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What are the best hairstyles for summer?

What are the best hairstyles for summer?

Summer is coming and you still don’t know what look you’re going to wear? Well, don’t stress because we have some fabulous alternatives that you can wear on any occasion, and the best thing is, without having to go to the hairdresser’s or hire someone to do it for you! Although some hairstyles take some practice, we can assure you that if you know how to braid your hair or put it up in a ponytail it will be more than enough to put them into practice. You won’t need more than a comb, some hairspray, a brush, bobby pins and hair ties, just basic things that we all have at home or that we can easily buy in any supermarket.

Are you ready for the best version of yourself? Then keep reading my dear, you have little time left to learn!


●     Bubble ponytail

For this first hairstyle, we are going to put a small high ponytail on our head, combing part of the nape of the neck so that there are no knots, and with a rubber band, we tie it. We are going to need some small rubber bands of the color you want and we will put them distributed in the ponytail making small bubbles that we are going to stretch as we like. This hairstyle depends on how long your hair is, the number of bubbles you make in your hair will depend on it.

●     Inner ponytail

For the next hairstyle what we will do is again make a high ponytail as strong as we can, and we make a hole in the middle to pass the ponytail inside. It’s super easy, we just pull it back up and hollow it out. You will see how it looks like a kind of spiral that will be too shocking to see.

●     Herringbone braid ponytail

We move on to the next hairstyle and what we’ll do is keep a ponytail on top again, and pull out a little hair to hide the ponytail. We put a bobby pin to keep the strand there, and that’s it. What we are going to do now is a herringbone braid, super easy to do. We divide the hair in two and take one end from the outside of each division, and pass it to the opposite side. There is always one end to take, and we keep going like this until we have no hair to hold. Finish by securing the hair with a rubber band and if you prefer to have it a little more tousled, you can pull the little hairs in the center of the braid to make it looser.

●     Herringbone bun

Taking advantage of the braid of the previous hairstyle, we will roll it on the same axis and add some hairpins to hold the bun. If we like we can add different types of accessories both in the back and in the front or simply comb the hairs of our forehead with a little gel to give it shape. You can also take some strands out of the corners to give it a more casual look.

●     Vertical loose braid

With our hair, we will take a strand from the front and we will make a normal braid from that part, but with direction to the sides. We put a rubber band, and now we will take strands from the front part of the hair and we will put strands of hair in the holes of the braid. From the front to the back of the braid, but we can only put in three or four strands of hair. It is ideal to take our hair out of our face, so we can wear it to the beach or when we want to go on a picnic with our friends.

●     Back braided tresses

For this hairstyle, we will need a rubber band and we will make a half updo with a very small strand, where we also put another rubber band to hold it. Now with the ends, we take the two remaining strands and start braiding. Now, with the end that we have left to put in, what we do is to take hair from the outside, and pass it to the other side. The same with the left or right side, depending on where you started from.

●     Two braids on the side

We are going to divide the hair in two with a comb and we are going to take it all the way to the back, we gather in a rubber band on the right side of the hair and we use oil to mold the hair so we can better handle the random little hairs that are left out of the braid. What we are going to do is take one end of the top of the head, divide it into three and start making a herringbone braid down the end of our head. So, we take hair and pass it to the side, but making sure that the hair ends are towards the bottom and not towards the top. Once we no longer have to take hair, we continue with a normal braid, the longer the hair the longer it will take to braid. Then we put a rubber band at the end and we hollow out the braid as we did before. Now on the other side, we do exactly the same, taking strands and tucking them under to make the braid. And again, the same process. We hollow out the braid as before, put a rubber band, and that’s it!

●     Braid at the top of our head

The first step is to divide the part of the crown of our head, in the form of a strip, on both sides. Make sure to do it in a centered way. And the part underneath the hair we can grab with clips or with rubber bands so that it doesn’t bother us while we make the braid. With our top part, we will make a line two centimeters wide and start our braid. We are going to divide it into three, and it is important that we take the braid to the back, not to the front. Each time we braid we will take strands from our corners, less from the center, and so on. When we finish the top part, we will take a small rubber band and we will put it where we finished the braid so that the bun is loose, we will adjust it to our preference. If you don’t want it so hard, you can pull the braid to make it a little more disheveled, this depends on how you like it.

Now, cover the garter with a small piece of hair, turn it over and put a bobby pin to secure it. Release the rest of the hair and that’s it!

●     Two root braids on the side of the head

We will do a parting down the center or on the top side, and take that parting to the back. The remaining hair we hold with a rubber band, and again at the corner, we make another parting about 2 inches down. From the corner, you will take some hair, or at least the smaller sections, and start braiding. Each time you braid, you should take the few small hairs from the surrounding area. You can take some gel and proceed to apply it so that it is not so misaligned, this is up to your preference. It is very important that you follow the shape of your head, or in other words, that you take it in one direction towards the back. After you have braided it all over your skull, you can add the garter, or if you prefer, continue braiding and make a full braid.

And again, with the loose strand that we had left and that we had fastened with a rubber band at the bottom of the braid that we had already made, we make another braid from the root. Again until the end. And that’s it! You can leave the rest of the hair loose or give it volume by backcombing.

●     Braided bun

We are going to make a parting in the middle, separate one side, and start an inverted V braid. We will need to grab the wider sections to give more volume to the hairstyle. Just like the last hairstyle, we start at the edge close to the face, and pass the strands underneath, doing the same for the whole braid. On the other side, we do exactly the same and pull each of the strands slightly out of each braid. When finished, we bring the two braids towards the center as if they were an onion. First start with one side, then the other, adjusting with bobby pins to make it look neater.

●     Semi-high bun

We mainly separate two small strands from the front part of our hair, although this is optional, and divide with our own hands half of our hair backward. We make a tousled half-ponytail, but without any bumps, and secure it with a rubber band, pulling slightly on the edges so that there is more volume in the back. We would only need to tousle a little to our liking, and that’s it. It is ideal for hair with waves or curls.

●     Loose braids

We take a high strand of our hair and we make a small simple braid of three, without tightening it so much, the looser the better, and we adjust it with a rubber band. We repeat the process with random strands along with the hair, depending on where we want our braids to be. For this simple hairstyle, you can add some colored rubber bands or perhaps decorative clips. You also have the option of using hair ties in the same color as your hair to keep it more unnoticed and give the look a more formal touch. You can also use a heat protectant and make waves with a curling iron or flat iron to add even more volume. But this option is up to the decision of the person wearing the braids.

●     Front braids with a ponytail

We will divide the hair a bit and make two front braids in the main strands of our hair. We hold it with some rubber bands and with the rest of the hair we take it with a brush and make a semi-high ponytail. It is very simple but it is ideal to wear it to the beach!

●     Simple knot

We take our brush and take all our hair back as high as we can, combing through the back as well to make sure there aren’t any extra knots we need to remove. After this, we take our garter and give the ponytail a couple of twists. With the hair we have left we should wrap it around the ponytail and put a rubber band on top of it to secure the little hairs that come out. You can add a tail to make it look bigger or just add bobby pins. And that’s it! You can take some hair out behind the ears, but this is totally optional.

●     Low ponytail

We will need a brush and a rubber band. What we will do is divide the hair in half with a comb or our fingers, and start flattening it with the brush. With the hairspray, we finish scrunching enough and take the rubber band to make a low ponytail, at the nape of the neck. With a strand of the ponytail, we can cover the garter if it is not of our hair color, or if you prefer it to be seen it is your decision. This is a great hairstyle to go to a bar at night or to an evening party with a colorful dress.

●     Front to side Dutch braid

To start, the first thing to do is to comb the hair quickly to make sure we have no hidden knots. Once we have already brushed we proceed to divide the hair from one side of the hair that is not in the center, this can be done with the help of a comb. Then, we take out a small section from the top and divide it into three pieces as we would do for any normal braid.  Once we have this, we are going to start braiding, we bring the outside section towards the middle, and so on with the other corner section, all the way down. After we have braided three times, we start adding strands from the ends of our hair to make it bigger and have all the hair gathered. So on and so forth, until we reach the ear.

When we get to the ear, we are going to pass the hair from the opposite side to the side where we are braiding to join it. Since we will need to incorporate it into our braid little by little. Now it is time to incorporate the outer sections of hair into our French braid, so we do the same procedure as we have already explained. When we no longer have a skull to weave, we can give in to making a normal braid and at the end hold it with a rubber band. The important part is to give volume to the braid, this can be achieved by pulling small parts of it without tousling it too much. You can pull out some extra strands from the corners of your hair or apply hairspray on the whole braid, this is a personal decision.

●     Semi updo with bubble braid

The first thing we are going to do is section off half of the hair tying it in the back, then we are going to make sure to fix those little hairs in the front that can bother us in the process. At the back, we will hide the garter with the same section of hair that we will wrap around it. To start working we are going to separate the hair in the middle and divide the ponytail we left above in two. Now, we will tie the top part leaving about a two-inch space with another thin rubber band. Once we are done we are going to make a little hole in the bubble of hair that we made and very carefully we are going to open it so that it gives a bubble effect. Again, we tie the hair with a two-inch separation, we will open a little hole, pass our fingers and pull the section to adjust the bubble. Do the same thing all the way through, and we’re pretty much done with the hairstyle. You can add a little more hairspray to prevent it from unraveling or by pulling out two strands from the front.

●     Semi-braided Dutch braid updo

Let’s start by dividing the area where we are going to braid. To make it easier and not confuse us, we hold the rest of the hair with a bobby pin. We are going to section three strands from front to back and start braiding. Instead of passing the strands over the middle section, we will do it under the middle section, this from the whole braid. Remember to add hair as the braid progresses. After finishing the weave from the skull, we can proceed with a normal braid. After we have finished we fasten with a rubber band and hide the rest of the braid behind the loose hair. Also before doing this step you can open the braid to add volume and apply hairspray to make it a little neater. Then, after this, we fix it with a bobby pin at the back of the hair and that’s it. Release the rest of the hair and voila! You can also do it on the other side of the hair, but this is optional.

●     Braided bun

We are going to divide our hair into two parts. Then with the help of a comb, we are going to take out a section that is going to go in the direction of the ear, holding it with a rubber band. We will also do the same on the other side, remember that the rubber bands are temporary so they should not be so neat. Now what we will do is gather all our hair into a ponytail, and hold it. With our first strand, we untangle it very, very well and divide it into three parts. We’ll make a Dutch braid without making it too tight. And we do the same procedure on the next side.

We continue with the back hair; we are going to remove the ponytail and comb very well so that there are no unruly strands. Again we place a temporary ponytail, and we take our braids, which we will tie back. With the remaining hair, we divide it into three parts and make a basic braid as well, adding the braids at the front. When we are done, we pull the braid strips and with the help of our fingers, we roll the large braid inwards so that it is tight. Then to finish we add bobby pins around it. You can secure the hairstyle with hairspray or leave it half tousled.

●     Knot bun

We make a side parting and settle the hair with a comb. Now that we are pretty sure all the hair is in place, we go to the back. We make a low ponytail holding the hair in place. Then we can pull it to make sure it is neat. After this we take the whole part of the strand in the middle, making a circle as if you were going to tie a knot and try to twist it upwards, leaving four fingers hair-free. Now, I bring up the other hand and we take the lock of hair from the wheel and pass it through the middle of our knot. And now, without letting go, we help ourselves with the other hand to arrange the remaining strands. Then we add a rubber band to hold it tightly and with a few bobby pins, we secure it so that it does not fall out quickly.

So much for today’s article! We hope you have found these hairstyles useful and that they are certified by all the staff of our store. It should be noted that most are hairstyles for long hair, so if you have short hair we have a solution for you: Extensions. You can get them in our store in all types of material and all types of hair, as well as different colors. So if you need them, you know where to buy them!

Each of these hairstyles is ideal for different types of occasions, for a simple party or even for a coffee on a terrace, do not limit your possibilities and also add different types of accessories to complement the hairstyle, such as headbands, bandanas, decorative clips or just whatever you can imagine!  These hairstyles are just a reference, you can even reinvent them and make new types of hairstyles that fit your personality type. Don’t wait any longer and create your own trend.


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