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What haristyle fits perfectly to your face shape?

What haristyle fits perfectly to your face shape?

While all haircuts are suitable for all women, there are some that tend to look better, and you may be surprised to know that this has its field of study! Yes, Visagism comes from a French term which translates as Face. In this term it develops from our face, its shape, presentation and things that conform it.

It is a term of high importance in the field of hairdressing or fashion, because based on the face is how the face is going to be modeled with the right artifacts. All around these types: Long, Oval, Circular, Rectangular, Triangular, or Square.

It should be noted that not only should we take into account our face type, but our hair and overall body proportions before making a style change decision. Although if you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, that’s reason enough to wear it.

Ready to learn a little more about this interesting topic and how to use it to your advantage? Here we go!

  • Elongated face

This type of face tends to have more length than thickness, the chin is smaller and lanky, as is the forehead. Usually people with these characteristics tend to have high cheekbones, a little higher than the average height of the head.

Our main objective in these cases is to shorten the face aesthetically, or make it visually pleasing. Makeup for this type of face is very focused on lowering the height of the cheekbones and the length of the chin. Accessories can be geometric, and in case you need glasses, it is better to use rectangular or thin frames.

  • Diamond or hexagonal face

Its corners are quite pronounced and keep cheekbones pretty noticeable to the naked eye. The chin is usually pointed. The makeup that is most recommended for this type of face is one that tries to greatly diminish the jawline, this is achieved by placing the products in the middle of the cheekbones, both bronzer and blush.


If you need glasses, it is recommended to use rectangular or circular ones, and regarding accessories, your best friends will be earrings in a circular shape, and necklines that do not add more size to the face.

  • Square face

The chin is square, the forehead and cheekbones have a proportional size and it is usually compact. To decorate this face we will try to sharpen the chin area with dark bronzers and shadows. If we want to add accessories the best are with circular shapes, both for necklace, earrings and even glasses. The best neckline to use is the V-shaped one.

  • Inverted triangle or heart-shaped face

It is one of the most beautiful and easy to stylize faces, here the chin is elongated, and maintains similar features to the diamond face. Although this one has the difference that it is not as marked as the diamond face. The cheekbones are wide as well as the forehead, and it is quite proportional in size. To stylize it with makeup we will use a soft illuminator on the cheekbones, the blush will go on the corners of the cheekbones and the bronzer in the part where the hair and jaw begin. All types of accessories look good, but try not to use too many dangling earrings or elongated ones.

  • Circular face

It is totally proportional; this means that in length and thickness are the same size. The jaw has no defined features and the cheekbones are almost null. For our makeup we will try to create more prominent cheekbones, therefore with the bronzer we will mark this area circularly from below where it should be. We can use the three technique that goes from the beginning of the hair to the chin. We can also define it with highlighter on the nose and forehead. Dangling earrings are the best option, as well as rectangular glasses and pointed necklines downwards.

How to recognize your face shape?

Although you may identify with several artists or movie stars with faces similar to yours, you may have a mixed face or simply not recognize it directly. Therefore, it’s best to go through a little recognition procedure to help you understand what it is and what hairstyles are right for you. Are you ready? Have a little patience and give it a try!


  • Take a mirror and look at yourself in it:


Yes, let’s admire our beauty a little bit. We will take our mirror, preferably a large one, and place it in a well-lit space to make the process easier for us, especially for people with vision problems. We are going to make a high ponytail and if in your case, strands fall around your face, you are going to hold them with a hairclip or a bobby pin so that it is 100% clear. And now take a tape measure, a notebook and a pencil, the test begins.

  • First step: Measure your forehead

It’s the beginning of your face, so we’ll start by measuring there. To do this we will take the aforementioned tape measure, and place it at the corners of our forehead.

Second step: Measure your jawline

After having taken the measurements of your forehead, we will go to the height of our cheekbones which is below our precious eyes, and we will repeat the process of measuring from end to end. It should be noted that we must stretch our tape measure as much as possible when it passes through the arch of the nose to take accurate measurements and not make a mistake.

  • Third step: Keep looking at your jaw, but from another angle.

Yes, your face has two parts to measure in this part. Now we are going to adjust the tape measure diagonally on the ear until it reaches the chin. Let’s try not to go too far with the measurement up to the hair, but to the limits of your head.

  • Fourth step: Measure your chin

With our tool, we will measure from the starting point of the nose to the last point of the chin in the straightest line we can draw, remember to try to take the most accurate measurement possible.

  • Fifth step: Measure the length of your face.

This is a key point and the largest measurement we will make. For it we will hold the tape measure from the beginning of the hair on the forehead, to the end of our chin, all in a direct line that passes over the nose firmly.

  • Sixth step: Analyze your measurements thoroughly.

If it is not feasible for you to measure your face or follow the steps we gave you above, you have another option to find out the type of face you have. To use it we will need to draw (or if you don’t have this talent, you can even print) several face shapes that are not excessively large, and print a photo of your face in the same format as the previous ones. This way you can place the printout on top of the drawings and find out your face type.

Hairstyles for each type of face

  • Circular face

In this type of face we will seek to balance the facial features and tone it, for this, the cut we decide to wear needs to balance both the width and thickness of the cheeks. We must cancel the layers in our hair, as this will give even more volume to our face, which we want to avoid. We can use a long bob to balance the lengths of our face. A very chic way to wear this look is to add a side fringe, but not totally straight. This will add thickness to our cheeks. Any cut that is not totally symmetrical is perfect for this type of face, as it highlights the features and balances the cheekbones. Parting the hair in the center also helps to create more facial harmony.


  • Square Face

Stronger facial features and a more symmetrical face, here we will try to blur the harder corners of the face using makeup in dark colors. We can use the hair in a medium cut, although it can also be worn with long hair which adds a more feminine touch. We can use a brush to make big volume on the top of our head, or we can add fluffy bangs with a blow dryer. It is advisable if we want to use a fringe, take it to the beginning of the eyebrows, and add soft waves, as this way we can disguise the squareness of the forehead and soften the jaws, plus it is a phenomenal style. Again we can resort to the bob cut, which will further soften the cheekbone and chin area.

If we want a more modern style, we can use slashes that go towards the center of the face to create an optical illusion. You can use multiple hairstyles, but keep in mind that they should not reach the jaw area as they will only promote the symmetrical shape of the face.

  • Elongated face

This is one of the most beautiful on the list besides the circular face. Although it has many more strong features, it is more aesthetic than the others, although none of them are not precious. The cheekbones and jawline are even more noticeable features in this face type, although it has similarities to the oval face type, it tends to have more length and slenderness.

It looks good with any hairstyle that has movement, such as curls or pronounced waves at the bottom of the hair. Also, if you comb it all to one side it will look fabulous, as the volume at the bottom will be greater and this will flatter your slim features. Short hairstyles are also excellent, especially those that are worn at the neck. Do not hesitate to take a little risk and try all kinds of looks, it is very versatile and looks good with everything.

If you have this type of face and your hair is straight, you can cut it in multiple layers to simulate more texture. You can also part it in the middle as the fall will look spectacular. If you decide to do a gradient in the front, let your trusted hairdresser know that she can leave two styled strands at the cheekbone level.

If your hair is straight, you can add volume with the help of layers. Styling your hair with a middle parting will help a lot. Ask your stylist to leave the front sections just at cheekbone level.

If your goal is to halve your face, we can use eyebrow length bangs. You can wear it in all directions; either side swept or straight, no matter which one will look amazing on you. Although long hair is not as recommended, it looks amazing with diagonal braids and tousled, with a few strands in the air.

  • Rectangular

It is easy to distinguish this type of face because of its evident and mixed features. It is a combination of an elongated and square face, but has soft features like an oval. One of the benefits of this type of hair is that you can play with multiple textures when styling it. One way to do this is to part the hair in a line that is not in the center, and comb it sideways. This type of face tends to be more elongated on one side, so depending on which way you style the hair, it will look even more symmetrical.

We can add a fringe to give a more feminine and subtle touch to our mane, and have a little more softness in our lower features, which is quite useful for this type of face. It is worth mentioning that if you use a fringe it should have enough volume and be slightly tousled so that it has a contrast with the strong facial features and those that are soft and angelic. It is also worth mentioning that layered cuts look excellent, as do side partings, and loose strands on the sides of the head. If you want a hairstyle that is simple to do but very chic, you can take your hair and make a bun at the back of your head. Then loose a few strands at the area of your forehead and that’s it! A simple look to go for a coffee and you can add a bandana to make it look more chic.

  • Oval

The most praised by critics and the fashion industry for its versatility. It looks great with any trend you want to try, although you may well have preferences when it comes to cutting your hair for this type of face.

One of the most popular haircuts for many years is the pixie cut. It is a very short cut, but it is available for all types of faces, and it stands out much more on oval faces. It fits any hair texture, as well as the midi cut, which is also excellent for oval faces as it gives more of the measures and features of this.

If you have long hair, it’s perfect! Don’t be afraid to give it a little more volume with some waves, a scissor cut or even cut it in layers. The more textures you have, the better! And they look great in a chignon or ponytail pulled up, with a tousled, frizzy fringe. It lengthens the neck, and slims the figure of the face to make it look a little thinner.

If this is not your style, and you need something more cute or feminine, you can opt for a mid-length cut and voluminous bangs with a blow dryer. You can complement it with some hair clips that are the latest trend this season. This type of face doesn’t have many limits, so you can allow yourself to be creative without any problem!

  • Heart

It’s not easy to find this type of hair, but it is easy to wear and style. If you need more volume or want to look even tougher but still formal, dare to de-graffiti your hair from the jaw area, a bet not to be missed.

It is not advisable to wear your hair straight on this type of face, so waves at the bottom or all over the hair look beautiful, as they add more volume to the lower part of the face, which balances the facial features.

You can also opt for a shoulder length cut with beach or Californian waves, and opt for short bangs that don’t exaggerate the forehead area, the simpler the better.

  • Triangle

Last in our top! But not the least important. To wear this face is more advisable to keep the lower part clear and not to show too much volume on the top of the head. It is advisable to wear it in a bob as it softens the face and makes it easier to manage.

It is not recommended to wear short hairstyles or below the shoulders, but diagonal bangs are excellent to simulate the asymmetrical lower part of the head. It should be noted that it should not exceed the height of the eyes, because it can widen the forehead, which we do not want.

















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