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Tired Of Oily Hair? Professional Tip To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

Tired Of Oily Hair? Professional Tip To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

One of the most difficult hair types to manage is oily hair; this characteristic shows a carefree and unkempt appearance even though it is only natural and unintentional. This problem originates in the roots of the scalp, specifically the sebaceous glands; which are the ones that cause the greasy substance or capillary grease. Despite what you may think, this oily secretion is incredibly fundamental in the fiber of our hair. It is responsible for keeping our hair soft and with a healthy exposure at first sight. It is also responsible for protecting it from dryness and hair breakage.

Greasy hair develops when the sebaceous glands go a little overboard in the amount of hair oil production. When this problem is already advanced, we can develop dandruff or a choking of the hair root; which will cause hair loss to increase.

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Among the other causes of this problem we can find:

  • Poor diet: A diet full of unhealthy fats such as stews, fried and extremely processed foods, can be an important factor in increasing the production of hair sebum.


  • Stress: Something very common in today’s society and that can cause an excess of sebum from anxious crises or frustrating situations.


  • Lack of vitamins: Vitamin B, biotin, and even B7 are essential for healthy skin and hair. If we alter or decrease their consumption, it can create an imbalance leading to a major production of hair grease.


  • Hormonal imbalance: Hormones play a major role when talking about our body, and there are some moments in the hormonal cycle in which the hair can become more oily. It can also change at the onset of puberty or a new pregnancy. If the hormones return to their normal balance, the increase of sebum in the scalp will diminish and the problem may be reduced or even no longer present in its entirety.


  • Washing the hair often: If we wash our hair every day, we will eradicate the essential oils for the protection of our hair and scalp. Therefore, it will take it as a threat and start producing twice as much as normal, which can cause a loss of control over sebaceous oil.


  • Inadequate cleansing: Although the amount of washing should be limited, the quality of washing should be improved. Since, like every area of our body, it has a unique washing system and should be respected.


  • Use of inadequate products: We cannot all use the same hair products, as each type of hair needs specific products to benefit and enhance its capabilities. If we tend to use either shampoos or conditioners that are too strong for our hair, the sebaceous glands can be altered causing more oil secretion.

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How to combat greasy hair?

The key to hair improvement is to change our diet to a healthier one, full of natural fats, fibers, and above all vitamins and minerals with which your hair will recover from all the daily damage to which it is exposed.

We can make use of some hair products that will help with oil production and capillary dandruff, depending on our hair type to respect our capillary health.

One of the quickest solutions is to increase the use of dry shampoo, as the powders will remove the maximum amount of sebum residing on our scalp while cleaning and nourishing our hair.

If you are looking to reduce the visibility of greasy hair, you can opt for buns, ponytails, and even implement accessories to your daily outfit. There is no magic solution to this problem, but with patience and dedication, anything is possible.


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