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5 Amazing Ways To Curl Hairs That You Never Knew

5 Amazing Ways To Curl Hairs That You Never Knew

If we embark on the path of looking a little more striking or beautiful, changing our style step by step, we may consider that some girls decide to apply multiple products to their hair that can be a little harsh. Although some prefer more natural alternatives, and there’s nothing wrong with that! In order to have varied options to offer, hairdressers have been creating multiple treatments or tricks to be able to meet everyone’s needs.

Although straight hair has been the law since the early 2000s, since 2020 we see these stereotypes changing to more inclusive and natural ones. among these fashions that are becoming more and more popular, we can mention curly hair. In addition to giving a totally different image to our faces, we can use them in hairstyles with great versatility.

In the first part of this article, we are going to show you some more natural alternatives for you to have your dream curls. And if you already have them, you can make them look more defined and with more shine. These alternatives avoid damaging the hair excessively with very abrasive products, which although functional, in the long run, can have greater damage on the hair if is not used in the right way.

Ways to curl hair naturally

●     Pineapples peels

We’ve seen firsthand that pineapple contains enzymes that are quite beneficial for our hair, keeping it full and with strong hair strands. It also combats common hair problems, such as dehydration. Therefore we assure you that this hair mask will be one of the most effective you can use in your life to curl your hair.

❖    Ingredients

Pineapple peel mask


Atomizer (optional)

To make this mask we will need to place in a saucepan with water all the peels of a whole pineapple. We will let it boil over medium heat until we see that it has already created a liquid the color of the pineapple, this from about 3 minutes after placing it. after this, we will need to let it rest for a while until we can have the liquid on our skin without any problem. We are going to pass the mixture through a trainer, and we will put it in a spray bottle carefully so as not to spill anything.

When you wash your hair, try to make sure that when you are going to apply the product you have already done your complete cleansing routine. and as if it were a styling cream, apply it with the atomizer in the amount you consider necessary from top to bottom, trying to cover the entire head.

You can do it daily or you can reduce its use to only 5 times a week. You decide how often to use it.

●     Cucumber and egg mask

This treatment is not entirely for curly hair, but instead, helps with other important properties when it comes to curly hair such as hydration and frizz. It should be noted that the ingredients in this mask are highly nourishing for our hair because of the vitamin D that is immersed in its component.

❖    Ingredients

1 egg

Half a cucumber

Coconut oil

To start the mask we are going to beat it well with egg by hand to get as much foam as we can. After this we are going to take our shredder and we are going to place it there along with our half cucumber and a small spoonful of coconut oil. We are going to blend it until we have a fairly dense and homogeneous mixture. With our hair wet, we are going to apply it in the middle part of our head, and we will take the mixture with soft massages to the tip. If you wish, you can use a comb to carry the mixture through the hair strands. Let it sit for half an hour and rinse well with plenty of water so that no residue remains. Remember that after applying this product, you cannot go out in the sun directly for about 24 hours, as it can burn your hair because of how sensitive it can leave it. Therefore, try to apply it on a day when you don’t need to go out at all to keep your hair safe.

●     Traditional curling tubes

Although it doesn’t have natural products like vegetables or other things as we saw in the previous examples, curling tubes are a healthier alternative to get those defined and beautiful curls we dream of. Their advantage is that they can be done without the need to prepare the hair by blow-drying or washing it. Although it can be done on dry hair. Just choose the size of curls you like and you’re ready to go!

❖    Ingredients

A pack of many hair tubes

Hairspray (optional)

We will need to have our hair semi detangled and we will separate several strands from different parts of our hair, preferably from the back to start with, until we have them all rolled up. If necessary, you can put a little hairspray in each tube to secure it better. You will need to leave them in for about 4 hours. Or if you want them to be more defined, you can leave them for a whole night.

Ways to curl with heat

●     Small and cute with small curlers

These are small, lightly sized waves that can add more style to any look we decide to use. We will need a 1-inch curling iron at most and detangle our hair well to make sure we don’t have any knots. We will separate our hair into small sections and run them around the curling iron, through the middle of it. We should not do it all the way to the ends, curling half of it will be enough. All this should be repeated until we finish with all the hair completely. If you need more volume you can lightly comb the curls with your fingertips and tousle them a bit. You will see that the messy look you get with this technique will be more than perfect! If you think it’s necessary, you can add a bit of hairspray.

●     Big voluminous curls with a large curling iron

The dreamy curls that we all want to have, straight from the top of the fashion of the year to our head. We will need a large curling iron, as this will allow us to take more hair so the curls we are going to make will be even bigger. and as we explained before, we start from the back of our hair, separating large strands of hair. If we want to have more volume, before making the curls we tousle our hair with a brush, this from reserve combing. And tousle it slightly after curling the hair. Remember not to do them so close to your face to give them more prominence.

So much for our top hairstyle for today! This type of hair has had a lot of buzzes and although not all of us have been blessed with the perfect curls, we can improve them with this type of technique that besides being economical, are quite easy to do. In addition to not directly damage our hair with techniques such as perming or other harmful products for our hair follicle. although the results are not visible to the naked eye, they can be seen with constant use and time.

Remember to take good care of your hair and moisturize it constantly to avoid problems such as dryness or spontaneous breakage, as this type of hair tends to be more porous than others, therefore they need a greater amount of nutrients to function. If you need more tips for wavy hair, on our homepage you will find many posts about it. Stop by there, and maybe check out our online store, which also has lots of products that might help you in your search for the ideal hair without having to totally mistreat it.


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