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Braid styles for your natural hair that will look better than you thought

Braid styles for your natural hair that will look better than you thought

Sometimes our long hair gets in the way, we’re not going to lie. Maybe on a really hot day, we decide we need to pull our hair back in a hurry, but we don’t want to look so plain. So, why not braid your hair? They are versatile, gorgeous and will take your hair out of your face, making it possible to wear to multiple events and be a sensation. There are also braids for medium hair types, so don’t go away, and read on!

It is worth mentioning that you should have some hairspray, comb, bobby pins, and patience. For even though these are easy hairstyles, if you’re out of practice there may be a chance that you’ll have to repeat the process. But the end will be worth it!

Boxer Braids

To start this hairstyle you have to make a parting in the middle of the head, from top to bottom. We have to gather one of the parts with a ponytail, and we start a similar division in the front part, divide it into three parts and stars braiding underneath and continue there. We have to add hair as the braid progresses. Then we take a thin strand, add it to our sections, and braid it underneath. Again, we grab, add a strand from the other side of the braid, combine it, and braid it underneath as well. It’s a very simple process. We continue, take a new strand, add and braid underneath. So on and so forth until we have no hair left.

To make this braid you have to apply a little bit of hairspray so that the hairs do not come out. Once we reach the nape of the neck, we take the same strand and make a normal braid of three, that is to say, the same as we have done so far but without adding any strand. We braid until the end and we put the rubber band of our preference. Now we are going to repeat the same process with the other side, we make our small division in the front part and we are going to divide into three parts, once we divide the three parts we begin to braid underneath the same as the other braid, while we add strands. Like the previous braid,  once finish our hairstyle with a small garter.

Pigtail and braid updo

We start by brushing the hair and making a ponytail, we are going to comb it little by little. You choose the height of the ponytail, so you can make the ponytail high or lower. Keep applying hairspray as the brushing goes, and let’s place the ponytail. First, we grab one of the clips, start twirling it around, and then we hook the two bobby pins at the end. We are going to cover the rubber band, so we take a strand of hair and twirl it around the base of the ponytail. It doesn’t matter if you don’t twirl the whole strand, since the ponytail will be covered with the whole hairstyle. Once the ponytail is finished, we have to curl it a little with a curling iron to give more volume to the hairstyle, we should mark the tip a little as it will be important later. As the rest of the hair will be gathered in the braid, we should not give it so much importance.

We are going to start the updo, so we have to tousle the top part a little bit without tying the knot so that it gets a little more volume. You decide how much volume your hair needs or if you want a neater style. We will take the top part and braid the two strands, joining them together, loosening them a little. You can make many braids, so choose the one you want to do, although this one will allow us to loosen more strands and give more volume. Now, we are going to pass strand from the outside, intermingling a little the ones in the middle to five a more informal touch. Depending on how much of the strand you want to leave loose, you can braid it all the way down, halfway down, or a little before, it is optional. It will also depend on the length of the hair, so it depends on this if the hair will be different. When we finish the braid, we will place a rubber band and now we will fasten it at the nape of the neck. We are going to slowly loosen the braid and we are going to attach the sides, the same on the other side. Make sure to put some bobby pins to tighten the hairstyle, and that’s it!

French Braid

First, we take out a lock of hair, divide it in three, and place the lock on the left in the center, while the lock on the right will also go in the same direction. We cross the lock on the left again to the center, and we feed our braid taking out new locks of hair with new strands. Always try to put your thumb in the center as if holding the braid, this way it will not fall apart. We take the strand, cross it, and continue adding strands. When we reach the nape of the neck, we continue making a basic or simple braid, and we will fasten it with a rubber band at the end. Preferably one of the same color as the hair.

Infinity braid

We start with a parting around the crown of the head, divide the strand in two, take a small amount of the right strand, pass it underneath, over the next strand, and add another small amount of hair. We twist underneath and go over the next strand. Again, we turn under, go over the top of the strand, and so on. Remember to keep adding and tightening the hair tightly. And to finish, we fix it with a hair tie.

Waterfall Braid

This is ideal for hair that isn’t too long. First of all, we need to do a division at the height of the crown, side by side, and take a lock of hair. Which we will comb well so that there are no knots. We will divide it into three sections and to start weaving the waterfall braid, we will cross the top lock towards the middle of the hair, and the bottom lock we will cross it towards the middle. And now, this strand of hair we have in the left hand, instead of weaving it, we have to let it go, with the low lock of hair. We take again a new strand of hair, joining it with the one we already had, and we let go of the remaining one. We are going to go like this until we reach the middle of the hair. Once we get there, we are going to start braiding only with three strands in a basic way, and downwards. In the end, what we are going to do is to cross the two strands of the left hand tightly, while the one that is left, we are going to pull it slightly so that it has more volume. To finish, put a fairly tight garter to hold all the weight of the braid.

Strand braids with pigtails

We are going to make a division in the center that reaches the crown of the head and that is 4 cm wide, with the rest of the hair we make a temporary ponytail. We are going to take a small strand of hair and divide it into five equal parts, we are going to take the first strand on the left side and we are going to cross it under the strand and over the next strand. We hold these two strands with the left hand, and take the first strand on the right side, crossing it under the strand and over the next strand. We take these two strands and hold them with the right hand. Separate the two strands that we had joined, and we will be left with three strands. Again we take the first strand on the left side, cross it under and over the next strand. Now we have three strands left on the right side. Here we are going to start feeding the braid with outer strands. And we gonna take a small strand and join it to the first strand on the right side, and again we pass it under the strand and over the next strand. Separate the strands, again we have three strands left, add another small strand, join it to the first strand on the left side and continue braiding under and over the next strand, repeat the same step on the other side. This braid is very easy to do, it is pure repetition, it is advisable to pay attention to the movement of your hands. For now, continue braiding. As you braid, you have to tighten it, and if you want it to be a little bit harder, you have to apply a fixative. Or you can pull the buns to add even more volume. After braiding a little more, we will fasten it with a rubber band before reaching the nape of the neck. We hold it for a moment while we release the rest of the hair and wet it with a little gel. We must untangle it to make after this, our high ponytail. It is recommended that when we make the ponytail, we make sure that it is not too tight.

We are going to join the braid to the ponytail, and we will fasten them with a rubber band of the same color as the hair. Now we are going to give volume to the braid, taking out small strands and pulling out the ponytail a little bit.

Crown braid

First what we are going to do is to divide the front part with the back part, we are going to take it to one side and we are going to braid it in front and then we are going to take it to one side, braid in front and then take care of the back part. We take a strand from the corner of our hair and divide it into three strands, which you will pass one underneath and so on. All this all around the crown of the head. For the back part, we have to take divisions vertically, towards the crown of the head and continue braiding until almost reaching the nape of the neck. Then, we can make a normal braid all the way down that will be on the opposite shoulder from where we started. And that’s it! Everything is perfect.

Two basic braids

The first thing we are going to do is to section the hair in three equal strands, for this we will separate with our fingers carefully, and although they should not be exact, we need them to be proportional. We will place the first end behind the second strand, and this is also done with the back strand. And so on until the braid is finished. It’s only a pattern: End, middle, end, middle. If you have layered hair, there’s no problem, what we will do is open the braid and hide it under the strands. Something else is to slightly pull the end strands to make the braid have much more volume or to simulate that there is more hair. Do the same with the braid on the other side. If you prefer you can take out two strands from your forehead, and that’s it! Remember to add the rubber bands at the end of the braid so they don’t fall apart.

German Braid on the side

We will make two triangle-shaped divisions on the sides of the head, and we will dampen the hair a little to make it easier to handle. Then we can apply some hairspray to fix the braids but it is optional. We comb and divide a thin strand of hair from the front of the head, which we will divide into three parts. For this braid we will need to do it from underneath, adding small strands from all the hair. Making sure that they are securely fastened to the scalp. We will do this until we get to the middle of the crown, where we will secure it with a small clip to make sure it doesn’t fall out. We will do the same on the other side with the division we had left waiting. When you finish the braid on that side, you will need a thin garter to hold them, and if you like it, you can join them at the back with the one you had already made to make a kind of crown. It is a very versatile hairstyle that you decide how to use.


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