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Ready for Party? Not Without the Best Party Hairstyles From Izabele Hair

Ready for Party? Not Without the Best Party Hairstyles From Izabele Hair

Choosing the ideal hairstyle for that look that took you so much effort to find does NOT have to be overwhelming, you can take a day out of the week to try different styles and you can even invite your friends to get together before the party time to try different hairstyles while having fun and looking stunning to impress everyone on that special occasion.

If you don’t know what styles to choose, remember that the first thing to do is to know your face type and the hairstyles that best suit it. Once you are aware of that, we must include our outfit in the decision, since it will also help us to choose the ideal hairstyle.

Let’s start with face types! Not all of us look good with the same hairstyle, we must analyze which ones are the most beneficial by identifying them thanks to our features. There are six types of faces: square, round, oval, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, and elongated.

  • Square Face: If your face has this shape it means that you have a wide lower jaw, therefore, the right thing to do would be to achieve a sweeter look by softening the features a little, you can achieve this with the use of long and medium blunt bangs; with a not so long mane and without much volume. This type of face benefits a lot from messy looks with waves, loose strands, and/or a very casual bun that manage to stylize the face downwards.

  • Round Face: In this type of face the ideal is to avoid looking wider than they are or emphasize much the shape of our face, so we recommend hairstyles with long hair cut in long layers and without any volume. You can also wear your hair shoulder-length or longer than chin-length, avoiding high ponytails or bangs that emphasize the round shape of your face.
  • Oval Face: This face is blessed by the gods! That’s right because all hairstyles can suit it. From short, straight hair to a long mane with waves at the end, to layered half-lengths, all with the intention of accentuating the face and filling in any gaps that may be left free to give that balanced feel to your little face.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: With this type of face where our chin stands out a lot the right thing to do is to wear the parting or withdrawal of our hair a little zigzag to disguise the width of our cheekbones and temples. But if you don’t like this option, you can wear your hair shoulder-length, straight, and close to your face or a thick straight fringe to give balance to the face.

  • Diamond Shaped Face: Diamond-shaped faces can also wear many styles of cuts such as middle parting or cut in layers and hairstyles, such as high ponytails and glued or any type of braids, with this you manage to highlight the features you have and create harmony in the face.
  • Long Face: Forget about long, straight hair. With this type of face, it will only give a feeling of elongation which is what we should avoid. For this type of face you will favor cuts with lots of volumes, either short or long, but with volume. Waves are ideal for you, so you can choose any hairstyle that includes them to give harmony between the face and hair, you can also pick up your hair and leave a fringe with a touch of tousled effect to look fabulous.

Now that you know your face type and the hairstyles that suit you, let’s get this party started!

This is a compilation of style ideas for you to try during the holiday season or any occasion where you want to look different and shine with how beautiful you are, using your hairstyle as a complement to that perfect outfit you chose.

Let’s start with the simplest ones:

  • Loose hair with some shiny hairpin: Simple, pretty and will help you stand out in a matter of minutes. You will make a side parting and hold the hair with a ponytail or a garter of the color of our hair, then on top of it, we place the hairpin with rhinestones or embroidery that stands out. We can leave two strands on each side of the face and make a half updo, waving the ends of our hair for a more casual look. This look works for all types of haircuts.


  • Updo with Jewels or Ornaments: Another way to do the previous hairstyle is to gather the hair and decorate it with barrettes, headbands, clips, or any eye-catching clip you have. For a simple and romantic look, you can wear it semi-loose, with a fringe and lose strands on the sides of your face.

  • Dutch braids updo: Want to add a street-style touch to your look? You have the solution! Dutch braids will always be a good option when we want our hairstyle to look superior and dazzling. To do this we will collect all the top part of the hair forward, holding it with a clip or with some hairpins, and start braiding from the bottom up, it is important to set straight lines in the hair so that the hairstyle is neat, we must also be placing a little gel to reaffirm it and prevent unwanted small hairs ruin the look. When you get to the top, apply hairspray to the top of the head and make a bun with both the remaining hair and the braids. Get ready to make a splash!
  • High French braid: You must take a good lock of hair coming from the top of your hair, and separate it into three divisions that will make up our braid. From the top we will start braiding downwards, crossing the left strand with the right and center strand. Each time we repeat the step, we will pick up strands from the outside of the braid, and so on. When you finish the braid, gather it with a hair tie in the color of your hair, and if you want a more casual look, you can take out some strands from the top of your head, and voila!
  • Braided chignon: A trick hairstyle, because although it looks elaborate it is one of the easiest of the top, but we will never be disappointed by how good it looks after the fact! For this, we will make a braid not too tight, including the chignon with the strands that we are going to braid. After that, we will give it a little twist and tighten it with the beginning of the braid. That’s all! It is beautiful the result and everyone will want to know how you did it and how many hours you invested in it.
  • Double French braid ponytail: Ideal to wear at night or during the day for lunch with friends, we already know how to do a French braid, but this time we will do two braids from the crown of the head and backward. You have two options, either leave it only at the top of the hair and make a ponytail, or braid it a little more until it reaches the nape of your neck and collect it in a low ponytail, both with two tousled strands in front will create an incredible visual impact! Combine it with metallic tones, and you will be the queen of the night! You can wear hoop earrings or necklaces with little volume so that all eyes are on your hair.

  • Braided fishtail half-up braided crowns: Don’t have much time to get ready? Got an unexpected call? Don’t worry; a fishtail braid tied at the back of your head is the best option. For this, you will need to separate two strands on each side of your hair, thick enough to braid each one. After this, you will braid each one from the root so that they are tight to the head and when you are done with both, you will tie them at the ends either with a clip or with a rubber band of the same color. Depending on if you want a more formal hairstyle, you can apply hairspray. If not and you are looking for a simpler one, slightly tousle the braid by pulling on the sides.


  • Low bun with cord braids: We will separate two strands from the front of our head, and with the remaining hair we will gather it in a semi-low bun at the end of our head; we will hold it with a rubber band so that it doesn’t get in the way for the moment. After this, we will roll the ponytail in itself trying to give it a donut shape, then we will hold it again with rubber bands of the same color as our hair.

Now we have finished the bun, so we will proceed with the braids. For these, we are going to use the main strands and we will twist it on the same axis to create a spiral effect. We are going to tighten it slightly so that the twists do not come undone and when we finish both braids, we are going to twist the chignon with the locks. We must make sure that they come together and create a wheel around the donut that we made at the nape of our neck. We will hold it with hairpins and we can decorate it with hairclips if we prefer. If we wish, we can tousle the bun a little and release other front strands, with a dress in pastel tones will make you have a very sensitive and delicate look.


  • Baby braids: The preferred option for those who don’t like to spend four hours at home trying to fix their hair and love to wear it loose. For this, we just need to make some waves (Optional) along with our hair and take small strands from the middle of our head to make very small braids. We can fasten them with small rubber bands, but if we want to give it a more carefree touch, we can make very tight braids and leave them without a ponytail, so they unravel to the middle and it looks even more natural. It should be noted that we must untangle the hair well before proceeding to make the braids, so it can fall freely over our shoulders without being seen to light unpleasant knots.

Another alternative is to make small braids and collect them in a ponytail, both at the crown of our hair and in the hair remaining from the ponytail. The idea is to play with this trend and take it to the level you want, you can apply some hair clips in the hair to help you look a little more feminine but without leaving the simplicity aside. What are you waiting for?

  • Half ponytail: A classic from our childhood that still accompanies us everywhere we go. To do it we will need to comb the hair to perfection, if we have bangs we can take them out or remove two strands from the beginning of our head. After this, with a comb, we are going to separate the hair almost reaching the middle, and we will take back the top part of the strand to make a ponytail. If you want to add another level to your half ponytail, you can add a bandana, headbands, small braids in the tail area, and even hairclips at the top of your hair. A tip from our specialists is to use a curling iron or a small iron to make small waves along with the hair so it doesn’t look so flat and give it a little more volume. You decide how to play with it, it is a very flexible hairstyle that will not fail to dazzle!

These are some ideas of styles that you can do yourself at home, without having to pay for a hairdresser or a stylist, you only need desire, courage and good friends to try all these hairstyles following our tips, remember that the important thing is to dare to try until you achieve a look with which you feel comfortable. It will be meetings full of laughter and fun with your friends get ready to look simply wonderful with your ideal outfits and hairstyles that will make you the mistress of the night!


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