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What hair style is the best for you? The best hair quiz!

What hair style is the best for you? The best hair quiz!

It’s a daily thing, you go to your mirror and wonder what you can do to change your daily style, what are you going to try to give it that special touch you need? Finding the perfect look for you, both in color and cut, can be tricky. For this we need to know our face and hair type. Although our tastes are what should guide us all the time, there are some haircuts that look better on some people in particular.

Our style always rotates depending on our age, movement, daily habits and tastes. Some of us adapt more to fashion trends, others go more for trendsetting, and that’s perfect! But we all agree that haircuts are totally useful to express our opinion or tastes. If you’re ready for a drastic change in your hair, read on and we’ll tell you how to choose the one that best suits you or the one that best suits you based on a little test.


  • The shape of your face in general is:
  1. A) Smaller in the jaw area than in the temple area.
  2. B) A wider temple equal to the hairline.
  3. C) Twice as long as it is wide.

  • General terms:
  1. A) Taller and less wide.
  2. B) It is proportional, having the same width and height.
  3. C) The chin part has a slight rounding at the end.


  • Contexture of your face
  1. A) Your forehead is wider than the end of your face.
  2. B) It is quite full, almost like a porcelain doll.
  3. C) It looks like a square, or has two corners on each side.


  • Your cheekbones tend to be:
  1. A) Fairly light, small in size and delicate,
  2. B) Thick and high.
  3. C) Low and thick


  • Your chin is:
  1. A) Inwardly circling
  2. B) Smooth and without curves
  3. C) Rectangular

Majority of A’s in answers:

You are quite lucky! Your face is compatible with every style out there. Loose and flowing hair, a curlier updo and even compact waves or Californian waves all look great on you! Always try to nourish your hair to keep it away from potential hair problems so you can keep it as flexible as you want it to be.

You can wear long or short bangs, as your forehead can be styled in this way. And you can also opt for a smaller cut, even an ear length bob, a bob, or whatever you want. If your hair has a thin strand you can add volume by gently brushing it in the opposite direction. Also you can choose to curl your hair and cut it at the height of your choice, this type of hairstyle will highlight your cheekbones and if you add a complementary makeup, everyone will be under your feet!

You can take inspiration from celebrities like Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba and more. Go identify them yourself!


  • Majority of B’s in the answers:

Your face has one of the most gorgeous shapes. The trick to make it stand out is to choose hairstyles that highlight your eyes and cheekbones. Also add contrast to the underside of your face. One option if you are happy with your hair is to go to the salon and add layers to the middle part of your face. That way you keep your length but can add more volume to your hair. It’s at least a good option for people who have straight hair.


  • Majority C’s in the answers

We will be looking to soften the more solid features of your face, these are the ones in the lower and outer corners. One of the hairstyles that help the most in this type of case are long wavy cuts, you can add a fringe at the forehead or maybe some layers at the bottom of the hair. Bob cuts with several layers are IDEAL for this type of face, and even better if you add a fringe.

The important thing to remember is that every face is beautiful and no matter how you wear it, you will look gorgeous.


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