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What would be the best hairstyles for long voluminous curly hairs?

What would be the best hairstyles for long voluminous curly hairs?

They say that this hair is impossible to style or wear. And it’s not true! You just need a little dedication and love for your hair. Here we are going to show you some of our favorite hairstyles for curly hair. Keep reading and find out all about it!

●    Two ponytails and loose hair

We only need two rubber bands, they are easy to make! We’re just going to take a small section of hair, the one we want to raise on the top of our head, leaving the front part loose, and tie it up. Make sure to tie them as high as possible, and do the same on the other side. Now, all we need is a high tip comb where we will give a little more volume to the curls. And that’s it!

●    Bandana

We’ll take all of our hair up to the top, as much as we can, and bring the hair to the front. We’ll take a bandana and we’ll tie it from the back to the front, tying the knot in the back. Now we just need to pull the hair out as far as we can see, and that’s it! All that’s left to do is to adjust it to our liking.

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If you like the ends on top, you can tie another knot in the bun before tying the scarf, and just put the scarf back in. This will keep it centered and the curls above the bandana. You can add barrettes if you like.

●    Low fall chonco

Romantic and feminine for different occasions. We will only need to divide our hair in the middle and separate a strand from the front while securing the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. Once we have these divisions, we will take a small part of our low ponytail and roll it up, hiding the garter and securing the hair with a clip. Now we need to take the remaining part and roll it upwards as well, using multiple bobby pins to keep it from unraveling. The last thing to do is to take our front strand, pull it back, and twist it around our bun. That’s it! If you want something neater or more formal you can add hairspray.

●    Light front updo

We will take the front part of our hair in the middle area, use a small clip and gather it in the middle of our head. That’s all there is to it! This hairstyle looks great on girls with curly hair type 3B.

●    Ponytail with a twist in front

For this cute hairstyle, we are going to divide the hair in two and focus on the wing part of our head. We will separate each strand with our finger and then we will perfect the line in the center, with a thin comb that has a somewhat sharp tip. After we have separated it, we will gather it in a bun and start to wet the top part of our hair, which is the one we are going to work on. We are going to start with the right side, and with a comb, we take out a big triangle, it is important that the direction is upwards. Again, we will perfect that line with the comb. Wet the root of the triangle section and apply gel generously. With a brush we flatten the area very well and make a twist from the root upwards, taking hair from the root each time we move forward. We are going to use a small rubber band of the color of your choice, and hold it.

The next step is to take out a small section of our hair, but thinner than the previous one. Following the same procedure as the previous section. We wet and put our gel to secure the hairstyle, brush very well and we are going to make the twist by rolling and holding our hair very well. Again we take the rubber band and hold it in the big bun in the back, and repeat the process as far as we want.  We are going to wet the rest of the hair if we wish, we gather the rest of the hair combing very well the area of the nape and we make a high ponytail.

●    Hair puff

This is a super easy hairstyle that is perfect to do on a wash day when the hair is very fluffy and very frizzy. Because when the hair is defined it loses its originality. Mainly we will need to open our curls a little to loosen them and give them a lot more volume. If you have long hair it will look even bigger. We are going to wet the top and sides of the hair to avoid wetting the center of the hair. Then, with a bristle brush, we are going to flatten the hair from the front and move the hair backward. Now, we will comb it and with one hand we will gather the hair backward, including the part of the nape of the neck until we get the hair gathered enough to make a bun.

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We will give it a little shape and the first trick is before we put the ribbon to tie the hair. For this one, we will take the middle of the hair and stretch the curls outwards to make it look bigger and to not have so much internal bulge in the hair. You can choose a scarf or a garter, in this case, a bandana, and you will start to gather the hair. Don’t ever let go of the bun as you will lose the process and have to do it all over again. Make sure you haven’t lost any of the smoothness inside the bun and again stretch your curls to make it look fluffy. The last step is to put gel on the nape of the neck and the top of the bun so that it is well fixed, and with a brush, we will settle it completely.

●    Flat twist

To do the flat twist let’s start with washed, moisturized, and very well detangled hair. If you are in hair transition this should be your goal every time you wash your hair. Remember that the curls will not fully form until you cut the processed part. We are going to do three on each side, and with a stick comb, we are going to make sure the hair parting is as stable as possible. Detangle to make it a hell of a lot easier to manage your hair. And if it’s not wet you can add water with a hairspray. So that your hair doesn’t tangle when it dries, it’s important to put a little bit of styling cream, just enough to cover your hair a little bit. You untangle again very well and now we put gel all over the roots so that the hairstyle doesn’t lift and hold. Now with a brush, we are going to flatten the whole root of the divided sections. Now, we begin to separate two strands of the divided section, and we make a braid of two ends, but when crossing it is very important that you go adding hair, and glue it to your root so that in this way it is flat.

Now, on the rest of the hair, we have two options. We can continue doing the twist or we can make a three-strand braid and secure the ends with a thin rubber band. We will repeat the process on the other sections, where it should be a total of six twists. Once we are done, we are going to fix the baby hairs with gel. This step is very important to make the hairstyle look much prettier.

●    Two braids to the middle

This hairstyle is for super long hair! We will start with washed and well-detangled hair, it is important that it is in this condition so you can manipulate it much easier. We are going to put some conditioner in the hair so that the hair doesn’t tangle so much. Now we are going to divide the hair in two neatly from top to bottom. We are going to work on the right strand, which we will untangle again and run a brush through the whole root to flatten the whole area. We are going to put gel all over the root and run the brush through it again. Now we are going to make a giant flat twist with the whole lock, we take two strands and we are going to make a braid of two ends well attached to the root. Once we have finished we will put a rubber band so that the twist does not come undone, and we untangle the part of the hair that is leftover. We repeat on the other side and leave the rest of the hair loose. Therefore, we would only have to bring the braids to the middle of the nape of the neck.

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