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Best summer hairstyles to look pretty as hell.

Best summer hairstyles to look pretty as hell.

Long hairstyles

·         Stylish Updo

If you need to do your home office but you also want to look professional, then this idea may be the right one for you. For this hairstyle you should place a low ponytail, then you should make a kind of “bend” with the length and when you are going to hold it, make sure that there is a hole inside. This hairstyle will allow your face to look a little thinner. If you wish, you can let some strands loose from the front part and that’s it. Now you have a simple, practical, and elegant hairstyle.

·         Half-up bun with braid

The first thing you should know is that this hairstyle goes at the crown of the head. This will allow you to look slimmer and taller. Make the most of your long hair, for this, you must take the top and the central area of the head, make a braid in the area towards the back and finish it by making a bun at the crown of the head. If you want to add volume to the hairstyle, you can tousle it a bit.

summer hairstyles

Another simple hairstyle that will allow you to look beautiful and stylish without much effort.

·         Bubble updo

It may seem that this hairstyle requires a lot of effort, but the reality is that it is much easier to do than you think. The first thing you need to do is to make a high ponytail in your hair, this will give you a lifting effect for your face. Then you should pin your hair up in a long ponytail but leave some space between them to achieve the Bubble ponytail effect. Finally, you are going to place the ponytail and make a ponytail, make sure that it is not too combed, if you prefer, let a couple of hairs loose to make it look a little softer and that’s it,  Easy, quick and simple.

·         Bubble ponytail with braid

This other variant requires a bit more effort but if you are one of those girls who love to wear braids you should try this option.

As a first step to make this hairstyle you must make a ponytail this must have a medium height with a backcombing on the top of the head, you must leave strands of the thickness you prefer. With these strands, you must now make a braid and take it to the ponytail area and the remaining length you must twist it with the garter. As the last step, you should place the elastics along with the hair and go combing to create that bubble effect.

·         Half ponytail with waves

The first thing you should take to make this hairstyle is a brush, with the brush you should make a crepe in the highest area of your head. Now you must hold a half tail, for this, you will help you with a garter, then you must comb a braid with the length but without intertwining the ends. To finish this hairstyle you must twist the braid into a ponytail, hold it leaving the ends loose, and then if you wish you can curl the ends with a curling iron.

·         Half-up ponytail with a ribbon

Another hairstyle that also requires a little height on the head, will allow you to stylize your face. To make this hairstyle you can use a backcomb, a brush, or simply with your fingers and a volumizing spray. Once you apply the volume, you should make a low ponytail at the back, held by a ribbon and that’s it! You now have a hairstyle for your beautiful long hair with a super easy and quick to do chip touch.

·         Voluminous ponytail

If you want to create impact and take advantage of your long hair this hairstyle can be your ally. Start by creating volume at the top as if you were doing a French braid. Then divide the length in two parts and then twist both, as if it were a cord, this should be done until you reach the tip. Don’t forget to loosen the hair a little and if you wish, leave a few strands in the front area.


Medium Hairstyles


·         Ponytail with volume.

As a first step, you should wave your hair to the middle part. Secure it in a ponytail, but before you do this don’t forget to take out a strand for the fringe area. After this create a crepe effect and pin it back. At this point, you should divide the hair in half, after this you should braid only two strands that are at the front of each side. Now secure a ponytail and you’re done.

·         Bun with volume.

If you want to achieve a modern style, an effortless effect that feels fresh, you need to prove with a slightly tousled ponytail. The first thing to do is to crepe your hair and then divide it into two vertical shapes. The top part you should secure with a bobby pin without taking away the volume and the bottom part you should do a chignon. That’s it!

·         French braid effect.

Sometimes creating braids with medium hair can be a bit complicated, so today we will show you a technique to make your hair look similar to a braid. The first thing to do is to divide your hair into sections and secure them with some rubber bands. Now weave the sections into a chain and that’s it.

If you want to do a box braid, the first thing to do is to divide your hair in half vertically, then braid your hair from top to bottom starting from the roots. Loosen the braids a bit and leave the ends loose. If you wish, you can do it in bun style.

·         Low bun

This other hairstyle is in the whole list of easy hairstyles, in just 10 minutes you can achieve it. The first step is to part your hair in the middle and comb it back. Now you must secure it in a low ponytail and finally, you must roll the hair to create the chongo at a low height and so that it doesn’t get loose, put pins in it.

We already know a little bit about various styles for long hair, now we will focus on medium haircuts. So if none of the above worked for you, this section may be the one you’ve been looking for.

·         Medium updo

This first model we are going to present is also valid for girls with long hair. First of all, you must take two strands of hair, these strands must be located one on each side of your face and you must roll them up to the tip. Now gather these strands together at the back of your head and secure them with a rubber band. With the rest of your hair, you have a few options, you can style it in waves or you can simply leave it straight. You can also add accessories if you prefer, the ones you like the most or the ones that best suit the style you are wearing.

·         Braids with loose hair

The first thing you should do is divide your hair in half and take only the top part, now you should take a braid from each side up to the middle of your head. Now secure the ends and let the rest of the hair hang loose. If you prefer, you can either wave your hair or leave it fixed with hairspray. Whatever suits you best.

·         Space buns

A hairstyle that gives you a modern and youthful touch, versatile for all hair types. To start with this hairstyle, you must divide the hair in half, and in each of these parts you must place a high ponytail. Now you must roll the hair to create a ponytail and finally, you must secure it with pins. If you want this hairstyle to last longer, we suggest you apply hairspray.

As you can see it is a very simple hairstyle, nothing complicated and it will only take you a few minutes.

·         Half ponytail

If so far you haven’t found a hairstyle that suits your hair because it is too short, don’t be discouraged, we have more for you. You should take the hair on the top of your head and then comb it back. Now you are going to secure it in a high ponytail, if you prefer, you can leave some hair in the face loose, either one or two strands.

·         Front braids

For this style, all you need is a barrette, whichever one you like best. Now separate a strand from the side part of your hair and pin it back. A simple hairstyle that is suitable for all types of hair, whether straight, curly, or wavy. Add a little more style by using playful or sweet barrettes.

·         Volume waves

For girls who love to have their hair down, here’s an option to get that voluminous, shiny and healthy mane. All you need to do is dry and apply a texturized powder from the roots and then style your hair in messy waves. If you don’t want them to look so tight, once you finish this process, run a brush through it to undo it a little.



Hairstyle for short hair


Last but not least, hairstyles for girls with short hair, if you have come this far. To know about these hairstyles then we won’t make you wait any longer.

·         Mini braids

This hairstyle promises to keep your hair under control all day long if you are one of those girls who have a very busy day or if you are one of those who don’t like to be fixing your hair all the time. First, you must divide the hair into 5 sections, then you must make a French braid from the hair growth to the nape of the neck, this must be done with both parts. You can add some accessories if you prefer, such as earrings or pearls.

·         Sleek in a half

To start with this hairstyle, you must comb and then flat iron the hair. Once you are done with this process, as a second step you must take the top part and comb it backward. To finish, you should fix it with gel or wax. As a tip, you can take a toothbrush to leave the area a little more polished.

·         Little bun

If you are a lover of buns but you are one of those girls who like to have very short hair, this may work for you. The first thing to do is to divide the top of your head into different sections. Then make small rolls until you get to the middle of the head and there you should secure it with bobby pins. Now proceed to make more rolls but now go to your right side, finally pin them to make a bun.

·         Updo with bobby pins

This hairstyle is very easy to do; you must comb your hair and make a line in the middle of it. Now you must curl your hair with a curling iron and then hold them with different clips, your favorite ones if you prefer. That’s it; you have a beautiful hairstyle in just a few minutes.

·         Straight ponytail

For this hairstyle there is not much complication, you simply need to flat iron your hair before pinning it up and then apply some hairspray.

·         Scarf updo

Another simple and very elegant hairstyle. The first thing you should do is brush your hair to one side, comb or style your bangs as you prefer and then use a scarf as a cap that is tied in the neck area. That’s it, a beautiful hairstyle that will help you block the sun’s rays.

For this hairstyle, you should follow the steps of the previous one, but the variant is to change the scarf for a headband, the one you like the most. If you want to achieve a more rockstar style, you can apply a couple of waves and leave your hair tousled.


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