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Choose the right balayage extension every time with this guide

Choose the right balayage extension every time with this guide

Balayage is a technique that became popular in the 1990s in France. This technique allows a good distribution of shine and light evenly with the color. Best of all, it is not a strong procedure for the hair and can be a good option if you need a change of style.

The meaning of the word “Balayage” Translates to sweep because when applying this style a sweep is made from the roots to the ends of the hair. This achieves a luminous state in the mane, without losing the natural touch. To perform this technique, it is recommended to apply three tones a little lighter to the tone of your natural hair; this allows you to achieve an elephant effect and more natural. This process does not require elements such as aluminum foil, as in the case of bleaching. This allows the hair to look healthier and more radiant.

What balayage achieves is to work a “Hair contouring” style, combining two or three shades, using the most luminous shades on the contour of the oval face. Or in the places of the fact that you consider more convenient, such as the chin, cheekbone, or forehead.

This method is not aggressive to the hair. For this procedure, the stylist uses a brush to apply the bleach or dye and a little after this process, a cotton pad is placed on the hair to avoid staining the rest of the hair. As the last step, the hair is covered with cling film and left to take effect.


With this style, you don’t have to worry much about its maintenance, since it is a partial color technique and at the same time temporary. The color is well-preserved over time and fades with the application of shampoo in a natural way.

What are hair extensions?

The desire for shiny, healthy hair is something that goes back through history. So its importance is not something we can ignore. History tells us that for many years, for the Egyptians the good hair was a sign of high social status. For traditional Chinese medicine, hair is referred to as an extension of the blood and kidneys, thus the need to keep it healthy and well cared for.

The beliefs about hair are so extensive that there is even a branch of psychology that is responsible for explaining the personality through certain characteristics that are related to the color, texture, and length of hair. Undoubtedly, beautiful hair is something that will allow you to go out. For this reason, hair extensions have been created. So you no longer have to wait for them to grow out to have a super mane.

If you are interested in applying for hair extensions, you should first study the state of your hair, take into account that aesthetic needs and the lifestyle you lead. For example, in case your hair type is thin, it is recommended to use clip-in extensions or if you want other options, you can consider the adhesive ones. It is worth noting that these two types allow you to better disguise the application of extensions.

To perform this type of procedure you should always deal with professionals and follow a strict order in terms of the indications they give you. This is because the hair in extensions does not receive the oils and nutrients that natural hair usually receives from the root, so it is important to keep the extensions moisturized daily, in order to keep them in a better way and can be used on different occasions, this allows better preserving its useful life.

There are options such as synthetic hair that may seem tempting because of their low cost, but it is not advisable to use this type. This is because these types of extensions do not give the hair a natural look, it will not look as shiny and soft as you would like and that could influence your safety when looking at you or exposing yourself to an audience.

Hair extensions can be classified into two: Synthetic hair extensions and natural hair extensions. In the ones that are considered temporary, we can find the clip-in and the invisible thread ones, or also known as flip-in.

In the case of permanent extensions, they have a durability of 2 or 3 months. And if they have been kept in good condition, they can be used on other occasions. Adhesive extensions include keratin extensions, stitched extensions, and clip or ring extensions. adhesive extensions are considered to be the most innovative and in the case of keratin extensions, they are considered to be the most evolved.

The clip is invisible thread ones are considered only temporary extensions. These allow you total mobility, this is because you can choose when you want to use them since you only have to place them in a matter of minutes and that’s it. Within the permanent ones are the adhesive ones, this step is fixed on the hair and for this, you must apply a little pressure. Once you have them in place, you will have an additional 25-55 cm in your hair, they are undoubtedly very versatile.

Among the most commonly used are the sew-in wefts. These are considered to be the most useful, due to their ease of being unnoticeable, and adaptable to your needs. With these, you can gain about 50-60 cm in length and they are applied by means of micro-rings. In the case of keratin ones, the application is done through compressed air or ultrasound, and finally, those that are by staples. Its application method is done with aluminum siliconized rings. This last type of extension is considered the least aggressive.

Types of balayage extensions

Golden and copper balayage highlights

Blonde highlights are undoubtedly the best option for blonde or light brown hair types in any shade. In the case of golden shades, for example, it is correct to apply this type of hair color to blonde or brown hair. This creates a light effect on the hair. On the other hand, copper shades, which are characterized by darker highlights, are ideal for brown hair shades. If you want to apply this shade to blonde hair, the result will be less natural lightening. One of the top combinations for golden hair is cold brew. This style can also be applied to blonde tones and still achieve great results.

For copper tones, we can find the root beer, which gives a beer foam effect and allows mahogany highlights. This color is perfect for medium brown hair, it gives it more life and its lightning is not exaggerated. If for example, the hair of your extension is a chocolate tone, the darker tones should be highlighted and if the result is to your liking, you can go deeper into the red tones.

Golden toffee balayage highlights

In the modern world, everything is allowed, girls no longer feel that fear when applying light highlights on dark hair tones. But there are still people who are a bit more subtle when it comes to applying effects and go for more natural styles. All this, with the intention of being able to give luminosity and movement to the dark hair. Without the need to go blonde.

For all those people who are looking for that discreet and natural tone, we can consider the Golden Toffee, this is a combination of coffee with milk and gold that will undoubtedly surprise you, especially if your hair is dark. This gradient has versatility since it can be combined with a base in all brown tones, allowing that effect of warmth and light. In the case of light tones, it stands out for providing movement and shine. In addition, if you have brown eyes, this will allow you to enhance their beauty, especially if they are hazel or honey-colored.

Bronze balayage highlights

For brown hair, bronze shades are best suited. They are also perfect for medium brown and brunettes. This is because their primary function is not to lighten the hair, but to apply orange highlights. This is why it is so ideal for dark hair, it allows them to look more natural and is an excellent combination if you have wavy hair.

Blonde balayage highlights on red hair

For red hair types, applying highlights can be a bit tricky. This complexity is due to the fact that beige or golden tones tend to give very light results and in the opposite case as copper or bronze tones are very dark. That is why a balance must be found, for this you can take a medium caramel blonde shade. This tone will give you more light. Or you also have the caramel option, but for this option, it is advisable to combine it with darker tones such as mahogany.

The well-known cream soda will be our next theme to explain. This style can combine well for both cases. Just know that this style is considered much bolder.


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