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The Best Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look Stunning

The Best Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look Stunning

Summer is coming and you want to give a different touch to your long hair? In this article, we bring you some hairstyle ideas for the time of the year when the heat is at its hottest, so you can look fabulous without looking like you’ve just stepped out of the shower from the heat of having your hair loose. You don’t need much, although how elaborate the hairstyle is depending on your taste.

The materials we will use the most are Hair glues, some hair clips, a bandana, and so on. Don’t cut your creativity short with just what we show you here! Experiment at home with your hair, create new hairstyles that suit you and make you look like a queen without dying trying.

Grab your ticket and your beach sandals and we’ll give you a tour of the best hairstyles for summer, whether it’s a beach party or a day at lunch.


Summer hairstyles for long straight hair


  • Fishtail braid

One of the most popular summer hairstyles, it’s incredibly useful for keeping those pesky hairs out of your face and keeping everything in place. To make it we’re going to need some shampoo or hair spray to divide the hair in half. You will take a small strand of hair from the outer right side of your hair, and take another strand from the left side of your head. You will braid the hair sideways while taking other small strands from left to right. You should hold the end of the braid with a hair tie or even a small bowl, depending on the look you want to achieve. To make it have a little more volume, you can pull on the top of your hair to “undo” some of the strands out of place.

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  • Ponytail

Everyone’s favorite for its versatility and ease, it keeps our face clear, and its simplicity means we can wear it anywhere; from a party to the neighborhood coffee shop. To do it we will need to brush our hair before tying it, as the knots will not be very pleasing to the public eye.

After this, with the same brush, you will need to pull all your hair back, although if you like you can leave some strands out to give it that messy summer look that everyone likes. After this, take a hair tie or hair tie and pin it all up. You can put a bit of setting spray in the front to keep the little forehead hairs from popping out, and voila, you’re ready to go anywhere.


  • Simple twist curl:

One of the ideal hairstyles for straight long hair; and a staple for important events or parties where the attire specifies a look semi-formal. We’ll start by conditioning our hair, drying it as much as we can, and adding a spray to achieve multiple textures, we’ll leave two strands in the front to give a longer look to our face.

We will comb all our hair back and make a ponytail that is at the nape of our neck. While we hold it tightly, we will make a doughnut upwards and clip it to protect it. After this, we will have to shape it into a wheel and secure it with more clips. We can finish with a bit of hairspray, or if you want a more relaxed style, pull out a few random strands.


  • Waffle ponytail

In contrast to the other hairstyles, the hair should be washed one day before styling. And preferably apply a heat protectant all over the hair. Once these steps are completed, separate the hair in two, and brush it constantly to leave it without any knots.

After this, mark the separation to your preference and with the help of some hairpins separate the locks selected for ironing. From there, you should mark with the tongs. You can play with the thickness and heights of the hair to create that irregular mark that characterizes the hairstyle.

After you have marked it to your preference, you should take your hair and form a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Don’t be afraid of the hairbrush and get all the knots out again, as when the waves cool down, there is no chance of them disappearing unless you apply water to them.

After this, take two small strands from the sides of your head and tie them with a rubber band. If you wish, you can apply a bit of hairspray to both sides of your head to give your hair a little extra stiffness.


To finish, take small strands of hair that you didn’t have a flat iron on and comb through it with a backcomb. This will give the ponytail a lot more texture and give you more prominent messy hair. Separate some of the curly strands, play with other locks that have already been pinned up, apply hairspray, have fun with your hair, and you’re done!


Summer hairstyles for wavy/curly long hair


  • Pineapple curly ponytail

When it came to hairstyles for curly hair, this is one of the most versatile and fun to wear. It’s also the easiest and will show off your perfect, well-hydrated ringlets.

We say it’s versatile and multi-faceted as it can be used with multiple accessories, including headbands, headbands, hair clips, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

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To do it you need to have your ringlets well cared for and moisturized, and above all defined, as they will be the stars of the hairstyle. After that, you should proceed very carefully to gather a ponytail all over the top center of your head. And push your curls up towards your forehead or fluff them out in the middle of the ponytail so that they stand out and defy gravity. You’ll look beautiful and 100% natural!

  • Semi low ponytail


This is one of the hairstyles that makes us look elegant and simple at the same time. It’s our savior when we don’t have that much time for styling and don’t want to damage our hair with straighteners.

The basic thing to do is to have our curls well hydrated and defined. This is achieved by having good hair products that are made for our type of hair, as they must have special care. Once dry and washed we must, very carefully so as not to undo the curls, gather the upper part of the hair in a ponytail. The lower part of the hair should be left unpinned. We can take some hair out of the front part, and gather the ponytail in the shape of a doughnut. They can also be adjusted with bobby pins or another bow on top.

  • Diadem braid:

Diadem braids accompany us from small to the best event of the year. They are easy to do but look elaborate and complicated to make, but will always add more points to your look because of the beautiful end result.

As with the previous hairstyle, most of our hair will be left out in the open. It is therefore essential that we hydrate and define our curls well before proceeding. We can apply a hydrating mousse in the bath to keep it shiny and healthy-looking, as well as maintaining the definition for a whole day.

After moisturizing our hair, we will take two strands from both sides of the head by the area where the ear is, and we will start braiding them one by one. When they are completely done, we cross them over to the opposite side and fasten them with clips so they don’t come out. We can tousle the braid a bit to add a bit more texture or fix our new braids with a bit of hairspray.


  • High bun with braid

This one is dedicated to those days when loose hair is not in our plans. To do it, we will make a French or internal braid on the top of our head. After this, we will gather all our hair upwards, simulating the action of making a ponytail. After this, you can do two things: You have the option of making the ponytail high and, thanks to some hairpins, molding the shape of the bun with the adjacent locks. Or, if you have a lot of hair, you can make the high bun in one go without twisting it so much. After you’ve finished, you can apply a little hairspray to give it a shiny touch and let the hair settle completely.

  • Three back braids

People who love braids have this hairstyle as their favorite, as we can do not only two braids, but three. To do it we separate the hair to one side and take several strands from the top of our head, making a basic braid. After finishing, you must tie it with a hair tie.

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After this, we are going to take one of the strands on the left side of our head and make another braid. Again it should be fastened with a hair tie. Finishing, we will take the locks adjacent to the ear area and pass them backward, leaving them on the right side of the braid we mainly did. By joining these two, the third braid is completed. You can tie it with a ribbon or other hair tie and you will look beautiful.


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