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Steps To Getting Any Celebrity’s Look

Steps To Getting Any Celebrity’s Look

Celebrities are, without a doubt, a figure to follow when it comes to image, from their clothes to their nails and especially their hair, they are always references of style and fashion. References that, contrary to what you thought, are possible to recreate by yourself. Because although celebrities clearly have stylists, hairdressers, and trips to salons of thousands of dollars, there are procedures, tips, and routines that you can follow to look as shiny and silky as any of them.

Plus, here’s an ace up your sleeve that all the celebrities and their stylists use, so they can change their haircuts every week, look flawless on any red carpet, and never use bleach or excessive chemicals to dye their hair every so often. I assure you that after reading everything we have for you, your hair will look like a million bucks.

Step 1: Find The Style That Suits You

While it seems that styles can be for everyone, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a haircut, a new hair color, or even a hair product you want to apply inspired by your favorite celebrity. And since the last thing we want is for you to regret cutting off your big mane, adding annoying bangs, or applying intense colors to your hair, here are the most important factors.

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The shape of your face:

You need to know your face type, or the combination you have, before making any decisions. There are up to 6 different face types, and each cut affects how your features are highlighted or darkened. For each face type, there are haircut recommendations and eyebrow designs created to add more symmetry to the face. And since whenever we make a change in our image we do it intending to look incredibly spectacular, this is the basis, the fundamental, of any makeover.

Colors that flatter you:

There are colors that help us look better and there are colors that simply the reflection on your face makes you look sick, wrinkled and with an “unhealthy” skin. When you don’t know your colorimetry it is very likely that when you see yourself in the mirror you will regret the decision you made, which in the end is hair, you can dye it again; however, this costs time, money and a few drinks with a bad taste. Knowing your colorimetry will help you fall in love with your renewed “me”.

TIP: Consider in your colorimetry both your current hair color and the color of your eyes and skin.


The porosity of your hair:

There are incredibly striking and daring looks that you would surely love to try, however, not all hair types can withstand strong treatments, for example, wavy hair is much more porous than straight hair; by knowing the type of porosity, you will know with certainty the characteristics of the products that your hair needs and, most importantly, the ones that it can withstand. That way you won’t damage your hair and everything you apply will look great and healthy.


Your own style:

Style is one of the most unconscious forms of expression we have, it speaks of your way of thinking and what you want to express to the 4 winds. Your new look must be congruent with your style, if it is not, you will end up feeling disguised and this new haircut will not last more than 1 week, or worse, you will regret it the second you look in the mirror.

So take all the time you need and make sure that what you want to do to your hair really goes with everything you stand for, even if you want to take it from your favorite celebrity.

Maintenance of your new look:

A new cut or new color is ideal, as long as you can adapt them to your day-to-day life, as some styles require more attention than others. A simple cut can be handled in just a few minutes a day, but on the contrary, a layered cut will take more time and if you have a busy schedule it won’t be the best for you. The same goes for dyes and patterns such as highlights or blonde tones that you need to touch up every month..

We recommend you choose with the help of your trusted stylist or someone who is a specialist in the field.

Step 2: Find A Reliable Professional

Because even if you wanted to, you can’t do everything at home by yourself, so finding a professional stylist is necessary. But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to get a professional celebrity stylist, but rather someone you can trust with your hair without any problems. Because once you know your hair’s strengths and weaknesses you’ll need someone who knows about beauty to carry out any cutting, bleaching, coloring, straightening, or perming you want to do.

In addition, with the help of your trusted stylist, you can get tips on how to moisturize, braid, flat iron or curl your hair to healthily exploit its full potential. This way, without a doubt, even from your nearest salon you will be able to know and manage your hair like a Hollywood actress.


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Step 3: Develop A Hair Care Routine

The third and final step could be perhaps the most important in this little list. And is that the care you give to your hair will be the final trigger to decide if it shines healthily or if frizz and dryness consume it alive. Because even if you knew all your features and had the same stylist as a famous singer, the result of each treatment, or cut would be diminished to 50% for lack of proper care. So, take note and don’t miss any detail.

Brush your hair every day:

You should include it in your beauty routine and do it at least twice a day. Brush your hair both in the morning and at night. And if you are going to wash it, you should also do it just before shampooing. Why? Combining your hair is a very effective way to distribute sebum from the roots to the ends. Believe it or not, this is the best natural protection for cuticles and prevents knots. Take the opportunity to improve microcirculation with a scalp massage.

Apply the mask before shampooing:

The masks are to be used on dry hair, always from mid-lengths to ends. To benefit 100% of its ingredients, you have to create a roll- up for your hair. How? Once you have applied the product, wrap your hair with a hot towel for 20 minutes. Then remove it, put your head under the shower and emulsify with your fingers until the product disappears.

Apply the shampoo in three phases:

You must remember this maxim because optimizing this step is the key to a beautiful and shiny mane. For a professional cleansing, you must change the proportions you have always used: use a lot of freshwater, a very small amount of product and distribute it in three steps.

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In any case, avoid excessive rubbing of the scalp, as this can unbalance the sebaceous glands and remove too many surface oils. This could trigger your skin to produce more oil to maintain its natural balance.

Use the rinse every time you wash your hair:

Believe it or not, this detail changes everything. Put your head back, and face the shower. Pretend you’re combing your hair, helping to remove the formula with your fingers. Gradually, the lather and product residue will disappear. Any tricks to boost shine? Have the courage to do it with cold water (hot water dehydrates), that will maximize the result.

Dry your hair with a blow dryer:

Don’t underestimate it, because wet hair is dull hair. Ideally, never use a heat tool at maximum temperature or move your hair in all directions during blow-drying to avoid frizz at the ends. While removing moisture, always use a round brush that allows air to circulate inside the brush to allow as much water to evaporate without overheating the cuticles. This is the way to achieve a shiny surface.

Use the conditioner without exceptions:

Keep in mind that it is responsible for giving you a perfectly smooth mane and, thanks to these smoothing formulas, preserves the hair’s elasticity. The basic rule for using conditioner is very simple: spread the detangler from mid-length to the ends of the hair and distribute it evenly with a plastic comb.

Do this very gently, don’t try to save time by pulling your hair tightly or your cuticles will suffer! In fact, it’s best to hold each strand with one hand as you comb to avoid unnecessary tugging. Then comb your hair back and be patient to let the formula work for ten to fifteen minutes.

Don’t sleep with your hair up:

Do not overuse updos when you go to sleep, it will end up weakening in the area of the rubber band, and you may shed strands of hair when moving at night..

Cut your hair will make it grow:

That’s right, it sounds contradictory but it is very functional, cutting your hair every two months or so will give you faster growth than you think. You will eliminate split ends and have healthier looking hair.

Always apply moisturizing treatments:

Keeping your hair moisturized, voluminous and delicately shaped will depend largely on what products you apply to it in addition to the regular ones. So make sure you apply masks maybe once a week, as well as products like serum and argan oil. All of these will repair and keep your hair strong and protected.


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Bonus: Keep An Open Mind To Extensions And Wigs

And tea has been served! That’s right, one of the biggest aces up the sleeve of Hollywood celebrities is to add to their routines and good stylists, extensions, and wigs. With them, not only do they have the opportunity to have longer, fuller, shinier hair, but you can also change the style they wear every day, from the color of their hair to the cut and type of hair they want to wear, whether they choose a curly, straight or wavy model.

And the best thing is that you can do it too, it’s as simple as choosing extensions that match your hair color, choosing the length you want if you want them to add volume, and that’s it! In fact, extensions are very easy to use, even more so if they are clip-in, so easy that you can put them in by yourself. We recommend using 100% human hair extensions, like the ones from Izabel Hair company.

Wigs will also work for you if you want to get a completely new style without having to go through bleaching or cutting, there are totally different styles, and you can go back to your natural hair whenever you want, just like your favorite celebrities do.

Now that you know this, what are you waiting for? Go and get that celebrity look you’ve been wanting!


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