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Quick And Easy Hairstyles

Quick And Easy Hairstyles

Who hasn’t had it happen to you that the humidity in the air does its thing and in the morning you can’t control your hair even if you apply half a bottle of a hairdryer, water, or whatever you can find to apply to it?

Usually, those bad hair days are a catastrophe, but with these secret hairstyles, we can bet they’ll save you more than once. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Classic Hairstyle.

It’s a sure bet to win since besides being one of the easiest to do, it stays in place and they’re gorgeous to wear. Plus, it’s multi-faceted. It can be used for multiple scenarios where you have to attend, whether it’s a party or a lunch with friends. It can also be worn on both long and short hair.

To make this hairstyle we will need our hair to be well brushed and untangled, as the knots will interrupt the procedure. After this, you will have to separate with a comb some small strands, going from the temple to the back while we roll it on our finger. When it is wrapped, we must pass it to the bottom of the hairband that we will use to tie it, repeating the procedure with the rest of the hair.

  • Braided Updo

This is another hairstyle that no matter who applies it will look spectacular on everyone. This gives a feminine and informal touch that rejuvenates our faces and makes us look more confident and attractive.

We should mainly make a braid at the top of the hair, as high as we can and as centrally as we can place it, and that it has a fall towards the nape of the neck area. Then, with the remaining loose hair, we will make a ponytail, and with the strands of this, we will make another braid. After we have finished putting our braids together, we will make a high bun with it, and we will fasten it with some clips at the base of the hair. To finish, we will join the main braid at the top of our head, and we will attach it with some clips to the twisted braid we just made.

  • Ponytail

Although it is the basic hairstyle for everything, they have many ways to be worn. We can see the low, high, gathered but messy, although all of them are as useful as the main one. To do it you just have to untangle your hair well and gather it at the height of your preference with a garter. You can add an extra touch to your look by placing a few hairclips at the base of the updo or pulling a few strands out of place to give it more texture. It’s a blank canvas with many options to reflect.

  • French twist

Is a variation of the low ponytail. After untangling our hair, we will divide it into 3 equally proportioned strands. With the help of a rubber band, we will hold the middle strand in a low ponytail, while we lift with one of our hands one of the strands, it can be the left or the right one, we will twist it and put it in a hole between the first ponytail, we will repeat the process with the other one, and we will pull it to adjust the hairstyle. We may need to secure it with some bobby pins hidden in the hair, just to be safe.

  • Heart braid

After removing all the knots from our hair, we will take a strand of hair from the upper ear area and separate it into 3 equal sized sections, with which we will make a small braid about 6 inches long, and tie it with a simple hair tie.

After this, we will separate again another lock of hair, not very far from the previous one. It should be noted that it cannot be thicker or thinner than the previous one, but equal. And as in the previous step, we will also proceed to make a braid that is equal to the one mainly made.

To make the silhouette of a heart, we are going to take the braid we made first, and we are going to push it in the direction of our head, while we turn it clockwise. This will make one half of a heart show through, and when we have adjusted it well to our preference, we will put some bobby pins around it to secure it in place.

For the second part, we will repeat the procedure, but we will turn the braid counterclockwise. And to finish, we will tie the ends of our heart with a rubber band. After that, we will remove the ones we used in the beginning to hold our braids and we will untie them a little bit to give a cascade effect at the end of our braid made a heart.


These easy hairstyles are ideal for both short and straight hair and any type of hair. We can add multiple accessories to make them look more elegant or casual, depending on where we are going. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad hair day for a girl with straight hair or wavy hair, these basic hairstyles are ideal to save our butt! Try them at home, we’re sure you’ll love them.


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