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Hair perfumes, is it worth using them?

Hair perfumes, is it worth using them?

In recent times great trends have come to light that has been developing fame over the years, and although some are not so good and others can really do harm to our hair, today we are facing one that will definitely change the way in which we see perfume and our hair from every possible point of view.

These products have been around for many years, the well-known hair mist is becoming more and more indispensable as well as other products such as shower gel or body milk. All of them contribute to maintaining a delicious scent. All these fragrances are created to create different scent textures and for different uses depending on the occasion.

Perfume on the hair, no. Hair mist on the skin, no.

Many girls tend to apply the same perfume on their hair that they use on their skin, but what you should know from now on, is that it should not be like that, skin and hair are totally different worlds. Hair tends to be much more delicate, this is why it tends to break more easily, the content that has an alcohol perfume tends to dry the hair, this puts it in a risky position. In addition, the way in which the hair and skin retain the oils produced by the body is totally different, which is why the amount of oil applied to the hair should be lighter. Hair mists must undergo a rigorous stability test to ensure that they are suitable for the hair without damaging it. Similarly, hair perfumes would not be useful for application to the skin because of their low alcohol content, which would not be felt.

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The formula

The formula for conventional perfumes consists of 30% fragrance oils and in some cases 15%. The remaining part of the formula consists of alcohol, which allows the essential oils to enter the skin and disperse. On the other hand, the hair mist only contains 7% alcohol and in addition, there is a component that prevents it from producing harmful effects on the hair, this would be the pentavitin, which is a proven product and comes from a natural origin, so we should not worry about excessive production that further damage our hair.

A mixture of scents?

It is normal to think that wearing a regular perfume and a hair mist can create a confusing combination, but the truth is that these hair perfumes usually bring a subtle, very light, and fresh scent. This would not create an unpleasant mixture between one or the other, however, you can create a mixture of scents if you wish to have a distinctive smell. It is therefore recommended that these products share an ingredient between them so that you can create a symphony between the two. For example, you can focus on your hair mist and your usual perfume having the ingredient lavender as the main cause of its characteristic smell, so you will not combine scents and you can have a special harmony that many girls will envy.

Haircare doesn’t have to be luxurious

Haircare will always be something fundamental to have a good appearance, which is why many choose to perfume it with the scents they like the most. This could become a luxury if you opt for more sophisticated options. The truth is that whatever fragrance you wear, the scent that emanates from you when the breeze blows will sweeten everyone who is near. So it depends on your type of economy and your purchasing power how expensive the products you apply on it will be, and this does not only apply with hair perfumes, but also with anything you apply on your body or wear. Therefore, this is no longer something optional, as there are also good products that can work without being so expensive.

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Benefits for your hair

If you are one of the girls who have straight hair, these products can serve as a fixative. This will undoubtedly be a great benefit for you as it will allow you to have your hair tamed and remain presentable for much longer while carrying that lovely scent.

It will also be ideal to protect you from other bad smells such as cigarette smoke, pollution, or dust. This perfume is super easy to apply, it is recommended to apply it after washing your hair. This is to help it to fit better to the hair and allow it to stay cleaner. Consider that this product will work as the same effect that gives the sunscreen to your skin.

The four best commercial perfumes for your hair

Let’s remember that perfumes for the skin don’t have the same effects on the hair. That’s why we will recommend 4 perfumes that are undoubtedly ideal for your hair and at the same time help to keep it healthy thanks to all its oils and nutrients. It allows your hair to have an exceptional aroma and stay protected

Christian Dior: gives shine and protects it from humidity.

An alcohol-free perfumed with notes of cotton, orange, damask rose, jasmine flower extract, and a little ylang-ylang oil that gives hair shine. When you use this product the hair gets light and stays moisturized. This scent can last for several hours, remember to apply it after showering to prolong its life. A very pleasant scent. You can’t doubt a Christian Dior product, but make sure you’re not buying an imitation!

Rodin By Recine Olio: more than 6 oils that give you elasticity


An oil that allows your hair to stay hydrated and not look dry. In its preparation are oils such as calendula, sunflower, sweet almond, rosemary, juniper, and heroli. These oils allow your hair to have better absorption and remain free of residues. It is light so your hair will not feel heavy and will give it a great scent. Apply this tonic to your scalp with a gentle massage. You can enjoy this delicious scent for several hours.

Diptyque: a deliciously scented oil for hair and face

Another oil that will allow you to nourish your hair, this one also has a bit of ylang-ylang but combined with jasmine and saffron. The scent that will emanate from your hair, besides being delicious, will remain for a long time. When you use this tonic you give your hair shine, because it also contains avocado oil and uruchum. This helps to keep your hair protected from UV-B rays. You can also apply some of this oil to your face if you want to protect it from wrinkles. The cost of this product is a little higher than the previous ones but the scent and durability are worth it.

Hair Shots: cotton candy scent for hours

This is one of the sweetest scents you will find on this list, if you enjoy these fragrances this could be the ideal one for you. As always the recommendation is to apply it after washing the hair so that it can last longer and help it stay more protected and shiny.  If you have very thick hair then you can apply 7 splashes.

An ideal perfume that you can take with you everywhere, especially if it’s a busy day when you have a lot of things to do and need to stay sweet.


It is important to know how to apply this type of product so that it is more effective and you can take care of your scalp and your hair. If you have already decided to incorporate these perfumes to your hair routine, the first thing you should know is that to apply it you should spray it on the hair whether it is dry or wet about 20 or 35 cm from the root and help you with a comb so that the product can enter better and be distributed evenly.

Then dry the product with a hairdryer and massage the scalp with your fingers. It is always recommended to apply the product 20 cm from the root and above all do not overdo it, you can apply these products 2 times a day maximum and only on special occasions or on alternate days. Remember that everything in excess can be bad and the same goes for your hair. Be careful not to damage the hair cuticle.

These perfumes are very effective if you want to attract a person and wrap her in your arms. No doubt you will attract many looks and good comments if you wear good smelling hair.

Natural alternatives to perfume your hair

These types of preparations come from traditional recipes, so they do not have a scientific endorsement that has proven their effectiveness or the real properties provided by its ingredients. This is why you should always consult a dermatologist before applying these combinations to prevent possible allergies and other problems that may occur at the beginning of their use.

●     Monoi de Tahiti Oil

Monoi or Tahitian oil is an all-natural product that is recommended for application on the scalp and body. To obtain this product, Taire flowers must be macerated in coconut oil. Despite the above explanation, coconut oil has been proven to produce beneficial results for the hair. The aroma obtained from this combination of elements is very special and will remind you of the smell of vanilla.

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It is a preparation that is recommended to apply during the festival season. In addition to giving your hair a great smell, many people claim that it is an excellent ally to provide shine and softness to the hair, as well as it can also help to protect it from UV rays.

According to many theories, the vitamin E found in this combination makes this possible. Vitamin E has great antioxidant effects and because of this, it is credited with great hair repair benefits.

This can be beneficial for the hair since it serves as a mask that can be applied after the hair has been washed. It is important to mention that it is not recommended to use this type of mixture if your hair is oily, as it could be counterproductive for it.

●     Floral hydrolats

In order to obtain hydrolats, a distillation process is carried out where flowers and different types of roots are included, resulting in essential oils. These hydrolates are the water leftover from this process.

When the extraction process is carried out to obtain the essential oils, the separation of the oil with the water results in hydrolates, which are the water molecules that are leftover. In addition to this, other water-soluble elements of the plant, trace elements, and to a lesser extent a small portion of the essential oils themselves are also obtained.

All this is what is obtained is what forms the characteristic smell and its properties. Having such a light consistency gives it a soft aroma, not so concentrated. They are not among the popular combinations, since their use is applied for more therapeutic purposes, this has been done for many years. There are many types of floral hydrates, but the most recommended are:

Orange blossom hydrolate:

Orange blossom, orange blossom, or nearly have a very special and captivating aroma. It is attributed to relaxing properties in traditional medicine. When used to treat the scalp, it helps regulate sebaceous secretion.

Rosemary hydrolate:

Rosemary has a long history in health and hair treatments, it has been used for many years. It is known to have properties to prevent hair loss, improve circulation, and treat scalp conditions. Studies have even been conducted to prove these applications. It is also used as a cleanser and has a very refreshing aroma.

Peppermint hydrolat:

It is one of the most refreshing, so it is highly recommended in hot seasons. Among the most popular beliefs, it is said to help prevent the appearance of dandruff.

It is always important to take into account the quality and above all the purity of these hydrolats. Within the market there are several essences of artificial origin that are sold as if they were completely natural, so you should pay full attention before purchasing one of these.

●     Rosewater to perfume your hair

Rosewater or floral water is widely used in Indian culture. Its scent is very subtle, which is why it is related to the feminine. It is attributed to antioxidant and regenerating properties, properties that have not yet been proven but that the popular vote says work. It is also often used in romantic or intimate environments. In traditional medicine, it is known to have aphrodisiac properties.

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●     Concentrated lavender infusion

In addition to having a great smell, lavender has great relaxing and cleansing properties. It can be used to perfume the hair and is very easy to apply. You only need to prepare an infusion to obtain the concentrate of its flowers. As it is a mild perfume, it can be applied several times a day.

Essential oils

These methods are very easy to prepare and apply to your hair. You just need to put some of these oils dissolved in water, shake it well and apply it with a sprayer. You can choose the aroma of the oils that you like the most. Here are the most popular recommendations.

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An aroma that you will undoubtedly love, strong, full-bodied and according to the beliefs of many it is attributed to aphrodisiac properties.

Mandarin: Another of those who fall into the category of sweet and relaxing essences, according to experts in traditional medicine this could be a great ally to improve moods.


Its aroma is very peculiar, it is used to flavor black tea. It contains antidepressant properties, which help to calm the symptoms suffered by people with this type of ailment.


This has such a soft aroma, it is ideal to combine with other types, it has relaxing properties.


It has a strong but fresh aroma. It offers a feeling of cleanliness. Ideal to combine with other citrus scents.

How to apply

The most common method used to apply this type of combination is by placing the product in a perfume bottle or spray bottle and spraying it on the hair at a distance of 20 cm. This allows it to be better distributed through the hair without getting to the point of over-wetting. You can also comb or massage the hair to help it spread better.

Homemade perfumes

Benzoin powder

This first preparation that we are going to recommend is made from a powder known as benzoin. For this preparation, you will need 6 tablespoons of charcoal powder, 1 tablespoon of benzoin powder, and 1 tablespoon of potassium nitrate. On the other hand as a moisturizing agent, we have bergamot oil 1 drop and Santali oil 3 drops. You can integrate all these ingredients into a herbalist.

Before mixing them all, first, mix the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients separately and then put them together in a saucepan to let it cook in a bain-marie until you get a malleable paste that you can heat so that the aroma can penetrate the hair.

With aloe vera

This other preparation is made with a base of aloe vera. For this, you will only need aloe vera gel, essential oil, and grape seed oil. You must add a few drops of vegetable oil, and the grapeseed oil and mix it with a spoonful of aloe vera. You should let this mixture rest overnight, after which time you can massage this cream into your hair. You will see how nice it will smell on your hair.

Homemade perfume for curly hair

If you want to give your hair curls and have a nice and lovely scent, this spray will help you define your curls. Just like when you come back from a day at the beach and get that fresh, playful, and natural look.

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The ingredients you are going to use in this preparation are:

  • A spray bottle
  • Some hair gel
  • Some sea salt
  • Coconut oil, you can also use olive oil if you prefer
  • Water

●     Instructions

The first thing to do is to know how much water the atomizer uses, once you know this you should heat a little less than that amount. You must add a spoonful of salt to the water, together with a spoonful of coconut oil, and mix until it dissolves completely. If the water has a good temperature the salt will not take long to dissolve, if not, then you should wait a little bit until it finishes dissolving. After this, you can add the spoonful of gel, mix well and wait a little bit so you can add the preparation to the atomizer and then apply it to your hair.

This product is not recommended to use too many times a week, especially if your hair is colored because it could cause damage. You can make a mask to repair your hair during the week so that the salt does not cause damage or ruin your hair color.

This preparation is for a quantity of 8onz, but if your atomizer has more capacity, all you have to do is to take out the calculations again and repeat the steps already explained. Remember not to overdo it with the oil so that it doesn’t get too greasy or too much gel, to prevent the hair from losing its movement.


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