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Romantic Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Romantic Hairstyles For Curly Hair

For years curly hair has been a taboo in society and women who wear them have been silenced or qualified outside the standards of beauty, however, that is no longer the case, curly hair is becoming increasingly present with more force and is making it clear that it is here to stay. That’s why here we bring you the most stylish romantic hairstyles for 2021, with which you can show off those curls like the queen you are.

It doesn’t matter if your curly hair is short, long, if you wear it with extensions or without them, here you will find options for every style and better yet, for every occasion. Whether you’re going to a get-together with friends, a girls’ night out, or your wedding day, you’ll have everything you need to look fabulous. And don’t forget, it’s all about attitude!

Romantic Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair.

Pineapple Hair:

To start this hairstyle for short curly hair, just start combing all your hair from the nape of your neck up to the highest part. Once you do it you can tie it with a hair tie, make sure all your hair is towards your forehead. Then with a scarf, gently wrap it around the ponytail. This will help give it more volume and a cool, relaxed style.

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Side braids:

Don’t wear those old hooks on the sides of your head anymore, wear the thin braids that are all the rage. To do this curly hairstyle, you will need hairspray and rubber bands. Take the right side section and divide it into three equal strands. Make a braid in each strand. Place a rubber band in each braid and apply hairspray — you’re ready to go!


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Front braids:

Back to basics! This seems to be the most used trend and to achieve a very fresh look, just make two very light braids. Divide your hair in two and with each side start braiding your hair up to the middle of your head, secure each one on each side with a bobby pin and let the rest of your hair loose. You can cover the bobby pins with it by leaving it over the bobby pins. This version will be perfect for a laid-back plan with your friends.


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High bun with braid:

This hairstyle is ideal for days when you don’t feel like wearing your hair down. To achieve it, you only have to make a French braid in one of the front strands. Then, gather all the hair upwards, as if you were going to make a high ponytail. From here you have two options: either you finish the ponytail and with the help of some hairpins you hide the strands to give the desired shape to the bun, or you finish directly in a buby.

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Romantic Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair.

French braided low ponytail:

Easy and romantic, this is a hairstyle that you can use for different occasions. Untangle and prepare your curls, start making a braid from a little above the center of your head, be sure to make the movements of the hair towards the center to get a better result.

When you reach the nape of your neck, tie the braid with a hair tie and wrap a loose strand around it to give it a delicate touch. Finish by pulling a little on the sides of the braid to give it volume and apply hairspray. If it is for a special occasion, you can also add small flowers or accessories.


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Twisted maiden braids:

This hairstyle is an option that only needs bobby pins and a couple of minutes to show off your beautiful natural curls. Take a small section of hair from the front of your head, make a braid with each of them, and delicately loosen their sides a little by pulling their sections.

Once you are done, take both braids to the sides of your head and cross them like when you are going to start a knot. Once you do it, keep wrapping the ends around both braids and secure them with a bobby pin. And that’s it! A romantic hairstyle in less than 5 minutes.

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High rounded knot:

The higher and bigger the knot, the more striking the result will be. Comb your hair and bring it to the middle of your head, maybe a little higher, according to your preference.

Tie your hair in a ponytail and then generate the rounded effect with your hands by twirling your ponytail. Apply a special hairspray for curly hair and finally take the hair out of your ponytail and let it fall slightly. With this look, you can go anywhere beautiful.

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Romantic double braids:

If you’re looking for a soft, romantic, and very summery look, this one is for you and takes no more than five minutes. First, you need to keep your hair loose, reach around the sides, and part your hair in two, a little more than two fingers above your ear.

Take the top part and create a bun, you can do it as high or low as you like. Secure it with bobby pins and you’re done! You can add accessories such as colorful clips if you wish.


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Romantic Hairstyles Ideas for Brides with Curly Hair.

As we said before, curly hair is on-trend, and wearing it for the happiest day of your life can be one of the best decisions you can make. Wavy hair can be a great weapon at your disposal as it gives more volume to the hairstyle you choose, in fact, many brides purposely curl their hair for their wedding day! Most of them! So you already have an advantage by pure nature.

Besides, if there’s one type of hair you can match with any wedding theme, be it elegant, extravagant, fancy, or simple, it’s definitely curly hair, so read on and don’t miss out on any of these ideas.

Updo hairstyles:

The updo hairstyle is an option that never goes out of style. If you are the type of bride who prefers simplicity, this minimalist alternative is ideal for you. Low updos have a vintage feel that immediately makes everyone think of the golden years of cinema.

Its base is formed with a hairstyle with water waves, a technique that consists of creating waves from 10 or 15 centimeters after the root, so that it can be smooth, which is then collected to form a very romantic style, designed for classic and sweet brides.

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Semi-updo hairstyles:

Semi updo hairstyles is halfway between loose hair and updo, it will flatter you if you are a bride with abundant hair. The key to this hairstyle is volume and what better way to provide it than with waves or extensions.

If the curls or waves you choose are very pronounced you can create the illusion of shorter hair by recreating a faux bob, for example. The best thing is that these curly hairstyles will look great at all times of the night as they have that casual look..

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Low and tousled ponytail:

Contrary to the half updo the low, tousled ponytail is flattering for brides with thinning hair. Its secret lies in the way in which the previously wavy hair is held in place, which is then untangled a little inside the up-do to ‘puff it up’ and give it the tousled look, a look that has become a favorite.

So, if you are not only a bride who is keeping an eye on the 2021 wedding dress trends, but also on the latest beauty news this is the one for you.

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Hairstyles with braids:

If you are one of those who melts thinking about wedding flower arrangements or you are into a vintage and romantic vibe, hairstyles with braids are a trend you should pay special attention to. This proposal, which has dozens of variations, adapts to all brides and hair types.

It is especially flattering for curly and thick hair because it will keep it under control in a very chic way, plus braids and waves go very well together. A perfect choice of frizz and braid hairstyles to wear with headpieces or flower crowns.

12 2

Loose hair:

On the day of your wedding the most important thing is that you are yourself and if wearing your hair down is part of your identity you don’t have to change it. A mane with hydrated curls or waves will make you look special, preserve your identity and most importantly, make you feel comfortable. You can also elevate your loose hair a bit by adding a jeweled headband.

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Updos with extensions:

On the wedding day we want to look spectacular, so it is a good idea to use natural hair extensions to add density and volume to your hairstyle. Add a touch of romance to your hairstyle with extra long clip-in extensions.

Very easy to attach and extra comfortable, you can achieve updos that combine imagination and good taste with the latest hairstyle trends. If your curls are softer and simpler, I recommend using extensions from Izabel Hair company, you won’t regret it.


Tips To Manage Your Curly Hair And Maximize Your Romantic Hairstyles

Each of the hairstyles we’ve shown you will look even better if your hair is moisturized, cared for, shiny, and strong, so knowing how to take care of it is vital. That’s why we’ve compiled 8 tips for you that will make a big difference to your curls when you add them to your hair care routine. Pay attention and write down what you need!

1. Choose the shampoo your curls need: First, it is important to know the style of curl you have: afro, very defined, wavy style, marked… Once we have this clear, we must choose the ideal shampoo, that will be key to maintain the essence of our mane. If we opt for a product that is not specific to our curls, we can “break” the hair without realizing it and the result will not be adequate.

2. Always use conditioner: Once the shampoo is applied it is important to continue nourishing the scalp, especially for greater definition and curl control. By applying a conditioner and letting it act in the right way, we control frizz, very typical of curly hair, and keep the hair hydrated.

3. Comb your hair properly: While the simple action of combing is simple, what matters is what you comb your hair with, because yes, the brush or comb you use is very important. In this case, we recommend wide-toothed combs for more defined curls, while for softer hair you should use wide-toothed brushes as well. And remember, always start from the bottom up.

4. Use the diffuser to dry your hair: To dry the hair, we must be careful, and the best option is to do it with a blow-dryer attached to the diffuser at a small distance from the hair. It is also key to use it at a medium temperature to avoid damage and frizz.

5. Avoid foams or ‘mousse’ with alcohol: After washing and drying, it is common to apply foam or some type of mousse to shape your curls. However, it is essential that when choosing this type of product, we take into account those foams that do not have alcohol. Why? To avoid drying and brittle hair.

6. Keep a night routine: Before resting, we must take into account that so many hours with the hair loose and “flattened” can affect both the shape and definition of our curls. But don’t worry, there are several options to avoid this: use a satin pillowcase (it is the ideal fabric) or completely cover the hair with a sleeping cap or a simple scarf, this will keep the curl perfect from the root.

7. Moisturize whenever you can: It is well known that the days after washing the hair are not kept in the same state. Pollution, constant exposure to technological devices or simply stress cause curls to not have the perfect look we crave, so we must refresh them and give them a new life. To do this, we should apply natural oils or sprays (especially on the ends) that give them back the shape and definition we need to feel that our hair looks perfect.

8. Avoid constantly touching the curl: One of the most repeated manias in women with long hair is to touch and touch the mane, perhaps in search of the right shape and hairstyle, but with a totally different result. Those with curly hair who tend to handle the hair, again and again, will see that the curls begin to lose shape and frizz becomes more evident. So try to touch them as little as possible, so you can wear your curls longer.

Having curly hair is no longer a disadvantage, something out of style or unattractive, quite the opposite, so don’t wait any longer and go out and show your curls to the world!


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