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Make Flawless Long Lasting Curly Hair Quick – Learn How

Make Flawless Long Lasting Curly Hair Quick – Learn How

All of us want to try totally radical looks to what we are used to wearing; but not all of us choose the change that best suits our hair, so we tend to try chemicals that are very harmful to it. In view of this desire to change the hair structure, specialists in the field have been forced to present alternatives such as less harmful techniques or products to provide what the hair needs: Nutrition and sufficient resistance.

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We know that the general culture praises straight hair and puts it at the top of the most beautiful hair types. But many women don’t have this type of hair, and others with long hair have realized that, well, there are many, many more types and they look just as beautiful. Among them, we see the new culturization of curls, waves, and afros. These besides giving volume to our hair, provide a more natural and fresh look. They make our skin look shinier and smoother depending on the curl you choose, and it is also an easy hair to imitate with various techniques.

As we have mentioned before, most products or means to reach this type of hair are very harmful to our scalp, which at first instance will not be noticed but with the passage of time will leave even more evidence that it was definitely not the best way to go. But to these centuries, there have been multiple homemade alternatives to achieve our curly hair without having to subject it to extreme heat or anything like that.

Homemade ways to curl your hair

  • Waving cloth:

For this you can use a sock, an unused shirt, a pillowcase, or a piece of fabric that you have leftover from anywhere, are you surprised? Here’s how it works!

To make a curling iron out of your piece of fabric, you will need to cut strips 11 to 13 cm long and 2 cm thick each. Depending on the volume of your hair and the amount, you will cut as many strips as you need. An example for medium length, medium thick hair is 12 strands, as half the number will go to both the top and the bottom of the head.

You will then divide your hair into small strands, and roll each strip into each strand you take. When they are ready to the root, tie them up with a hair tie or whatever you have on hand, remember to do this at night to have the next day’s curls. To secure it better you can apply tongs, and to finish you should spray a little water with a spray bottle or with your hands; you can also apply styling cream.


  • Pineapple peels

Pineapple’s properties allow hair to regain elasticity and help it look more voluminous and with more defined curls. It also promotes natural hair growth and increases the shine of the strands.


To do this you will need a few pineapple peels, water, and a spray bottle. After getting what you need, you will boil a liter of water in a pot, after it boils you will add the peels and let it cook for at least 8 minutes. Once this is done, turn them off and let them cool down to room temperature. Do not put them in the refrigerator because they will lose their properties due to a chemical change in the liquid.

Apply the water in the bottle and with your hair washed, start spraying all over your hair. You should do it from the roots to the ends, and repeat the procedure several times a week. After a week you will start to notice the changes.


  • Beer mask

Yes, believe it or not, beer is included in this top. Just make sure you don’t drink it! To make it we will need half a liter of water and a beer, either canned or bottled. And we will boil it over high heat; when it is boiling we will add a little lemon juice avoiding the seeds to fall, and we will let it rest at room temperature. We must stir constantly until it cools down and then we will pour it into the atomizer. Now you know what to do, spray all the liquid on your hair! Don’t rinse it out until after half an hour, and avoid exposure to the sun all day so that there is no major damage to your hair from the mixture.

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  • Traditional curling tubes

One of the classic techniques that our grandmothers surely used. Even in the middle of 2021, this technique continues to take our hair by surprise, leaving us with a totally unique style. Its versatility is such that it can be applied with both dry and wet hair, you decide, and you can also decide the size of the curls you want to have, for this you should look at the time of purchase.


To use them, we will need to divide the hair strand by strand, and in each one of them we will roll one of the tubes, if you have hairspray at hand it would be best to apply a little so that its duration is extended, if not, with tweezers will be enough to hold them. You can wait about 4 hours before unrolling them or you can leave them overnight to last even longer with your curls well done.

  • Coconut oil mask

Coconut fats are ideal to rehydrate our hair and maintain its volume, as they contain among their components multiple proteins necessary for the hair fibers to remain thick and defined. To make this mask we will need an egg, coconut oil, and cucumber; we will start beating the egg for 5 minutes until it forms foam. Then we will add a teaspoon of coconut oil and we will puree the cucumber (it can be in the blender or food processor) which we will add to the mixture. Quickly apply it on the hair roots and on the rest of the hair until you reach the ends, and cover it with a cap or a t-shirt.

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Remove after half an hour, and rinse hair with plenty of water. In the end, apply some styling cream and that’s it! Wait for it to dry.


Tips for curly or frizzy hair

  • Keep your hair as healthy as possible, this is achieved by constantly moisturizing it, so you will need products that have these characteristics or apply homemade hair masks like the ones we have just shown you. This is a FUNDAMENTAL step if you want to have curly hair or if you already have curly hair and want to define your curls even more because the drier it is, the more porous it will be and therefore the more frizz it will store.


  • In the shower, you should get in the habit of detangling your hair with the mask or conditioner applied. Do this with a coarse bristle comb to help separate the curls properly. Try not to wait until after the bath, so it can absorb more of the nutrients it needs and strengthen the curls. If you apply a cream, try to apply it on wet hair.

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  • Let your hair dry naturally whenever you can. Or use a cotton t-shirt to absorb the water, as if you were squeezing it out a few times, never comb your hair after you get out of the shower as it will prevent the curls from staying stable.


  • If you don’t have time to wait for them to dry naturally, you can use a blow dryer. But it should have a diffuser, as direct contact with the heat will undo the curls and create more frizz. However, this should only be a last resort.


  • If you have noticed that after going to sleep, the next morning your hair is untamable again, you can put a cap to hold your curls or make some light braids. You can also opt to change the material of the pillowcases for a softer one, such as satin or silk, which prevents the hair from rubbing against the coarse fabric and creating more frizz.


  • The morning after you have slept with your curls, you can apply some water with a spray bottle to redo them and make them even more defined. You can add some scent like rosemary or something that leaves a good smell and is compatible with direct sun exposure to the water in the atomizer.


  • When cutting your hair you should keep in mind that your type of hair tends to shrink up to 60% (depending on the type of curl) so you should cut it dry, you can ask your hairdresser or just touch up the ends to not overdo it with the cut.


  • If you still can’t get your curls defined without using a curling iron, you can choose a product like hair mousse after washing it well, so that the hair returns to its natural shape without any effort. It’s mostly for unruly hair that doesn’t want to stay in place.


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