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A DIY mask that you will love. We know it. Check it out!

A DIY mask that you will love. We know it. Check it out!

If you see your hair rougher, duller, with split ends, a bit unmanageable and quite tangled, maybe it’s a sign that you need a little hair hydration URGENT. And what better than a natural hair mask to do it!

Hair masks are moisturizing methods mainly based on oils or natural components such as aloe vera, tomato and even onion. These products go deeper into the scalp more effectively than a daily shampoo or conditioner, which helps nourish it from the inside of our head. It is worth noting that the benefits they bring in a single application are amazing, of course, depending on how damaged your hair is and how you apply it.

Every day we put our hair under enormous pressure; by this we mean heat tools such as flat irons or curling irons, overly tight hairstyles, daily walks in the sun without any hair sunscreen and abrasive chemicals such as keratin or perm. Mask treatments can reduce hair problems such as hair breakage and extreme dehydration, giving it a nourished and healthy look. All from your own home and with easily available ingredients!

One of the most beneficial types of hair masks is the coconut oil mask. Which are perfect for their high percentage of natural protein and antioxidants. Although we should already know that this tropical fruit can be used for anything, among them we can find lip balms, coconut oil-based makeup removers, moisturizing or anti-aging facial creams, among many other uses that we cannot count in a single article. If you decide to stay and give a little more love to your hair, we will tell you its benefits and how to use it correctly to get a hair of stunning and pamper yourself a little! Are you ready? Here we go!


Benefits of coconut oil


  • Prevents hair loss: This comes from many years of use, from India in master times its use was essential to comb the hair, and the great women combined coconut and medicinal herbs to combat hair loss. If we want to recreate this treatment, we can boil some Salvia leaves with a dash of Coconut oil. You can also try it with some lemon water or Currants and coconut oil, which has the same regenerating effect.


  • Repairs damaged hair: Its constant use can prevent hair protein loss in both damaged and healthy hair. This is because coconut contains a large amount of lauric acid, and its low molecular weight composition allows it to enter the inner parts of the scalp to have a greater effect. You can choose to use it either before or after shampooing your hair.


  • It can help lower basal temperature: Although we are talking about an oil, this particular one may contain a cooling impression. This works for people who tend to have an abnormal basal temperature, or those who have increased capillary sweating.


  • Retains moisture: Since it does not have the necessary composition, moisture does not decompose, dehydrate or evaporate. Instead, it is kept inside the hair strand. Coconut oil, being very dense, does not let components such as moisture escape, promoting softness and preventing hair breakage.

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  • Natural conditioner: Being natural, coconut oil is a more viable option than any chemical you can get in a store. Its use at room temperature helps maintain hair shine. It can be applied with a little heat in the last hours of the night and washed with abundant water the following day. The procedure can be repeated as many times as you want, depending on how many times you wash your hair per week.


  • Anti-Dandruff Function: It has multiple fatty acids, as well as omega 3, which is perfect to prevent hair fungus such as dandruff, being its constant use a great antifungal regulator that, if you are in a constant battle with this fungus, will be your best ally. To use this effective remedy we will need to combine it with some castor oil, which also has similar functions and helps not to damage our hair during application as it is a density diffuser. We will mix a tablespoon of both oils in a small saucepan over low heat, and after 1 minute let it cool to room temperature and then apply it to our dirty hair. You can also add a little sesame oil if you prefer, and let it sit on the scalp for about half an hour.


  • Styling gel or styling cream: Its composition allows it to be melted and applied, and when it cools it tends to condense. This can be used for the benefit of our hair, but it should be applied in a lukewarm state to avoid hair burns. After this, little by little the hair will take the shape you want to give it without altering your hair or causing fungus, as can happen with commercial gels.

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  • Prevents the appearance of more gray hair: The appearance of gray hair is based on the decrease of melanin in our body. Melanin is a pigment that the older we get, the more it is lost in our body and is the one who, in our hair follicles, is responsible for giving color to the hair strand. But coconut oil helps to recover it and to maintain the natural color of the hair, even to highlight it.



  • Protection against hair parasites: We are talking about the well-known lice, sometime one of us has had them and we cannot deny it even if we are ashamed to admit it. It can even happen more than once this small plague that is caused by being exposed to the outdoors. It is worth noting that yes, there are multiple treatments on the market to deal with these unwanted guests, but they can tend to damage the hair thanks to their high levels of chemical components that can be harmful to our scalp. An easier way to remove them without having to resort to an insecticide is to brush wet hair with a fine comb, as coconut oil will facilitate the mobility of the comb, and will make the lice unable to adhere to the root of our hair.


  • Treatment for dry hair: This happens a lot in curly or wavy hair, usually this type of hair tends to be very porous so it does not retain enough moisture and tends to dry or break. However, the use of both cleansing treatments or conditioners with coconut oil as a component can promote the restoration and hydration of the hair strand, giving it shine and achieving even more pronounced curls.


  • Boils: Many women tend to suffer from hair boils at some time in their lives, specifically during the winter season. However, it can also happen if the scalp is exposed constantly or for a long period of time to direct sunlight. For this, excellent hair hygiene must be maintained. If we want to relieve symptoms such as irritation and pain of boils, we can massage with coconut or olive oil for a few minutes. Of course, this is if your trusted doctor allows it, since not all cases are the same.


  • Split Ends: Common in dehydrated hair, if you don’t feel like it or just don’t feel like cutting your ends, you can make a small homemade mixture to apply to the hair directly. This is derived from a combination of coconut oil and almond oil, which will reduce split ends and bring hair strands back together.

Different masks for different hair problems

There is no perfect mask, although there are some very good ones. Each one has specifications for each hair type, some for oily hair others for very dry hair, you must be critical of your hair and decide which one suits you best!

  • Coconut mask for dry and dull hair:

Say no more, your hair is crying out for antioxidant properties! This could be because of our hair type or because of bad daily practices. In fact, people who practice swimming or other water sports tend to have this type of problem.

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For its realization we will need strawberries, honey and coconut oil. Once we have the ingredients at hand, we will add half a cup of strawberries to the blender until we have a puree. Then we transfer it to a clean cup, and there we will add 2 and a half tablespoons of honey plus two tablespoons of coconut oil. We are going to mix it well with a spoon until we have a homogeneous mixture. Then we will separate the hair evenly in several strands and we will apply the product with a hair brush or with our own hands. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, it is recommended that you cover the mixture with a shower cap or soft towel making sure not to remove the mixture from your head. After the waiting time, we will remove it with plenty of warm water and we can apply a few drops of a hair cream that we like to add more shine to our hair.


  • Coconut mask for dry and damaged hair

We see it a lot in hair; mostly it is a problem of people who maintain a curly mane as they tend to suffer the excesses of the iron. This type of hair keeps its ends open, tends to break and is frizzy but not in a natural way, but almost scorched. It cries out for a dose of protein and intensive hydration.

To prepare our mask we will need coconut oil, an egg, and avocado. Mainly we will crack the egg and separate the yolk from the white, we will keep the yolk as it will be what we will use in our mixture. Then add three tablespoons of coconut oil and beat well. In another cup, separate the inside of an avocado and add it to our mixture. With the help of a fork or whisk, we will mix it well until we create a manageable paste. We will quickly apply it to our hair with our hands, mostly in the area of the roots or the parts that you consider to be the most damaged. Let it sit for about half an hour and then remove it with warm water until there is no more residue. If you want more effectiveness, do this mask at least twice a week and avoid heat tools such as hair dryer or iron.

  • Coconut mask to remove dandruff

It’s more common than we think and I bet you’ve suffered from it. Fear not! We have a more natural alternative than buying a thousand anti-dandruff shampoos or multiple miracle products.

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For its preparation we will need our coconut oil, honey and tea tree oil. Start by heating three tablespoons of coconut oil on the stove, when it is at a good temperature, take it out and mix it with a large spoonful of honey and several drops of tea tree oil, it can be between 5 or 8, you decide the amount. If the mask is still very hot, let it stand until it becomes tolerable, but do not let it cool completely. After applying it, wait an hour before removing it and wash it off with plenty of cold water and the shampoo of your choice. Do this maximum twice a week.

  • Coconut mask to increase hair growth and strengthen hair strands.

If your hair is very thin or when you comb it, half of it is left in your brush, don’t worry, we have a mask for that too. We will need our coconut oil and a ripe avocado. After removing the inside of the avocado and pouring it into a cup, add 3 tablespoons of warm olive oil. We will mix it well and put it on our scalp giving small massages around it. After about 20 minutes, remove with warm water and let it dry naturally. You can repeat this twice a week to improve the results.

  • Mask to nourish the hair:

From time to time, even if we don’t have a hair problem, it is good to maintain proper hydration and nourishment for our hair. This keeps it with a soft texture and always shiny. If you want to regenerate your straightened/curly hair and give it some weekly love, you can try this gentle mask:

For this mask we will use one vitamin E capsule and one to two tablespoons of coconut oil. After having them at hand, we will break in a porcelain cup the vitamin E capsule until emptying all its contents. After this, we will add our tablespoons of coconut oil and mix both ingredients well. If you want you can use a hair brush or you can add the mixture to your hair with your own hands, as you decide. Massage it a little with a comb to activate the hair follicles and let it sit overnight. It is advisable to use a shower cap to avoid soiling our pillows. The next morning, wash with plenty of water and take care of the sun.

A mask for each type of hair

This is an important point to mention, because each person is different. Not all of us have the same characteristics, not even the same skin, so it is totally normal for our hair to have different types. We mention this so that you keep in mind that not every product, treatment or solution will suit everyone. It may work for you and not for your friend, and that’s totally normal. So it is recommended that you identify your hair type to choose the one that best suits you.

If you have wavy and curly hair, it will tend to be dry and porous. Therefore you will need a super moisturizing mask to restore flexibility and shine, but if you love defined curls you will need one that reduces frizz. If your hair is straighter and thinner, perhaps the best option is to look for one that helps remove dandruff or excess sebum at the roots. And for hair that falls in between these two types, it’s best to keep it nourished with revitalizing masks without overdoing the components as they tend to get quite heavy when dirty.

The key is to know your hair type and act accordingly, and don’t despair if something doesn’t work the first time, everything is done with patience and care! Nothing is easy or quick, and if it is, it probably won’t work. If you notice that the mask is giving you the opposite results to what you needed, maybe it wasn’t the right one for you. We leave this up to your judgment and your decision! Remember that your hair is beautiful no matter what it looks like, give it your best so you look your best!


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