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How To Do Box Braids – Home Tutorial For Beginners

How To Do Box Braids – Home Tutorial For Beginners

The very well-known and trending African or box braids, are one of the best options you can take to keep your hair well secured and with a unique style that anyone would envy. They are multifaceted and can be used any time of the year, you decide when to apply them and how long to wear them.

One of the reasons to decide for this type of hair is the duration that comes with having them on your hair, as it can last up to three months of use, and despite the urban legends that speak about them, they do not hurt or mark the hair like an ordinary braid. Although it doesn’t make your hair grow, it’s an ideal way to make it grow without measuring its length every 5 minutes, so if you don’t have patience, these braids are definitely for you.

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Want to know how to get this unique and fabulous look? Here we go!


How to do the box braids?

We have decided to make a small course to be able to help you to make your box braids. We will teach you the basic techniques to be able to do the braids correctly, but the fundamental basis to do them well is a constant practice to perfect the technique.

We will need a pointed comb, some pigtails, scissors, our fixing gel, and long synthetic hair. It is important that the hair is well prepared so that it does not break and there are no problems.

We will start from scratch, already with the hair well cleaned and moisturized, which is quite important, we will divide the hair into small strands, from wherever you want to start. Then we will comb to make sure it is not tangled, now, if you need to collect the remaining hair with some tongs or a ponytail, collect it without any problem so that it does not disturb you.

We will remove a small amount of synthetic hair to make our braids, which depends on the size you want the braid to be. If you want a thin braid, you will obviously need a small amount, and if you want a thicker braid, you should have a little more. Once we have our synthetic hair selected, we are going to comb it very well, because there should be no tangles in it.

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Our hair, which we already had divided, we will separate it again into three sections, and we will add the synthetic hair in the middle of these. We will hold it and put it under the index finger and hold it, while we join it with our own hair to make a knot that will be our main base. Start braiding, and we turn it around to braid it from below as it is even easier; we will also get the braid to come out much better.

Continue weaving until the end; there are times when the synthetic hair runs out while weaving, but we must pass some strands of a section to where we need it so that it does not run out; and with scissors, we will remove the remaining hairs that are around the braid. Then we will add the fixative gel and will pass it over the hair, which will make the remaining hairs stick to the structure of the braid. We will continue braiding until our real hair is no longer left, but only the synthetic hair, and we will seal it with a rubber band and hot water.

  • Second technique:

We do the same process of selection and separation of hair, both synthetic and real, and we hold it with the last three fingers. Then, a half twist is made with the synthetic hair; they pass it between the index and the heart of the hand. Taking some hair from the other section of the synthetic hair, and tie a knot, so we can already see that we have hooked both the synthetic hair and the real hair. Now, the process is the same until the end, as we weave and if we see that we need to add synthetic hair, we take what we need from another section. We put on the gel, cut the remaining hairs, and that’s it!


  • Pros:


  • It is a protective bar for various external threats, such as the sun that usually damages the hair.


  • It does not damage or mark the hair; in fact, it keeps it in a capsule where it will be well combed.


  • It can last up to 4 months, depending on how you wash it or really to your liking. If you want to remove them before you are totally free to do so.


  • They are easy and quick to wash, as the scalp is still exposed and products can be applied to it, likewise braids or braiding do not prevent the hair from being washed and do not accumulate a bad odor.



  • They are multifaceted, you can make multiple hairstyles with them and take many styles wherever you go just by combining them with some accessories, plus they are quite comfortable to wear and you don’t have to keep your hair away from your face constantly, so it is a good solution against the heat.


  • It takes less time than other hair treatments such as perming, it can last up to 2 hours depending on the length of the hair and the speed with which the professional works.


  • You have the option of adding various accessories depending on your preferences, from metal earrings to hair clips and flowers. You decide which ones suit your personality.

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  • Cons:


  • They can’t be done by just anyone, because if they fit too tightly to the scalp there may be the appearance of hair breakage, rashes, rashes, migraines, among other symptoms.
  • If you are not used to this type of style, they can be quite uncomfortable when sleeping, since the first week of application the scalp is still getting used to the braid, so it is not very flexible and cannot be easily managed.
  • It is not ideal for people who are used to conventional braids, as they are even longer and require special handling.
  • It is necessary to be very careful when applying the shampoo because if you do not apply the shampoo properly, it can create crusts on the scalp or in the center of the braid. They must also be left to dry properly.
  • Extra accessories such as metal earrings should be of a size proportional to the braid; otherwise, they cannot be inserted in the middle of the braid and will not fit well.

We can see that there are more pros than cons when it comes to applying these braids, but it depends mostly on the care that you apply its effectiveness is the technique you apply. Personally, we are in love with these braids, so we invite you to practice at home or look for someone experienced to help you do not limit yourself in trying new things! We hope it has been useful for you.


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