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Oils That Will Help Your Hair Grow, Protect Your Hair, And Cure Your Problems

Oils That Will Help Your Hair Grow, Protect Your Hair, And Cure Your Problems

The development of our hair ducts such as our eyebrows and our mane is an incredibly long content from which we can draw multiple things and we would not have enough hours of the day to explain it, because the growth process is very varied in each person or living being. Multiple factors are involved in the advancement of hair, among them, we can mention our eating habits, our general health, the age of our body, and well, our lifestyle. Most, or not all hair types adapt to a neglected daily routine and remain in good condition, therefore it is important to lead a better life to keep the health of our hair in good condition and promote the growth of both the scalp and the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can increase their growth with certain things? Yes, you can! Natural remedies are a great alternative to the number of chemicals we see every day, and although they are not a magic solution, they are healthier for our hair. They help us stimulate it and help it grow a few centimeters that can make a big difference, of course, they don’t work alone. It is also necessary to maintain a healthy diet and good habits to increase its effectiveness in our body.

We talked about natural remedies and oils, but even if they are of natural origin, we must take care of their direct application. Since they have a higher concentration of active ingredients in their base, therefore they should be used with oils that facilitate their indicated absorption or they can be mixed with our daily shampoo and voila!

Now yes, stay tuned because we will begin to tell you which are these magical oils that we assure, will change your hair drastically if you know how to use it, take out paper and pencil!

Oils that strengthen and give shine to our hair.

  • Coconut oil:

The first on our list for its almost immediate effectiveness and its great benefits that are not only limited to hair growth. It is composed of triglycerides in a medium-chain, which means that it will easily pass through the porous areas of your hair to penetrate the hair roots, which will moisturize and give multiple vitamins to your hair base.

In the palm of your hand, pour a light stream of coconut oil, and after rubbing it in, massage it into the roots and body of your hair with a gentle massage; leave it on for a few minutes, approximately 5, and then remove it with plenty of shampoos.

Another way to use it is to apply it in homemade masks with other natural ingredients, such as homemade mayonnaise with avocado. It should be noted that it is not advisable to leave it in direct sunlight while it is being applied, as there is a risk of getting burned.

  • Olive oil

It helps to keep the hormone responsible for baldness at bay and is an excellent protector against external factors that damage our hair thanks to the multiple antioxidants it contains, which will always keep it shiny.

In addition to this, with the help of manual stimulation of the scalp, it promotes constant blood circulation which will increase the nutritional supply of our hair.

Its application is the same as that of coconut oil, a little in the palm of the hand; but this time we will apply it only on the ends of our hair. It is possible to combine it with rosemary or castor oil to multiply its benefits.

  • Rosemary oil

It is one of the favorites when it comes to cosmetic medicine, a faithful companion of our hair and skin. It helps to keep it hydrated and promotes development to avoid split ends. As the previous one, together with a good capillary massage, helps to the good blood circulation so the growth is activated.

To use it you can apply a squirt or just a few drops of it in the shampoo of your choice (recommended a moisturizing one) and every time you wash your hair you will be using it unconsciously. It is ideal for those who always forget to apply beauty products.

  • Castor oil

One of the best natural hair moisturizers, which also favors our hair growth. Because it maintains a pleasant smell, it is not very unpleasant to apply to the hair and leaves it with a unique aroma.

It is applied directly to the hair and must be massaged constantly in circles, it must remain on the hair for about 5 minutes for the effect to take effect. It can be reapplied every 5 days and is part of the natural nourishment of the hair.

  • Jojoba oil

The only one in this list that thanks to its properties are responsible for closing the hair follicle, therefore it is ideal for dry hair as it maintains a good percentage of capillary humidity.

Its application consists mainly of the medium hair strands, with small massages it will increase its shine and hydration. It should be noted that it is essential to rinse it out as it can also promote greasy hair. Also, like rosemary oil, it can be applied in the shampoo for frequent use.

  • Almond oil

They are a fundamental base to provide vitamin E to the hair root, and can be united with other essential oils such as lavender to make your hair grow in moments! Also if constant vitamins of this type are consumed they can make your nails grow and improve your complexion. It is a great protector and strengthens the hair strands, preventing the horrendous split ends that haunt so many of us. It also helps to restore damaged hair.

It is applied directly to the scalp and body of the hair, left to act for not many minutes, and should be removed with plenty of water. It will leave the hair shiny and with an unparalleled aroma, but you should avoid the sun for at least a whole day as it can scorch the hair in contact with strong temperatures.

  • Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint contains vasodilator components, therefore if applied directly on the head it will increase the dilation of the hair follicles and improve blood circulation; it also prevents hair loss and promotes the growth of hair thickness. The only drawback is that it cannot be used if the hair is very damaged or the scalp is inflamed, as it can close the follicles and prevent growth.

It can be applied in the shampoo or in a styling cream, as its rinsing does not affect the daily day unless it is in large quantity. If used directly, it is recommended that it be used for only about 8 minutes without overdoing it and with constant massaging. You may feel your head slightly swollen, but you should know that it is the menthol acting on your scalp. As long as this is not an exaggerated symptom, everything will be fine.

We hope these tips are helpful! Remember that if you have any problems such as redness, swelling or hair wounds; you should see your trusted dermatologist before applying any of these oils. Every hair is different and needs different treatments.


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