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Curly hair extensions that will look amazing on you

Curly hair extensions that will look amazing on you

This type of hair is one of those that need more care when styling or trying to do something new like dyeing, all through its porosity and delicacy in the hair strand. Therefore many people believe that to avoid so much care it is better to wear a short style which will avoid future complications, but not all of us want to follow this rule!

If you love long curly hair but are afraid of damaging your natural hair with other types of treatments, you can try our curly hair extensions, ideal for any type of hair and person. It should be noted that they not only add extra centimeters to your hair but also make it fuller and allow you to apply other types of treatments without having to resort to abusive techniques.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are additions of synthetic or natural hair that we can put in our hair to improve our visual aesthetics, or just in case we want to try something new without having to put in our hair some other type of treatment. They can be found in all sizes and in different colors to suit the client’s needs.

Types of hair extensions

We can see multiple options on the market; so many that we may be confused when choosing the best ones for us. Since there are from synthetic hair to natural hair that was sold by other people to make them extensions. But don’t worry, here’s a list of the most basic and functional ones you can choose from, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your hair and your lifestyle.

·         Natural hair extensions:

Yes, there are extensions that don’t need to be synthetic; they are 100% natural hair! There are people who sell their hair to big companies to make these extensions, and it pays well! Natural hair extensions act just like normal hair; they can be braided, colored, and bleached. But, it also has to be cleaned; it’s practically the hair on your head. Their exceptional functionality makes them more expensive than normal, but their effect is incredible as there is no way you can tell they are extensions. And they can last up to a full year.

·         Synthetic extensions:

This type of extension has evolved as time goes by, and they have become so believable that it is very complicated to see a difference between natural curly hair and synthetic hair. This is made of complex fibrous material and plastic that has been processed to perfectly mimic human hair, although it does not have the same mobility or texture to the touch. It should be noted that its application is easy and fast, but as it does not have the same properties as human hair, it needs a little more care to keep it at the same level. They have an estimated duration of 5 months if they are well cared for.

·         Virgin extensions:

It is the least processed, as it does not go through any application process or choice. It is from a single hair donor and is collected by being cut directly from the person, without having to be specific cuts. The hair cuticle has not been retouched so they are identical to our hair, and are more expensive.

·         Non-recommended hair extensions:

They are of the lowest quality, and it is because they collect different types of locks from different donors, therefore the hair cuticle is not aligned enough and can create multiple problems such as constant knots and not be neat when drying or ironing. To avoid this type of problem they take the non-recommended strand of hair and must undergo a chemical process with silicone and extreme cuticle removal, therefore this hair is of extreme care. It is simply useful to add length to the hair, as you cannot apply any type of product or dye on it otherwise it is not likely to last a month.

Specific extensions for curly hair

We have reached the important part of the article! And is that not all types of extensions cover the needs of any type of hair, so you have to be attentive, informed, and choose well the type that we are going to put in our hair so that it does not lose its naturalness. What we will show you below are the best types for curly hair, be sure to read on!

·         Brazilian extensions:

It is quite requested in the curly hair industry because it blends well with curly hair of all types, all this through the versatility of materials with which they are made. They can be soft, thick, and have a lot of elasticity. Their shades are kept only in brown and dark tones, and when wet they are quite pleasing to the eye keeping more natural waves that gradually regain their shape.

·         Mongolian extensions:

Although they are incredibly recommended by hair specialists, they are incredibly difficult to find and produce therefore their cost is quite high compared to other types of extensions, they usually have a thin and fine strand, but the only peculiarity is that it does not maintain a curl pattern after being wet, therefore we will need to have a certain style to use them. But this is made up for by the fact that they have a lot of colors, so we don’t have to worry about dyeing the hair.

·         Indian extensions:

There are not as many productions and search problems as with Mongolian extensions, so it is more normal to find them in different hairdressers and they are one of the most common to use. We can also define them as temple extensions due to their origin and is that much of the hair of this extension comes from Hindus who donate their hair for religious practices that take place in different temples in the country. They are quite thick and with a hard texture, so it is more similar to curly hair types with huge hair loops. They can be very long and also have different types of curl patterns, so they are very versatile and applicable to almost every curly hair type.

·         Malaysian extensions:

We can see it on our favorite celebrities, as they have a very delicate and soft touch, therefore they give a perfect impression on camera. It is recommended for people who maintain good nutrition and control of their hair, as it is usually very shiny and can be overshadowed by a mistreated hair. We can only find this type of extension in very dark shades.

·         Russian extensions

They are the most perfect of all, considered the golden extensions for curly hair. And this means, that their cost is not cheap at all. Why are they considered golden hair? Because of its fine and delicate strands, that it can be adapted to different hairstyles without losing its shape, and that it is versatile for many types of curly hair. It is also available in light shades, such as blonde or chocolate brown. The only shade that we could not get in this type of extension is black.

So much for today! We love talking about curly hair; it’s a hair type full of grace and perfection. Remember that we have many different types of extensions on our home page and we have lots and lots of articles that you might be interested in. Remember that although extensions are a great help to hide hair loss or to have a little more length, you should still keep your natural hair healthy and take good care of your extensions so that you don’t have to change them so often. We’ll say goodbye for now!


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