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Everything You Need To Know About Izabel Highhlights

Everything You Need To Know About Izabel Highhlights

Have you noticed that your hair has been looking duller these days, lacking more shine, more volume, and more bounce? If your hair is auburn, maybe it’s time to change that dull color for more vibrant tones without having to dye our heads pink. Don’t worry, read on, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Hair highlights

There are many types of highlights, including babylights, Californian highlights, chunky highlights, and many more. All of these were brought by celebrities from different eras to our salons, but today we will talk about some transcendental ones that will never go out of fashion, the soft highlights.

It is a semi-permanent bleaching method that tries to contrast with the natural tone of your hair without being so noticeable (depending on how you want them). They are a less abrasive procedure than classic highlights, and since this is on-trend it will be a total hit!

The term “Reflection” refers to the effect that a ray of sunlight produces, giving your hair an appearance as if it were reflecting on it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this type of highlight is recommended for natural hair (just a recommendation, if this is not your case, don’t worry). There are variations in the highlights, but they do not have a great variety of tones.

The secret of this technique lies in strategically highlighting certain sections of hair to increase shine and dimension. Having dark or light brown hair doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, so here’s a compilation of some highlights you can apply to your hair if you have this color.

Shades of highlights for brown hair

·         Shade number one: Copper

The copper tone will give your mane a subtle red tone that you will surely enjoy a lot, these highlights will go perfectly with your brown hair. Without a doubt an ideal option to wear the haircuts you like the most.

  • Shade number two: Ash

Surely you have thought that retouching your hair tone can be a very tedious process, but you like it so much that you don’t want to lose your highlights, we recommend the ash brown, this is ideal because its cool golden tone fits perfectly with everyone who decides to use it, whether you have a light skin tone or eyes, it is certainly quite versatile. You can see how this combination looks on the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio.

·         Shade number three: Brown

Also known as coffee brown, it gives a deep intensity and shine, as it is a dark brown monochrome that goes from root to tip, keeping all its tone uniform, it doesn’t have any degradation or light like other types, in hairdressing terms it’s known as a “block” bleach. If this is the tone style you are looking for, let me tell you that as a final result you will have a very shiny and healthy mane. If on the other hand you still can’t decide which style to use, we would like to recommend you to watch the beautiful Diana Daureo, without a doubt an expert personality in shades.

As a recommendation so that you can better preserve your new style over time, we recommend that you avoid very high temperatures and if it is wet, a natural blow dry would be the most ideal option. This type of brown will keep a nice shine in your hair, as long as it is cared for properly, so don’t forget to buy your conditioner and shampoo to maintain the color.

·         Shade number four: Chocolate

In this style of highlights, the secret is to get two or one shade lighter than your skin color, so you can give your hair more shine if it’s usually too dark. As a recommendation, we suggest the brown tone, the combination of these two shades gives more volume and allows your hair to reflect a much healthier effect.

·         Shade number five: Cinnamon

If you want to add a touch of color to your hair while preserving its natural radiance, the ideal choice would be low-intensity tones, as a recommendation you can choose between amber, cinnamon, or reddish-brown. These colors give your hair a luminous glow as well as a sense of depth and dimension. Just like the great Kerry Washington.

·         Shade number six: Caramel

The intention of many highlighting styles is to highlight your hair without the intention of changing its current state, so the caramel style is intended to give a blonde effect that contrasts with the hair without making it look artificial. Shine and a sense of movement should never be missing from your mane.

  • Shade number seven: Honey

Among the classics, we can’t forget the honey brown, a sun-kissed reflection that undoubtedly takes the place of the simplest makeover. Golden highlights that are very easy to maintain and look great even when your hair grows, brightness and good contrasts intone in such a simple method, incredible, isn’t it? But not only that, once this style is applied, if you want to change to a more daring style, it will be easier to move on to other shades.

The technique of this application focuses on flattering your face and giving more light to your hair. Making contouring one of the newest trends in hair color.

Tips to keep your hair healthy and use highlights without dying in the attempt.

Use the right products. If you want to take good care of your highlights, you should use the right shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t know which ones to buy, it’s always a good option to ask your hairdresser, who will be able to advise you on which ones are best suited for you and the style you use.

Constantly moisturize your hair. Because of the chemical process of highlighting you will need to keep it constantly moisturized so it doesn’t become porous.

Don’t wash your hair. Although washing your hair is important, one of the things you shouldn’t do is wash it immediately after leaving the salon, but wait a few days before you consider wetting it, this will help the color you use to adhere better.

Don’t forget to use hair masks at least once a week. Natural or home remedies can help if needed, you just need to research what you can and can’t use. Some natural oils are very good for adding shine to your hair, but these should be added from the middle down, in the tip area.

Avoid using products that have a lightning function as this may not be flattering. If you want to achieve a lighter shade, there is a whole guide on what works for you in the back.

Avoid doing this treatment on much-damaged hair, we know that it is a less abrasive procedure but it is still bleaching, therefore doing it on very damaged hair could cause hair loss, dermatitis, dryness, singeing when in contact with the iron, among many others. Therefore you should always do a test before and make sure the hair is healthy.

Avoid chlorine. If you’ve ever heard of your friend’s hair turning a greenish hue, here’s why. It’s an extremely abrasive product for our mane, so direct contact could be disastrous and totally change the structure of your hair. And you may wonder, how can I apply bleach directly to my head? Well no, we are talking about places where you can be that contain this type of component in the water. Example: Swimming pools.

Let’s avoid direct contact with the sun. Our great friend is the main factor of dryness and porous hair in most women. Therefore the idea is to use sunscreen for both skin and hair.

Don’t touch up your hair so much unlike traditional highlights these don’t need to be touched up regularly or every two weeks. The ideal length of time to touch up your highlights is approximately every two months depending on how well you have treated your hair in that time. It also depends on how often it grows out and the natural color of your hair.

Skip the heat tools. Whenever you have a chemical procedure done, you will have to do without a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer for quite some time for your hair’s health to be maintained. Applying heat directly to the hair is quite aggressive, so imagine doing it with a strong chemical procedure. You could totally damage it, weaken it and even change the color! It’s not worth getting such treatment if you can’t take care of it the way it deserves. Keep it healthy and strong!

And that’s it! I hope you found these tips useful. Remember to leave your hair in our hands to make sure you get the quality you deserve. And remember that you can use the shades you like regardless of your hair color. It’s all about attitude!


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