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The secret for quick and simple ways to make your curly hairs look perfect everyday!

The secret for quick and simple ways to make your curly hairs look perfect everyday!

Many years ago women with curly hair type felt insecure and tried to hide their beautiful curls, the issue was due to the imposition of fashion towards other types of hairstyles, but with the passing of time that has changed, and in fact, they have taken center stage. The way they look when they are outdoors is undoubtedly beautiful and quite stunning. Would you like to know more about them? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to show you 20 beautiful and super easy-to-do hairstyles. So if you’re willing to give them a try, stick around.

Hairstyles step by step

·         Small bun

To start with this first hairstyle, you should have bobby pins, a comb, and hairspray at hand. This style is ideal for short and curly hair. You must comb the bangs, and you will do it to the left side. Then start by curling inward.

Continue from the forehead to the ear, now secure it with a rubber band. With the remaining hair, make a small bun and secure it with several bobby pins. Add a little hairspray.

·         Simple updo

Use your short hair to its full potential by looking gorgeous with these styles for short curly hair. Pull back both sides, keep the bangs loose. Take two bobby pins, and pin the curled bangs in the back area. The remaining hair should be left loose. Put some hairspray on it and it’s ready, beautiful, isn’t it?

·         High updo with headband

If you like to wear the princess style, this hairstyle is ideal to do with your beautiful curly hair. The first step is quite simple; you just need to gather all your hair in the highest part of your head. Now secure it all with a rubber band, make a bun and apply hairspray to it.  Now just put a rubber band or a headband around your head.

Hairstyles for very curly hair

·         Three side braids

The time of using those hooks on your head is in the past, better change these for some beautiful side braids that are in fashion. The materials will still be the same as we mentioned before, hairspray, rubber bands. You must divide the section of the right side in three, try to make these locks as equal as possible.

Make a braid in each of the strands, and you should place a rubber band in each braid. Now simply apply hairspray

·         Side Wraps

If you need to make a spectacular hairstyle to show it off at a party or event you have, this could be the one for you. First, you must untangle all your hair, now you will have to separate it into two sections, one for the back part and one for the bangs. The fringe section should be divided into two strands, try to keep the same thickness. The one that is in the front part you should divide in two, roll them and then intertwine them.

The hair that you have leftover from the back part, you should comb it to the left side and hold it with a rubber band. Now you just need to apply hairspray all over the hairstyle. We are sure that now you will not fail to attract many eyes to that event that excites you so much.

·         Side braids

If you don’t have curly hair but still want to wear a beautiful braided hairstyle, don’t worry, we have it for you. Separate your hair into two halves, braid each side and once you’re done, attach a rubber band. Pull the ends of the braids, don’t forget to do it carefully, you don’t have to apply so much force, this helps you to increase the volume of the hairstyle. Now join the two braids at the back with the help of an elastic band.

Select a strand coming from the lower part of your hair and pass it around the elastic band you have already put in place. To complement this hairstyle, you can make another braid coming from the bottom and leave it loose. This step is optional

Now you can amaze everyone with this cute hairstyle.

·         Romantic Updo

If your curly hair is not that difficult to tame, this style can look beautiful on you. Separate two strands coming from the front and bring them to the back, then secure them with an elastic band. Take a thin strand coming from the right side and pass it through the updo you already had, repeated the same procedure on the left side.

Take a thin strand of hair from the right side and repeat the same procedure on both sides. Secure it with an elastic band, and you are ready to go.

·         Headband braid

If you’re not a girl who likes to wear her hair down, it’s good to change the style a bit, to improve your look. If you are the type of girl who likes to go for these options, here are our recommendations. A simple hairstyle for your beautiful curly hair

The first thing you should do is apply a braid at the bottom of your head on the left side. Once you reach the end, secure it with a rubber band. Carefully pull the end of each braid, this will help to give it more volume.

At this point you should pass the braids you already made around your head, with this, you will create a headband with your own hair. Ingenious isn’t it? To finish you just need to fasten the other end with a bobby pin.

What do you think? It’s pretty easy! A beautiful hairstyle for your curly hair.

·         Rear Wraps

Wearing your hair down can often be very tiring and tedious, so this is a great way to tie it back for a while if that’s what you want.

As a first step, you must hold the bangs back, in this step you will help you with some bobby pins. With the remaining hair of the fringe, make a roll-up. As shown in image number three

Select a strand a little below where you made the first roll and make another one. You can stiffen the style a bit more with hairspray.

·         Intertwined strands

Need to go out with your special guy and don’t know what hairstyle to wear? We will give you an example of what you can wear for your romantic moment. All you need is an elastic band and a hairspray.

First, you need to take a part of the top of your head, separate it in two and then intertwine the strands, you will add a thin strand, and then you will have to repeat this step about four more times. Once you are at the nape of your neck, you should secure it with a bobby pin.

Repeat all of the above steps on the other side of the head. Once you have reached the nape of the neck, remove the bobby pins you placed on the other side. Now you just have to take each strand, put them together and secure them with a rubber band. Apply hairspray for extra strength and that’s it! Now you are ready to wear a spectacular hairstyle with your big curly hair, we are sure that your special guy will love it!

·         Headband bun

I know that your hair is so curly can cause you some problems when you want to control it, but don’t worry, we have hairstyles that will help you tame that big beast and not only that, we are sure you are going to love it.

As a first step, you should comb your hair back and keep one fringe and two loose strands, one on each side. Now straighten your bangs, for this, you can help yourself with a blow dryer. Make a loop if your hair is very long and secure it with a bobby pin.

Use some hairspray on your bangs. With the strands you left loose, make a braid and hold them with a rubber band. Join the two braids together, as shown in image number five, at the back of your head, use a bobby pin to hold the bun in place and apply hairspray.


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