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Need to grow your hair faster in just one month? Here’s how!

Need to grow your hair faster in just one month? Here’s how!

Have you picked up a pair of scissors and didn’t like the result? Want to change that style urgently to a long hair? We’ve got the solution! Keep reading and stay with us.

Many women (and men) are constantly monitoring their hair growth, giving excessive importance to the fact that it grows one centimeter per day. It’s quite illogical, but we can’t judge anyone. Some of us need a full head of hair to achieve the hairstyles we love and see on our favorite movie stars.

There are many factors to take into account in each person or hair type, since none of us have the same habits, genetics or diet, among others. Our hair has different ways of hydrating and being, but we can still promote its growth with some tips that we will give you later.

The question of the century: How long does it take to grow hair?

We’ll answer this question in the simplest and most logical way we can: Hair tends to grow about 0.3 millimeters per day. Therefore, our hair will grow approximately one and a half centimeters per month, and about 15 centimeters per year. But as we had told you before, each person has a different type of hair, hydration and care. Therefore everything you include in your daily routine and even your genetics will influence whether it is 10 cm per year, or even 20 cm.



The amount of growth is totally varied depending on the scalp, although well the hair cycles do not change in structure.

These are:

  • Anagen Cycle: The hair is growing from deep within the hair root, usually the longest lasting cycle as our hair almost always stays in this state.


  • Catagen cycle: It lasts a couple of weeks, and is when the hair follicle begins to detach from the skin.


  • Telogen Cycle: It happens when the scalp is in a resting process, not all hair goes through this process constantly, usually only 15% is at rest at the same time. It lasts approximately two and a half to three months. In short, when the hair stops growing to rest the hair follicle.






Our growth since we are babies is constant, but as the years go by each hair strand takes its own path and grows differently, therefore we cannot ask for all our hair to grow uniformly and that is why we must go to the hairdresser to have our hair cut uniformly. If you have had an exhaustive control of your growth and you don’t see results even in a month, we will give you these little tips to stimulate your scalp and your mane can grow normally.

Home remedies for hair growth


  • Olive oil

One of the top of the list for its effectiveness on all hair types, both in growth and to moisturize and maintain hair strength. The unsaturated fatty acids that contain and touch our hair, make the hydration is maintained longer and promotes scalp health.

If we want to apply it on our hair, we will take a small cup, and heat there slightly the olive oil. It can be either in the microwave or in a pot, as you prefer. After this, we are going to apply some well ground rosemary and we will keep it in rest for about 50 hours before applying it. When it is ready, we must pour it evenly throughout the hair roots, and on the ends if you prefer so. It should remain there for about 15 minutes, and then we should remove it well with Shampoo. It should be noted that after this application we cannot go out in the sun, and we should do it twice a week.

  • Egg and banana

It is a classic hair treatment and excellent to strengthen our hair. We can achieve our goals with a simple egg mask, which will restore the shine and resistance of our hair strands.

To make it we will need a whole egg and a banana. In a separate container, mash the banana well with a fork. When it is sufficiently manageable, we will apply the egg and mix it until we get a cream. We must apply it on our hair from top to bottom and leave it there for about 15 minutes. After this we must rinse with a little water at room temperature, and we will wash in the normal way, making sure not to forget the conditioner.

  • White onion

A kitchen staple and also a fundamental part of our natural hair routine. It’s something we always have on hand so it won’t be as complicated as going across town for the only conditioner that works for us. It is as good to ingest as it is to use externally, and to use it we will chop it into small slices and then put them in our regular shampoo. After a week you will surely start noticing changes in your hair.

  • Green tea

Our grandmothers always said so, and we should have listened to them: Green tea is one of the most overall beneficial products out there. It helps us with our digestive tract, helps us control our emotions, lightens our skin and improves the health of our hair and nails.

Thanks to the flavonoids, which are substances that maintain a great contribution of antioxidants and other nutrients, our hair will have enough vitamins to have ample growth. It also prevents hair loss, which greatly strengthens the hair. To achieve this effect we can drink a cup of green tea daily on a monthly cycle. In addition to seeing excellent results in our hair, we will see it in our general health.

  • Water with lemon

This combination tends to be very strong and effective, as it stimulates the hair follicles by getting rid of the fat that is left over in your hair holes. Lemon also gives a high percentage of antioxidants and minerals, which keeps our mane quite nourished and strong.

To apply it we will need the juice of half a lemon and a glass of water. Mix it and let it rest for about 5 minutes. When it is ready, we can apply it on our hair giving small massages on the capillary root. It should be noted that it must be removed with plenty of water so that there is no residue and it has the opposite effect of nourishing. It is so effective that you only need to do it once a week, although if your hair tends to store more sebum in the root area, you can add another day to your routine.

  • Potato water

The potato, or specifically the water it emanates, is ideal for nourishing brittle hair that needs a shot of moisture and shine. It is ideal for hair growth and to increase the thickness of the strands. Among the vitamins it provides are B vitamins, C vitamins and a large amount of iron, which is very useful to strengthen our hair. To make our “Miracle Liquid” we will boil two potatoes with the peel but well washed, in a pot with enough water. After 8 minutes, you can turn it off and let it cool down to room temperature. You will use the liquid as a second hair product in your regular shower.

  • Honey and Aloe Vera:

This mixture works for both facial, body and hair masks. It is a classic that will add softness to your skin based on exfoliation, and will add smoothness and shine to your hair0. It will also increase its growth based on the nourishment that these ingredients provide.

To make the mask w will need to cut and peel a branch of Aloe Vera, and we will wash it well removing all the slime, until we are left with only the inner crystal. Then crush it well and add a dash of honey. We will pass the mixture from our roots to the tips and let it rest for 15 minutes, then we will remove it with plenty of water and avoid exposure to the sun.

  • Tomato and avocado.

Tomato is ideal for wavy hair, and with avocado we make an explosive bomb of nutrients that will give us a shot of everything our hair needs: hydration, exfoliation of dead hair cells and shine. We can also add constant hair growth.

To prepare this mask we will need a tomato and a half, it depends on how big it is. And the pulp of an avocado. You can add as an extra half a tablespoon of olive oil and a little aloe vera. All this will go to the blender to make a consistent paste, and leave half an hour on the hair.

  • Castor Oil

This is well known for its effects on our hair, and for being a great blood stimulant. It is high in Vitamin E, and strengthens our mane based on intensive hydration depending on how you use it. If you need to apply it, you can do it in an integral way or you can add other essential oils such as argan or olive oil.

To apply, mix a tablespoon of this oil with 3 tablespoons of argan or olive oil, whichever you prefer. Then leave it on from the roots to the ends for about half an hour. If you want to increase its effectiveness, lightly massage the scalp over and over again. This stimulates the scalp and removes excess sebum. After half an hour, remove with plenty of water and a shampoo that is not too abrasive or harsh. Avoid contact with the sun for approximately 24 hours.

  • Ginger mask

It is a natural aphrodisiac and a powerful energizer, which can also be used for natural hair growth based on the improvement of blood circulation through the hair follicles. If you have ginger at home there is no problem, but for greater benefit it is ideal to use one that is fresh. After this, we will place it in a grinder to extract all the liquid it has inside (Of course, after washing it a little). And if you do not get along very well with it, you can also use it in powder form.

After crushing it or pouring the spice in a bowl, add olive oil, argan oil or castor oil, whichever you think is best. This is because ginger is a very strong component and by itself can be harmful to our skin, so it is best to combine it with an essential oil that will also help us in hair growth as we have explained before.

We will mix it well until we make a homogeneous paste, and we will place it on our scalp, as always, from top to bottom. We can massage our head for a few minutes, and then let it sit for half an hour. Then wash it with a neutral shampoo without salt.

  • Birth control pills

Although this theory is not confirmed, many women use it to lengthen their hair a few extra centimeters and give it even more shine. Take three or four pills, crush them to powder, and apply them to your daily shampoo. Women who used this measure reported that their hair became shinier and longer due to the absorption of hormones. This made it healthy.

The measures we can apply to our hair to make it grow are unlimited, and it is worth mentioning that the more natural the measure to take, the more beneficial it is for our health. Since a crop of exaggerated chemical products can affect the base of our hair. It should be noted that it is important the time to apply the product and not to expose it to very strong heat tools.

What good are all the hair masks in the world if we don’t change our habits? Hair care is a combination of treatment and healthy habits. If you want your hair to grow healthy and strong, you can’t just limit yourself to treatments to the exclusion of what you do for it on a daily basis. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

  • Trim it often

Yes, it may sound strange if we are looking to lengthen our hair, but despite what you think about it, it is proven that trimming the ends every 2 to 4 months promotes healthy hair growth, since by not encouraging this practice you can grow your hair, but in a brittle and fragile way. Therein lies the true intention of trimming, which is to balance the quality of the hair at all levels.

  • Massage your scalp

When you are in the process of washing your mane, make sure that when you apply the rinse you lightly rub your scalp to encourage blood circulation and thus stimulation of the hair follicle. A less abrasive option is to apply a few drops of an essential oil, be it rosemary, coconut or olive oil, and massage with your fingertips before getting in the bath.

  • Consider hair supplements

Food influences our constant physical development, up to 70% of our health depends on the food we eat and the quality of these. Therefore, a healthy diet can help your hair grow steadily. If your hair has not grown for months even when you measure it, you may not be getting the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth. Therefore, it is a good idea to see a nutritional specialist to review your diet and implement changes that are sure to make a difference.

  • Brush your hair carefully

If we brush our hair constantly, we can develop hair loss or we can break the hair strands and prevent the hair from growing properly. If you are going to untangle it, do it from the ends upwards. This way you don’t pull the hair so much and avoid breakage. It is also advisable to use brushes with bristles suitable for your hair type.

  • Don’t put your hair in a towel

We know you need to hold your hair when you get out of the shower, but did you know that you are damaging it by squeezing the towel too tightly? When you spiral the fabric tightly around your head, it pulls the hair strands together too tightly and weakens the strands, creating brittle hair. If you need to towel dry your hair, make sure it’s a suitable material and that it’s thin enough so there’s not as much pressure.


  • Don’t keep your ponytail in one place

Holding your ponytail in the same place causes your hair to break or weaken, by trying different styles and especially looser ones, you help the hair to pass enough nutrients to the ends, which will make the hair grow. Low ponytails are your best option on this day.

  • Drink water daily

Same advice again? Yes, it is! Water is essential for every process in our body, no wonder it also influences hair growth. As always, you should drink about a liter and a half of water daily. If this is not your style or you are not able to get into the habit, you can make it easier by preparing herbal teas or drinks (note that a soda is not a suitable drink) to encourage healthy water consumption. Of course, everything always made at home and by your own hand! Avoid exaggerated sugars, and that’s it.

  • Goodbye hair dryer and flat iron

Our greatest love/hate relationship, but we need to let them go once and for all! The habit of subjecting our hair to high temperatures is causing immediate damage. It dries it out, mistreats it, and breaks it. The more you can avoid using them, the better. We’re not telling you to banish them completely as it’s practically impossible, but you can reduce their use to once or twice a month and that’s enough.

  • Before bed, braid your hair

If you have a nightly hair routine, you’ll need to add this habit daily. As soon as you go to sleep, gently braid your hair so that it stays in place overnight. If your hair is fairly short, you can braid multiple braids all over your head. You should sleep with them all night, so that in the morning you can let them loose. You can do this daily or try it for a week, your hair will grow and you will have beautiful waves at the same time!

  • Take more vitamins

Hair loss or stagnation of the hair follicle can be mostly due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. If you have the possibility to take multivitamins, do it! Always consult your doctor first to avoid complications. Although you can also increase your intake of highly nutritious foods such as oranges, avocado, natural oils, raisins, nuts, almonds and quality proteins that can also be found in legumes such as soybeans and grains.


That’s it! Have you made it this far? Congratulations! I hope these tips have been helpful. Our professionals are more than experienced to recommend these types of treatments, and we will always opt for more natural and less abrasive alternatives for your hair. We encourage you to try some of the ones we leave here!


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