can say that our hair grows about 0.4 millimeters per day. But we must remember that this depends a lot on the habits and the person in question since not all of us have the same capabilities, this means that it can grow more or less than this stipulated amount.

In short, we can take care of trying types of alternatives to increase hair growth or keep it healthy so that this process is not slowed down. As always, natural remedies have their advantage in this area.

Why doesn’t my hair grow normally?


Our scalp has a hair growth process, which has three phases, among them the anagen phase, where the hair begins to appear, the catagen phase, when a transition begins and the final phase called telogen, where the hair begins to fall out to give new hair a chance. This procedure can vary depending on the type of person, and this does not change over the years. An example of this is that some people maintain a longer growth period than others, even extending up to 5 years.


This is a key element, and it is one of the reasons why most people come to us asking why their hair does not grow. It should be noted that every part of our hair needs good nutrition in order to function properly, and hair does not skip this rule. If your hair tends to have a low growth rate, it may be because your diet is not being efficient enough. Remember that by having an inefficient diet the body is letting the less fundamental parts die in order to save those that are worthwhile, such as our organs, eyes, and skin. Leaving nails and hair as the main victims.

Psychology and stress

We have talked about this in multiple posts, and it is inevitable that our body is affected by the burden of stress. People with emotional problems such as anxiety or depression tend to look worse than the average person, and this is because stress can suck all our vital energy to make us reflect on what we have inside.

An easy example of this is hives, which is a skin condition that can flare up at times of stress and be incredibly unbearable if left untreated. Common dermatitis can also do this, and all through excessive inflammation and irritation of the hair follicles, which are in charge of growing hair. In fact, it can also be noticed that our hair may start to fall out as it is not getting enough support to maintain itself.

In the case of people with prolonged stress, it can be noticed much more easily as in addition to the loss of growth, constant hair loss, and dermatitis, the hair will start to lose shine and elasticity. Although short periods of stress can also have these types of symptoms. If you are in this process, practices such as mindfulness or yoga can lighten the mental load, which should never be judged or minimized.


This is a factor that can also derive from the person’s genetics, and is that with the passage of time the production of hair follicles can be in decline and decrease the amount of hair we are used to seeing. Depending on your genetics, will come the age at which your hair follicles stop producing hair and melanin, which is responsible for hair color, increasing the appearance of gray hair. Generally speaking, hair starts to thin out after the age of 40 in women, while in men it is usually a little earlier.

In this case there is not much to do to maintain a good diet and healthy hair, and also understand that it is a natural process of our body that we should not judge. But if you want to be sure of your options, you can visit a dermatologist to explain and guide you to adjust to a treatment that allows the decrease of collagen is not so much.

Home remedies to increase hair growth

Olive oil

There is nothing this miracle balm can’t do! This oil that we have always talked about is a great companion for hair growth, and not only that but also to nourish and keep it shiny. All this from its large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which moisturize and keep hair cells stable.

If we want to use it as a plus to give more vitality to your hair we will need a saucepan where we will heat lightly our olive oil over low heat, after a few seconds add two tablespoons of ground rosemary and leave it in our fridge for two whole days. Once it is ready, we will apply it on our hair from roots to ends massaging lightly for half an hour. Remove with plenty of shampoos, and avoid direct contact with the sun.

Tomato and avocado

These two ingredients are an incredible bomb of nutrition, thanks to the avocado that maintains a large amount of natural fatty acids and the tomato that provides softness and hydration. To use it we will need to blend the tomato and color it in a bowl together with the pulp of the avocado just taken out. We can also add a little olive oil if it is to our liking. We will let it sit for half an hour and we will apply it on our roots gently.


This is a classic remedy for hair loss and promotes hair growth! In addition, it is easy to acquire, since it is a product that we all have at home. If we want to apply it to our hair we will need to slice it into small pieces, careful with our eyes! And after this, apply it all to our favorite shampoo

or the one we have in use for now. We must let it sit for a day and then we will use it in a normal way, you will see how your hair will quickly acquire shine and become stronger than normal.


This is a beneficial drink for our body, and for our hair and nails too! This due to a large number of antioxidants it contains that allow us to delay aging or damage to our skin and other organisms. In addition to promoting hair growth, it will also help to keep it strong and thick to prevent hair loss. This may seem one of the strangest treatments, but it is the tastiest to try since you only need to drink a cup of tea in the morning before breakfast, for as long as you wish. This may also make you lose a few pounds, as it cleanses your body and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary fluids in your abdomen.

Water with lemon

It is another treatment similar to the previous one, with a great utility. Water with lemon is effective thanks to its acidic effect that decreases the amount of fat in the body, in this case, in the hair follicles. Adding also the number of antioxidants and vitamin D and C it contains. To use this we will only need to make lemonade but without sugar. We must also take it on an empty stomach for three weeks, and you will see how your hair changes completely


Ideal for curly hair, for all the benefits that the banana brings, both moisturizing and to add shine to the hair. If we want to use this mask we will need a banana, olive oil, coconut oil, and honey. In a bowl, we will begin to crush the banana with a fork until we achieve a uniform mass, to which we will add a tablespoon of olive oil and coconut oil. Once everything is well mixed, add a dash of honey and that’s it! We will need our hair to be previously wet to ensure that everything is incorporated correctly in the hair strand. We will only apply it on the under part of our hair, massaging slowly.

Yogurt and Honey

Besides being an excellent ally of our stomach, it is a perfect pore cleanser so it will serve to exfoliate the hair follicles. It contains vitamin B12, lactic acids, calcium, and magnesium that will also do wonders for our nails! To make this mask we will need greek or natural yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and honey. In a glass container, we will incorporate all the ingredients and mix well until none of them can be separated. Then we will let it rest for half an hour in the refrigerator and we will apply it on our freshly washed hair, after about 15 minutes of massage we will be able to remove it with plenty of water and only conditioner.

Avocado and essential oils

We will not stop talking about these ingredients and its wonder for the hair! We can ingest it or apply it directly, and it will still be incredibly effective. It serves as a heat protectant conditioner, tip ellar and helps us control frizz, something that is perfect for girls with curly hair. To make this mask we will need a whole avocado, milk, olive oil and coconut oil. We will remove the avocado pulp and put it in a glass container while we heat some milk in the microwave and beat it well. When we have a thick cream, we will add two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil.

To apply it we don’t need to have wet hair, but clean hair. Apply from the roots to the end and if needed, use a comb to distribute it correctly through the hair, after about 15 minutes, we can only remove it with cold water. And that ‘s it! You won’t have to apply it if not after a week, as it is quite powerful and moisturizing.


Strawberries contain phospholipids, ceramides and sterols with strong rehydrating powers. They can also combat fine hair by adding protection and thickness. To make this mask we will need 5 fresh strawberries, olive oil, and almond oil. All this we will place it in a food processor and grind it until we have a thick cream. We can let it refrigerate for about 10 minutes before using it so that the ingredients settle, and then with the help of a comb apply it evenly on our scalp. After 10 minutes we will remove it with cold water.

Daily habits that help hair growth

It is not all about applying various home remedies for a certain amount of time. Hair care is something that requires patience and sacrifices, as well as changing our bad habits for healthier ones.

At the end of the day, this will not only help improve the quality of your hair, but also your quality of life and self-esteem. Don’t think that just applying a mask will solve everything, I wish it were that easy! But if you are really committed to learning and applying everything you need to improve, then this article is really for you. Without further ado, the tips to help and encourage hair growth:

It doesn’t grow overnight.

Understand that it is an extensive process that needs time and dedication to be achieved.Even if you apply the masks and do everything to the letter, do not expect your hair to grow in a month 5 cm. Everything has its process and things well done give good results. So don’t give up in the first week, and progressively move forward, you’ll see how everything improves!

Cutting your hair is your ally

Ironically, keeping your hair trimmed and well groomed will keep it stable and prevent it from breaking. You should visit your hairdresser at least every 10 weeks to keep your hair cut stylish and healthy, because if you have split ends, the new hair that will come out will not last long with you or will look ugly and dull.

Constant use of conditioner

In case you color your hair constantly and for long periods of time, you should know that your hair will probably have a different or thinner texture due to constant wear and tear. To restore proteins and fats, you can use a conditioner specific to your hair type to restore shine.

Don’t use shampoo constantly

Shampoo only has the function of cleaning the hair and removing the buildup of oil or other products, but it is not selective, so if we use it constantly we may eliminate natural oils that we need in our scalp to increase growth. Therefore, if you need to use it, use it lightly.

Apply hair oil or mask once a week.

Although our normal washing can be beneficial, we will need to apply another type of alternative at least once a week to increase the amount of properties it absorbs. It can be one of the masks we have already mentioned above, or one that you can buy in any drugstore.

Take vitamins

We mentioned earlier that what you ingest can directly affect the health of your hair and nails, but there are times when through no fault of our own, we don’t ingest the right amount of nutrients we need. Therefore, there are some vitamins that can be useful to maintain the health of our hair in a stable way. But, we should mainly go to the specialist so that he/she can examine us and send us exactly the ones that are right for us, because even though vitamins are beneficial, having an excess of vitamins in the body is not pleasant and can seriously harm us.

Maintain a correct brushing

We do not advise you to constantly comb your hair every 5 seconds, but to maintain some habits that can help stimulate the hair follicles. An example of this is to detangle wet hair from the ends up. And make sure that the brush you are using is not too strong and does not break your hair.

Use other types of pillowcases

If we want to improve the look of our hair and increase its growth, our experts recommend using satin pillowcases on our pillows. This will help prevent hair frizz and keep it untangled while we sleep.

When you get out of the bath, don’t dry your hair with a towel or keep it on your head while it dries. This is because wet hair tends to have weaker, more delicate strands that can easily break if you apply enough force. Therefore, if you need to dry your hair do it with a cotton towel or a towel made of a delicate material.

Don’t do the same hairstyle every day

Varying hairstyles can help keep your hair from breaking from the pressure of the rubber band, so if you do a ponytail, try not to always do it in the same place and with the same force. Try hairstyles like loose braids or maybe a low bun, you will see how your hair doesn’t get marked and stays soft. This also influences the passage of fatty oils through the hair, because if any area is broken, it will prevent it from passing enough nutrients to other parts of the hair. Therefore, we may develop split ends or dullness.

Maintain a balanced diet

We insist on this point! Our whole body needs to be nourished in the right way to function properly. Therefore, say goodbye to hamburgers and pizzas four times a week. We have to start eating healthy and maintain a balance between fats and antioxidants, which are the main responsible for the shine of our hair. If we want it to grow properly, we will need to eat quality proteins and carbohydrates, such as potatoes or brown rice. Also try to maintain the amount of vitamins and minerals in a natural way, for example, consuming vegetables that contain iron, zinc, vitamin C and B, omega 3 and many more, which will help keep the hair strand strong and with a defined color.

Some of the foods that we can eat to give more strength to our hair and add shine and softness, are: Meat, both vegetable and beef. White fish, beans, chicken, quinoa, lettuce, carrots, oranges, pineapple, avocado, walnuts, almonds, prunes, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, asparagus, chia, beets, among others.

Keep washes under control

It is the same as with the shampoo, because although we need this to keep our hair clean, doing it impulsively and almost daily could affect our scalp, causing it to eliminate the sebum in its entirety and start to dry out, in addition to this we can run the risk of suffering from some dermatological disease such as dandruff. If we need to wash our hair, it would be best to maintain a gap of only three times a week to allow the hair to maintain a sufficient amount of fatty acids. Remember that sebum is responsible for protecting the hair and keeping it strong, so removing it entirely will not be beneficial at all. If you have oily hair, one option you may want to consider is using a dry shampoo.


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