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What you never knew about balayage hair!

What you never knew about balayage hair!

The balayage is back in fashion, how we can forget that color gradient effect with which you wore a fabulous look. How can we forget that three-dimensional effect it produces, without a doubt spectacular? Would you like to make your own highlights from the comfort of your home? Here we will show you how to do it, it is very easy and I assure you that you will enjoy the results.

We must take into account that the balayage for curly hair is not simple dyeing, but it is also a method of application. This technique is based on applying a lighter color to the hair through strategic brush strokes with a brush. The dye can be applied wherever you like. as long as it is on the ends, in certain layers, or on the top of the hair. The Balayage will continue to trend for all hair textures.

This technique originated in France, and its boom started in the 90s. This style gives your hair a great luminosity, the best time to wear this style is summer. Give a different touch to your hair from the root to the end. Always leaving a natural look.

The balayage highlights try to resemble the effect that the sun produces when applied directly on your hair giving a spectacular shine.

Balayage vs Ombre highlights

Yes, we’ve already seen that you wanted some nice degradations and in different tones, but we have to take you down from that cloud, and is that the balayage is not the same as shading or ombré. The way to apply it is quite similar but it is not identical to balayage, especially in the products that they used. In shading, there has to be a real and noticeable gradient in the hair between two or more shades. A clear example is someone who has brown hair, then there will have to be both a brown and blonde gradient between your natural hair tone.


Unlike balayage highlights, which are based on a more natural touch to your hair, and can be applied in different areas, and are just small highlights. People usually choose to have them a little closer to their face so that have a little more tone and shine. Also that these do not start at the root like many other bleachings, and gives a more shiny and natural touch.

Homemade balayage for curly hair.

These are the materials you will need to create this spectacular look:

  • Powder bleach or dye st that are lighter shades of your base color
  • Peroxide of 20 volumes
  • Gloves
  • Container and rectangular brush with fine bristles

How to apply the coloring

As a first step, you must mix the 20 volume peroxide very well, with the dye or bleaching powder, you can do this with a dye brush. You must wear gloves to avoid staining your hands and we recommend using an old t-shirt to avoid damaging your other clothes.

You must separate your hair into several segments at the back. Remember to have your hair untangled, be patient in this process. Also, remember that if you want to get a more successful and uniform result, this step will take quite some time, especially if you have a thick mane.

Gather the mixture of the products you previously mixed in a brush until it is completely covered. At this point, start to gently place the product on the hair, applied from the height you prefer, and then sweep more of the dye as you get closer to the ends. An important fact is that these are usually with a more intense tone of color, without going over 3 tones unlike the rest of your hair.


Don’t forget to be clear about how you want to wear your style, you can add thin beams all around your mane or just do it in some sections. It  is always more favorable to lighten the areas near the face. If you apply the dye from both sides of the strand and vertically, this will help to create a better natural effect in the final result.

When you are finished with all your bleaching, the product should take effect in 20 to 45 minutes, this will allow you to lighten a small section of the hair until it is at the desired point. Don’t forget to follow the instructions of the product you are using.

Once you get the exact shade you are looking for, you can proceed to remove all the chemicals from your hair. You must use a neutral shampoo and accompany it with a conditioner. For drying, if it is in a natural way is not bad, but you can also apply a dryer if you prefer and then you just have to enjoy your balayage highlights.

It is a great option to show off what is in trend, in an economical way and without the need to go to a hairdresser. All from the comfort of your own home, a fresh touch without going over the top.

You can also use the well-known balayage paint kits, you can get them in your favorite shopping mall. So now you have everything you need, if you are passionate about hairdressing, do not stay without trying it.

We will introduce you to some secrets to better define your highlights

As a first step, use a fine strand of hair, with the help of a hairbrush, apply the product from the ends to the segment you prefer in your hair. With another brush that is flatter, apply a little more dye from both sides vertically.

Whenever possible, apply the product from the beginning of the hair, so that the effect produced can look more natural.

Try not to let the cuts show through, this can be done by backcombing the top part of the hair before applying the dye to the ends. It is important not to forget to apply the product with the brush from the ends and then apply the strands vertically with the comb or with the same brush

The bleaches are a little more complete when applied; this is because the mixture tends to swell due to the combination of both products, so you must be careful not to crush the surrounding hair.

The procedure should be somewhat quick, remember that when you have several segments bleaching, you can exceed the indicated time and this can produce a wrong shade.

If, for example, you opt for the dye option, time will not be a problem for you. You only have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. This is following the instructions of the product.

The last step is to rinse and wash your hair.

Types of balayage on curly hair

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●     Caramel balayage highlights

This hair color is perfect for brunettes. As we mentioned earlier, its function is to lighten your hair by adding highlights strategically. This is to create a contrast with three shades.

Curly hair is quite versatile when it comes to different styles because it has a different dimension than flat or straight hair. The caramel tone, in this case, suits it very well because it combines in a sublime way with the golden skin tone.

Scarlet curls

If you are passionate about red hair, this is ideal for you. One of the shades for the balayage style on your beautiful curly hair is undoubtedly scarlet red. If you don’t feel comfortable adding them yourself, you can go to your trusted stylist and ask them to apply this spectacular shade in layers, you won’t regret it.

●     Light Browns

The variety of brown tones is diverse. That’s why we should take advantage of their full potential. All girls with big curly hair can create degradations of dark shades by applying Chesnut.

●     Intense Blonde

Blonde tones also provide great variation for experimentation. It gives a great contrast to your mane if you leave your roots darkened and combine it with a blonde dye that comes from the crown or mid-lengths. Remember, to look cooler, you have to take risks, so don’t hesitate to be a little drastic.


●     Auburn Tones

If you are a brunette, this color is ideal for you. It is one of the most used curly hair balayage shades and complements brunettes quite well. Taking into account the size of your curls and the volume they have, your hairdresser could apply the color.

●     Golden Highlights

This is one of the most popular shades among Latin girls. If what you need is to make a transition from dark to light shades, gold is the most used. The best thing is that by retouching your hair, it will not lose its magic and in fact, it will be very favorable.


●     Blonde ends

Applying dye to just the ends is another way to balayage. The blonde color can be very amazing, but you shouldn’t let it get too oxygenated to make it look a little more natural.

Bleached Highlights

Always remember to moisturize your hair once you apply any type of dye to it. Once you have all your hair colored and you’ve done your touch-ups, you can follow up by asking your hairdresser to apply a few bleached highlights. You don’t need to do many, just a few will be more than enough to take your blonde tones to the next level.

●     Gradient Browns

Match several colors of the same shades together to produce a unique result. If brown tones are your thing, this is your time to be able to combine three or four colors in succession. Your stylist will surely know how to combine the best shades to complement each other.

●     Reddish locks

Red highlights have always been very striking. And if you’re looking to complement your curls, reddish highlights look great, just apply a few and you’re ready to go. The range of colors is quite varied, so all you have to do is select the shade you like the most and you’ll be ready.

●     Burnt blonde highlights

Don’t be surprised when you notice burnt blonde shades in fashion in the coming year. Don’t limit yourself by hiding your frizzy hair, instead take advantage of its potential. Take advantage of those burnt highlights and tell your hairdresser to apply them if you’re not sure of doing them by yourself.


●     Rose gold Waves

Once the bleaching process is over, go for those rose gold shades. When it comes to trend shades, pink is one of the most eye-catching. This shade fits perfectly on all hair types and skin tones. You will see how you will attract a lot of attention when you apply this hair color.

Care for curly hair with Balayage

Curly hair is beautiful, and with a balayage treatment has 1000% out of 10 points on our scale of perfection. But there is a drawback and is that curly hair, depending on their care, tends to be a little drier than straight hair. Therefore requires much more care than normal. But don’t get sad! It’s no big deal, and it’s necessary if you want your hair to stay healthy and radiant. Don’t go away just yet and read on.

Use a special shampoo for your hair type and color-treated hair

This is a fundamental step, that’s why we put it in the first place. There are a lot of products that promise an ideal shampoo for color-treated hair, and they don’t keep the first guidelines of an ideal shampoo for this type of hair. The ones you should choose are those without sulfates, like these, which are the conventional shampoos, will remove the oil from the scalp. We won’t tell you that this is bad under normal circumstances, but having curly hair and bleached hair can make your hair even drier. So it’s a no-no for you if you’re deciding to color your hair.

No more heat tools for a few months

We know that maybe you want to curl your hair a little more, or you want to apply a little blow dryer to five it more volume, but we won’t be able to do that if we have our hair colored. Although we should never do it, whether we have treatment on our hair or not. Since this heat can burn the hair in an excessive way causing even more weakness after dyeing, therefore, if it is too fundamental you can use a heat protector, but if not it is best not to use heat tools at all.

Be careful when bathing, avoid hot water

Something very common in girls who dye their hair is that although they take care of it, they have the mistake of bathing with hot water. What happens if we constantly wash our hair with hot water? Well, our hair will most likely lose its color little by little and become harder and harder. Therefore, let’s go a little cold and wash our hair preferably with lukewarm water to avoid accidents. And when you need to dry it, preferably do it with small touches on your mane, do not shake it too much.

Essential Oils, your best companion when coloring your hair

You may take excellent care of your hair and lack nothing, have ideal products and maintain a strict washing regimen. But what if I told you that you can add a lot more shine to your hair with non-chemicals oils? Just as you hear it; coconut, almond, or any nut oils help restore the scalp and hair strands. To apply it you can take a few oils on your fingertips and apply it from top to bottom, massaging it carefully. In addition to making your hair grow faster, you will be nourishing it from the root. Leave it on for half an hour and then remove it with plenty of water so there’s no residue. You’ll see it’s better than putting a bunch of chemicals on your hair!

Cut your hair every five months to keep it healthy

Although this is not a tip that only applies to treatments like balayage it should be a habit to cut the ends of our hair every so often to keep our hair healthy and keep it growing normally. Balayage is usually a treatment that doesn’t require a lot of attention in terms of touch-ups, but if we need to keep them in check and if we need to add color back in, we can do so.

Deep moisturizing

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s just that this point is extra important! If there is such an aggressive hair treatment, the main thing the hair will lose is moisture. And this in our curly hair is deadly, as we are even more exposed to frizz and breakage due to the porosity of our hair strands. So, how do you moisturize your hair if you’ve had your treatment? Here are a few masks for you to try a week after your bleaching or balayage treatment.

Egg mask

Eggs contain a large number of natural fats and proteins necessary for hair regeneration. For this mask, we will need eggs, olive oil, and rosemary oil. Mainly we will separate the yolks of two eggs and put them in a bowl, on top of them we will place two tablespoons of rosemary oil and three tablespoons of olive oil, we will mix this well. And then, we are going to apply it in our hair from the roots to the ends, giving small circular massages in all the capillary strands. After half an hour of application, we will remove it with plenty of water, preferably cold. Then you can wash your hair normally, and that’s it! This will restore shine and hydration to your curly hair.

Aloe Vera mask

It happens a lot to us that after a while our hair looks limp and dull, doesn’t it? It’s as if it lacks nourishment. But don’t worry, we bring you a mask that we assure you will save you from that and will give even more color to your strands.

We will need a medium aloe vera branch, and honey. First, we will cut the aloe vera branch from our garden, peel it, and then we will let it rest for about half a day so that all the slime it has on it will bounce off since only the crystal inside will benefit us. Then with the help of a fork, we are going to crush it until we have a thick slime, and then we are going to add 3 or 4 tablespoons of honey, to stir everything well. After this, you are going to keep your hair in a towel or shower cap and you are going to wait about 40 minutes, this mask can be done every two weeks and it is recommended that you do not go out in the sun for the rest of the first 24 hours because your hair is sensitive and can burn easily.

Avocado mask

Yummy to make guacamole, but in this case, we are going to use it for our hair. We well know that avocado is a superfood, containing healthy fats and a lot of amino acids. Therefore our hair will regain its shine almost immediately. For this, we are going to need an avocado and some flaxseeds. To start, we are going to boil ur 2 or 3 flaxseed in a small pot for half an hour, on medium/high heat. When they are already a paste, we are going to strain them and put them in a bowl until they cool down. After this, we are going to peel our avocado and place the pulp in the same container where we had our flaxseeds. We are going to leave it in our hair for about half an hour. A tip from our stylists to place a plastic wrap or bag over our hair so that there is a slight temperature change and the properties of the avocado and flaxseed are more effective.


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