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Stunning braided halo hairstyle: For Long and Short Hairs

Stunning braided halo hairstyle: For Long and Short Hairs

Braids for long hair


If there were easy hairstyles that we could learn during our childhood, without a doubt were the braids for hair, surely as a child, you played with your friends to put on these and you probably loved them or better yet, you still like them, but now you prefer other models that help you to distinguish your face.

This type of hairstyle adapts very well in different ways and you can even wear it at events, weddings, parties, or birthdays if you wish. Even if you practice any sport it can fit perfectly so that the hair does not bother you in the face, no doubt it is a modern and quite practical style.

If you stay, you will learn the different types of braids that exist and so you can have a broad knowledge when choosing.  We will show you step by step how each style should be done. You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to do it, just pay attention and you will see how you can master it.

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The best thing about it is that the braided hairstyle can be applied to both short and long hair. As a recommendation, long hair can help you look better at this type of braids, but if it is not your particular case, do not worry we also have good things for you. Believe it or not, this type of hair can make you look very elegant.

If you have waves, curls, or bangs, it is also an effective method to apply this style, especially if you already have the habit of using them since you were little, but remember that for the correct application of these you need to know your technique. We know that it can be a somewhat time-consuming process, so you need to know how to apply the technique to be able to do it faster.

Side braid hairstyles

This type of hairstyle, siding braids, is very effective when it comes to maintaining neat hair. You can wear them perfectly at graduation, without losing elegance or style.

We will explain the step by step, so you can make this type of hairstyle. Don’t worry, in addition to this, we will also leave you some images to guide you.

·         First side or side braid hairstyle:

Start by crossing two strands of your hair. Now take another strand coming from the top, pass it under, and then over. Leave it loose and cross over the previous two strands once more. Now take a new strand and once again, this should go under and over, this should be in the middle, once there, you can leave it loose.

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Once again make a crossover and repeat this same process. If you have advanced far enough you will start to notice that you should take strands from the other side of your hair, so that the braid will turn and stay on the other side of your head. Once this process is finished, you just need to take a small rubber band and place it on the two ends to join the strands so that the braid won’t come undone.

·         Second side or side braid hairstyle:

With three strands that will be located on one side of your head, you should divide it into equal parts and make a braid from the root. Just take strands from the top and if you like, leave them a little loose. Add more hair and cross it underneath as we normally do, now we take a strand to add it on top and underneath we keep it normal.

You must repeat the process for the first few crosses and you must let the braid fall little by little. Once here, start braiding normally and help yourself with a small rubber band. For this next step pay a little attention, you must braid a little lower but adding hair in the two crosses, one coming from the bottom and one from the top. Now continue to cross the hair, add more and tighten it so that it is more fixed. Once finished, secure it with a small rubber band.

The loose strands can be styled with a curling iron to give them a looped effect.

·         French or Root Braid

These French braid hairstyles are a trend today and are becoming more and more fashionable, many women are being encouraged to use them.  You cannot stay behind in this movement, so I will explain the step by step of its assembly and the different ways to apply it in each type of hair The first thing to keep in mind is that this type of braid starts from above, in the high area of the head. So if you have bangs, you should consider gathering them a bit, so that it is easier for you to have control over each short strand.

The hair should be perfectly combed, without knots, well separated. If your hair is curly, it is best to start braiding when your hair is still a little damp.  Now, separate a strand of hair coming from the crown and divide it into three parts, try to make them as equal as possible.

You should start braiding as if it were a normal braid.  You will repeat this process about three times and once you are in the third round, you should take a strip of hair from the side you want to start with.

You will continue braiding another strand on the side of the head you did not choose.  Don’t forget to tightly secure each braid you make, this is important so that it doesn’t come loose and will be firmer. When you repeat this process and you are at the nape of the neck, you can add a little hairspray so that the most delicate parts of the braid, including the base, do not fall apart. At this point, you should keep a normal weave, as if you were doing a three-prong braid.

And that’s it, once you get to the end, just secure your hair with an elastic band.

·         Braided Hairstyles with Braids Updos

With this type of hairstyle you can clear your face and look more flirtatious in a simple way, not only that, if for example, you are in spring or hot summer, wearing your hair this way will help you feel cooler and avoid sweating so much. Especially if your hair is of a thick and difficult-to-tame type.

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Also, if there is a hairstyle that refers to romance, this is undoubtedly one of them, so it will be ideal to combine it with dresses, and if you want to wear it to your wedding in front of the beach with the sea and the waves in the background. The choice is yours; the hairstyle will simply suit the occasion perfectly.

If on the other hand you only have a big mane and you are a working woman and sometimes don’t have enough time to keep up with your hair care, or if you don’t have enough time to go to the salon, wearing it will solve a lot of hassles.

What more could you ask for? It’s elegant, it’s youthful, and above all, it’s very comfortable, versatile for any situation. Don’t hesitate to use it every time you have the opportunity, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Now without further ado, we will explain everything you need to do so you can have this braided updo hairstyle. Here is your step by step:

·         Updo braids

For the first step, you start by making a root braid on the side of your head and as you cross the strands, you should add another one from the area below your hair.

You start crossing and adding hair continuously until you have done it all the way through your hair. You can leave a strand of hair loose if you prefer, but ideally, the braid should start at the front of your head. Secure with a small rubber band and now you should start the same process, but this time on the other side of your head. You will only need to add hair, cross the strand coming from the front, once again make a normal crossing and add another piece of hair.

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At this point the next step is to take hair from the back of your mane and make a normal braid, but this should be thicker than the previous ones. You should take it to one side, this will make it easier to do and once you finish the whole process, don’t forget to secure it with a rubber band so that it doesn’t come loose. Now it’s time to roll up the ends and place two bobby pins, one on each side.

With the hair left loose, you should make two more braids so that you can finish the updo of your hairstyle. You should also make two more braids that will go on each side near the bun that was made on each side of the nape of the neck.

Once the braids are in the bun at the back of the head, place the most recent braids and fasten them with a bobby pin. Take another one, double it and join it on top hiding the ends that you fixed using the open bobby pins. The strand you left on your forehead loose, you can roll it up with the braid you did in the front part and place it back to hide it inside the hair you have already braided.

Apply the same procedure with the front braid, always try to hide the ends that are held in place with the bobby pins.

Now, if you like you can leave a small strand for the forehead area if you like, or if you prefer it all backward it is up to you.


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