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The best how to guide: Easy Braid Hairstyles for Every Occasion

The best how to guide: Easy Braid Hairstyles for Every Occasion

In the web world, there are many guides about making bubble braids, of different types and dimensions. Its complex and delicate look makes most people believe that it is a complicated hairstyle. But not at all! It is a totally simple hairstyle that helps you look even more fabulous than you are.

To do this hairstyle you will only need rubber bands, bobby pins, and lots of practice to do it like a professional. Want to learn? Keep reading!

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Bubble braids, step by step

·         Braid in the center of the hair

If you want to use the classic and traditional one, you will need what we mentioned before and a brush.

The first step will be to untangle all your hair, it is the basic thing to do when you start the hairstyle so that there are no problems when making the braid. After this, we are going to take two strands from the front of the head and secure them with a rubber band in the center, as if we were making a ponytail.

To hide the base of the ponytail we will take a small strand from around the bun and we will pass it around the ponytail, at the end we will secure it with a bobby pin in the color of our hair. Again we will focus on the ponytail and we will take again two strands below the original one and we will make a ponytail again. Then we will separate the main ponytail in two and we will put the one underneath to make a loose braid. Each time we braid we are going to take small strands from each side. This step is repeated until the head part is finished.

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When only loose hair is left, we are going to make a normal braid and fasten it with an invisible rubber band.

·         Two bubble braids on a side

If you want this hairstyle to go out to a meeting with friends, or to go to the gym, we have a special idea that will definitely make you stand out. Before we start, here’s a tip: Loosen the braid a bit to get a sensual messy look. Now let’s start with the hairstyle!

Prepare your hair, first and foremost. If you want to wash it with shampoo and rinse before you can do it. This way you have it more hydrated and clean to avoid itching or scabs when braiding. Remember, if you are going to use a cream, do it only on the middle of the hair downwards. This helps to give the hair more volume and make it softer.

After this, we will need a comb, with which we are going to separate the hair in half in a perfect line. From this step hold one part of the hair with a rubber band or a clip, with whatever you have at hand.  Now we are going to take from the part that is still loose, a strand of hair in the shape of an arrow. We are going to tie it as if we wanted to make a ponytail, and we will leave it there for a moment. And as in the single braid, we are going to make another small lock where we will make a loose braid, and little by little we will incorporate more hair.

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We’re going to be creating sort of sections in the middle of the braid, where our bubble braid will come out of. We will do the same until we have no more hair to weave, then we will gather with a small ponytail and we will remember the position to be able to put the ponytail of the other braid in a neat way. To style a little more, we are going to pull slightly on each corner of the braid to make them a little looser. Of course, very carefully because we don’t want to look too messy. And that’s it! After this, you just have to repeat the same steps until you have the other ponytail ready. Remember to hold it at the same height as the other one so it doesn’t look messy.

You can spray a little bit of hairspray around each braid so that they don’t get messy when they come out. Remember to do it far enough apart so that you don’t leave any leftover hairspray and it ends up looking like dandruff, plus you can get the hair too wet and we don’t want it to smell bad.

We’re done! It’s ideal for a casual outing, music concert, small gatherings at home. You choose the situation!

·         Bubble ponytail

Sometimes we’re not in the mood for braids, but we can make a bubble ponytail. Simple, quick, and beautiful!

The first step to make it is to consider the length of our hair. This ponytail needs to be long enough to show it off enough. If we need to lengthen it a little more remember that we have hair extensions of any type for sale so that you feel comfortable and you can make every type of hairstyle you like!

We have from curly hair to straight, black, and blonde. You decide which one suits you best and we have it for you, don’t hesitate to ask us!  After we make sure we have the length we need, we will start with the second step. (This can be skipped if your hair is straight enough). We will straighten our hair with a flat iron. This is almost essential for our hairstyle to look like Kendal Jenner. If we have a chemical product applied that facilitates straightening, it will also work. It is necessary to have all our hair under control so that the hairstyle can show off.

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We will start by taking out the bangs, which can be optional. It can be either a thick one or just the two side strands. And preferably a little bit of fixative should be applied so that it doesn’t get messy as soon as we take a basic back ponytail. We must make sure that besides the bangs no little hairs get out of place and it is totally fixed at the top. After this, we will take different ponytails, they can be colored, black or transparent, and we will start to put them around the ponytail with about 3 cm of difference each one. It should be noted that we must take care that they are all fluffy and even. You can help us with a comb or do it manually, you decide how.

Every time we finish a bubble it is necessary to put a little fixative. Even if the bubbles are messy, it doesn’t mean they have to look disastrous. Besides, it will add shine to the hairstyle. If you want to make an invisible effect, you can go around each ponytail with a strand of hair and secure it with hairspray. This is optional. Some people like to have colored rubber bands and match them to their look.  To finish just apply hairspray everywhere.

This is the classic idea where bubble braids come from. All of these hairstyles are versatile, but it is worth noting that the bubble ponytail is a little more formal depending on what you decide to wear it with. Remember that we have extensions available in case you are missing a few extra inches to achieve that ideal hairstyle you dream of! Also, remember that they are suitable for all hair types and you can create your own hairstyle based on these ideas. Expand your imagination and let yourself go!

See you in the next post! I hope we’ve been helpful; we look forward to hearing from you. We bet on your beauty!


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