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Amazing Braided Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

Amazing Braided Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

Braids were traditionally known as a characteristic hairstyle for girls but that is now a thing of the past. Today they are worn and loved by women of all ages: the versatility, comfort, and simplicity they offer have made them a favorite hairstyle for all occasions.

In recent years they have been a trend in the looks of the most acclaimed actresses, singers, models, and celebrities of the moment, showing us how this hairstyle can fit perfectly with almost any outfit without leaving aside elegance and femininity.

The extraordinary thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to be experienced or have very long hair to get an amazing result and they are so varied that you are sure to find the one that best suits your hair type and tastes.

We all have a family member or friend who is very good at all types of braids and they always look beautiful and we wish we had the same talent but they look so complicated that we might hesitate to try.

But today we encourage you to try some very easy to do designs, so get ready to follow some simple steps with which you will learn to make beautiful braids that you will want to wear at all times and that you will be able to do with a little practice even with your eyes closed.

  • Classic Braid or Basic Braid

This is the easiest and quickest to make and will also be the basis for more elaborate braids.

The first thing we must do is comb our hair and make sure there are no knots, once this is done we will start by dividing the hair into 3 sections, leaving two sections held by one hand and the other section held by the other hand.

To start with our braid we are going to take the lock on the right towards the center passing it over the lock that was previously in the center, then we will take the lock on the left towards the center also passing it over the lock that is now in the center; we will call this a twist.  We will make these turns repeatedly until we reach the ends, always crossing the outer strands towards the inner strand, making sure that it is straight. In the end, we will fasten the braid with a ribbon or rubber band of our preference. It can be tight or loose, depending on your style.

If we want a more youthful and chic look we can opt for 2 classic braids, one on each side.  This time we will divide the hair in 2 and in each section we will make our respective basic braid, trying to keep them at the same level.

A trick is to make the braid tight to make sure it is straight and when we have finished and fastened it, with our hands we will start to stretch it little by little until we give it the desired looseness.

  • French braid

The French braid is a very nice and quick braid to do, besides being a very easy way to have your hair completely up without losing the style.

The first thing we will do is gather a small layer of hair at the back of the head at the crown of the head, once we have our layer we will divide it into 3 sections and we will link it in the same way as we did with the classic braid, once the first round is done we will take a small portion of hair from each side and we will join it to the strand that is closer just before taking it to the inner part as we learned in the basic braid. We will repeat the pattern and so we will build our French braid until we reach the nape of the neck.

Once at the nape of the neck, the next step is to finish the braid as if it were a basic braid and secure it with a ribbon or rubber band.

  • Dutch Braid or Inverted French Braid

After having done the French braid the next step is to try the Dutch braid. This braid is highly recommended if you want to show off full-bodied hair as it naturally gives more volume to your hair. Luckily, this braid is not very different from the French braid: We will gather a small layer of hair at the crown of the head and divide it into 3 sections, then we will make the first turn linking them as if it were a classic braid but with the big difference that instead of passing them through the top, we will pass them through the bottom, that’s why they call it an inverted French braid.

After doing this we will take small strands to add them to the basic braid as we have already explained with the French braid, but remember to pass the strands from below until we reach the center of the braid.

When we get to the nape of the neck we can either pin our hair up or continue with the braid, it will look très chic either way.

  • Herringbone braid or Fishtail braid

It is one of the most used for its simplicity and delicacy, making it one of the hairstyles that you can wear regardless of your hair type. There are several ways to do it, but here we will show you one that you will love.

To start we will untangle our hair without leaving any trace of knots. Next, we will divide our hair into 2 parts making a parting, making sure we have equal sections that we will call “right side” and “left side”.

When we have our hair divided we will take from the outside of our right side a small strand that we will take to the left side to join them; the following will be to repeat this action but from our left side to the right side and so on to gradually form our braid leaving a few centimeters free at the end to hold with our rubber band or ribbon.

We can also choose to make 2 braids of spikes, for which we will divide the hair into 2 equal sections and then each section we will divide it again in 2, and thus create on each side our braid in the way we have already explained.

The secret to having a beautiful herringbone braid or fishtail braid is the size or the amount of strand you take, if we take small strands this will make us have a more delicate and romantic result.


There is another braid that, although it needs a little more attention, is just as beautiful and is becoming more and more in trend. Its design has caught everyone’s eye, being used from instagramers to your favorite celebrities. That’s why we’ve decided to show it to you, so you can wear it with your favorite outfit.

  • Boxer Braid

The first step, as always, will be to detangle our hair very well. Once this is done, we will make a parting to divide our hair making sure that there are 2 completely equal sides, as this is what will help us to have a perfect and defined finish of this braid. To make it easier it is a good idea to hold one of the sides with a rubber band while we work with the other side to prevent the strands from getting mixed up.

We will comb back the side we left free and from the temple or the beginning of the parting, we will divide the hair into 3 sections. In the first round we will do it like the classic braid and then we will continue with the Dutch braid adding the strands from below and trying to keep the braid in the middle of that section.

Repeat the same process on the other side making sure to make them as similar as possible: straight, centered, and even.

This hairstyle is ideal for exercise or when you go on a trip as you can do it the night before and still look great the next day.

It is important not to rush when we are doing our braids but to be very careful and do them carefully until we master the technique perfectly. And no matter which one you decide to use you will always look great and they will give something new and beautiful to your style, the more you practice the more natural it will be for you and soon you will be able to do any braid you set your mind to.


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