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The new french bob haircut will make you look like… oui!

The new french bob haircut will make you look like… oui!

This cut, so popular for a long time, has seduced us again this past year. Every time we see French women with red lips and dreamy smooth skin, we want to copy their fashion hacks no matter what! Our obsession this year is the french bob, and the fact is that most of us just finished our forties and decided to have a radical change of look, so many of us adopted this comfortable and calm style that definitely matches any occasion and that we should not stop using, because really, what a beautiful style!

This hairstyle is a version of the classic bob, the only thing we added this time is a little more volume and size to make it look like a bulky mushroom. Some also like to pair it with lush bangs and neutral colors like black. It should be noted that it is not just another haircut, but it brings multiple benefits depending on the type of face we have. For example, if we let it fall to the cheekbones, it will make them look more defined and brighter. Therefore it will give us a much younger and fresher look than we expected. Vintage is in!

french bob

The new version

Clearly, we are not wearing something new and revolutionary. In fact, the French bob has been around for a very long time. It was Louise Brooks, one of the most striking actresses of silent movies who collaborated in many plays and was a fashion icon who stood out in her time, who first made this hairstyle fashionable. From there, several versions have been created, such as the curtain fringe, which was also taken as a highlight cut of the French girls. Today, our fringe is a reversal of the curtain fringe and has rounded ends for a more modern style. It also makes it easy to care for and versatile.

The difference with other “bob” styles

And you may wonder, but what makes the difference between so many types of bob? And the big answer is The length of the hair. The main bob is incredibly short, so short that it doesn’t quite reach the ears. While the new versions are lengthening the hair a bit more, in particular the french bob, which as we mentioned before; reaches the height of the jaw or the lips. Although this is all depending on how you want to wear it, we recommend this particular style as it tends to tone the face in an exceptional way and will add more elegance to your look without wanting to look older.

More ways to wear the French bob

There is not just one way to wear this vintage classic, we can find it in so many variations and for all types of faces! So we can all look like native French girls. Have you made it this far? Read on to find out!

·         French Bob for square face

This is a hairstyle that is usually excluded from different types of hairstyles, but this is not the case! Square-shaped faces are those that keep the four points of their face in a neat way and have very marked features, which we can soften a little if we choose the right option. If we want to apply the French bob on this type of face, what we will do is to leave it a little longer, that it is not at the height of our cheekbones, and add different layers to the top of our head.

·         French bob for diamond face

This type of face also has very strong features and is characterized mainly by being like an ice cream cone: wide at the forehead and thin at the chin. Therefore we will need the cut to be a bit unbalanced. By this we mean short in the back and long in the front, leaving some loose strands on the forehead to steal the attention from the forehead and create an optical illusion. Also, we will need to add volume to the ends.

·         French bob for a circular face

This cut adds circularity to our face, so for circular faces, a slightly longer cut below the chin would be ideal. We could make the mistake of using a classic bob and have to deal with a melon-like face, and we don’t want that to happen. We should also consider the amount of natural hair we have so that we don’t exaggerate the layers when cutting the hair and we might look like a watermelon.

·         French bob for rectangular face

Usually, this type of face benefits a lot from the bob cut, since the more elongated the axis from the forehead to the chin, the better it looks. Just opt for a classic french bob or one that has layers if you want to look a little more youthful. You can also add bangs, and the only requirement is that it reaches the cheeks or chin so that it decreases the length of the face and can look better.

Things to consider if you decide to get a French Bob

·         Not all faces will look the same

As we mentioned in the previous point, there are many types of bob, but not all of them look the same on any type of face. We are not saying that you can’t get the cut if you have a square or oval face, but we can mention that it is better to adapt the cut to our needs in order to look better. For example, bob cuts that have to highlight the cheekbones go all the way to the jaw, but they are not very beneficial for girls with square faces as they can widen the face even more and add more firmness to the features we are trying to smooth out.

Clearly, we don’t want to discourage you with this. But it is an important tip to take so that we don’t become dissatisfied with the results our hairdresser gives us. The idea of wearing this look is to give us a little more attitude, but we can’t wear it if we don’t feel confident enough in our beauty to wear it!

·         Consider your hair type

There are several people who mention that this type of cut can make it much easier to style your hair or look groomed all the time, but beware of taking other people’s comments so lightly as you can make a big mistake. This haircut is very versatile, but it will depend on the hair type whether it will be easy to maintain or not, an example of this is people with thin hair strands who will need little adjustment each month and will have to have smaller layers to suit the needs of their face. But hair with thick strands will need the cut to be a little longer so that we can control the frizz or the amount of hair we have on our head. Also when we talk about straight or curly hair, which in case of being the second option we will need to constantly touch up the back of our hair so it doesn’t look like a helmet and can look classic. So be aware of your hair type, and choose the best option for you, so you won’t have to spend hours and hours at the salon trying to keep it nice and neat.

·         Are bob cuts high maintenance?

Again we return to the main topic, and this hairstyle causes a lot of controversy on this subject. Although this one is easy to do and wear, it is necessary to maintain specific care as with any haircut. For example, the hair length has to be constantly touched up, especially if our bob is not totally linear, but has different textures and layers. If you want to wear a well-done bob, you will need to visit the salon after about seven weeks without doing anything to your hair. That way you can keep track of the length, which actually spends a lot less money than applying highlights or anything else.

·         There is not just one type of bob

You can’t just go to your trusted stylist and tell him or her to give you a bob, as you might regret the decision. Instead, try to take the time to consider which bob is best for you or which one appeals to you the most. Or just maybe you can reconsider what your face type is and which one will look best on you so that you won’t regret making the wrong decision in the future. Among the types of French Bob, we can find:

  • Linear Bob: This is the classic one that everyone talks about and it is the one that needs to be totally aligned all over the head area to look like a mushroom. The only variation that this one has is that it has a line that creates a gradient towards the inside of the head, so it adds a little more volume.
  • Inverted bob: This has a few cuts where the lower section is quite long, so there is a slope from the back to the jaw. It can also be slightly shaved at the bottom.
  • Asymmetrical bob: This is the same bob as described above but in reverse. Where the back is a little longer than the front, so it is a little more pronounced on one side than the other.
  • Multi-layered bob: This is a more common version of the bob cut, and is when the hairdresser takes care of volumizing the cut by adding multiple layers from the back to the bangs if possible. It all depending on what the client wants.
  • Bob with long hair: This is the short version of this style, more similar to a French “carré”, as it rises to the height of the jaw (even above). It is perfect for fine hair looking to gain volume and texture.

·         You must learn how to style it

Before going under the scissors, discuss the pros and cons of your chosen style with your stylist to make sure you can best replicate the hairstyle you leave the salon with. Keep in mind that all bob cuts require some type of styling (with products, techniques, or heat tools). Make sure you are able to do at home what your new cut needs and make sure you leave the salon with useful styling tips.

In case you decide to dye it, you will need to add other types of products to your personal care so that the haircut is not damaged by the dye. This means changing the type of shampoo, styling technique, among other types of habits. You can find articles about this on our home page. Where we explain how to treat it, what type of hair you have and what you can do about it to take care of your hair as it deserves.

In any case, sporting a haircut of this type does not mean that you always have to wear it the same way. In fact, it can be styled in different ways depending on the length and the occasion. For example, with a high or medium updo made with the top layers of the hair; with accessories such as hairpins or headbands; styled with volume and a disheveled look; straight and with bangs, parted in the middle or to one side; slicked back, with a wet effect and, of course, with waves.

Remember that for the haircut to look good, you must wear it with the full attitude and strength of a powerful woman in order to fulfill the stereotype of the hairstyle. There is no point in being ashamed of something you have already decided, look your best! Remember that we have a lot of content on our home page that can help you, from haircut recommendations to homemade hair masks. And we also have multiple products you can use in our online store.


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