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New Trend Alert – Chunky Highlights From 90′

New Trend Alert – Chunky Highlights From 90′

If we look back and list the iconic changes we saw in the 90s, we can imagine someone with extravagant colors in their clothes, aerobics, and chunky highlights in their hair. Throughout the time they were in fashion, many stars of the show business came out wearing them like the character played by Jennifer Aniston: Rachel, in the most successful series of the 90s: Friends.

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And if you haven’t seen them, you might be wondering, what are chunky highlights? Well, these are very thick and brightly colored highlights. It should be noted that their main characteristics are the gradient between the natural color of the hair and the color, usually yellow, of the highlights. We may also have heard of them by the name “zebra stripe”.

You may not make much sense when you first see them, but we assure you that you will want to have them all the time and apply them whether they are trending or not. So you can be in this article either for hating them or loving them; either way, do you want to know more about them? Keep reading!

The modern version

Although this style originates from the 90s, the current alternatives are slightly different from the original, but they never stray from the main definition of highlights. An example of this is that now the strands are usually a bit thicker, up to four centimeters deep. It is worth noting the importance of not making the highlights directly attached to the root of the hair, and although they keep quite bright colors to use, you can opt for softer alternatives of shades such as ash blonde. It can even be considered a subcategory of balayage.

If you want a style like Dua Lipa’s, you can simply paint the main strands of your head to give it a more modern touch and not affect the main color of your mane. Depending on your overall style you can decide what kind of chunky highlights are right for you. Although if you are not sure if this style is for you, you can use even lighter shades that are almost unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Things to keep in mind when applying them

  • They don’t need too much maintenance

It is known that any hair application must be controlled and retouched at the hairdresser’s if we want to keep it in good condition, especially bleaching or highlights, but there are certain treatments or techniques that allow us to visit it less and less, as in the case of chunky highlights. This is because the thicker strands do not need as much care as the intention is to create a contrast. The usual is that the base of the hair is a dark color and the strands are a bright color so that the roots are seen and increase the intention of the look. If the roots fall out and look more like balayage, it’s okay to wear them that way, it’s still part of the style!

  • Can be worn with updos

We all love this style with loose hair and a few hairclips in the bangs, but have you thought about how stylish it is to wear it in multiple types of buns? With some braids, the natural hair color and the radiant highlights will make a spectacular combination that will steal glances wherever you go. Take a chance, look great with street-style hair!

  • Suits all lengths

Although long hair is the prevailing trend and tends to show off the most, chunky highlights are made for all hair types. Be it long, short, curly, or completely straight. The color of the strands will not be dulled by your haircut, nor vice versa. They will intertwine in a winning combination! And with a twist on the trend, you make the difference yourself!

  • Suitable for all ages

Trendy hairstyles never have an age factor in between. Whether you’re 15 or 55, all fashion trends will look equally perfect on you, so don’t waste the opportunity to wear what you like.

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  • First of all, analyze your hair

If your hair is between shades of yellow, you’ll need a shade one tone higher than the one you currently have. Or if you’re blonde, but still want to try another color, that’s your right! What color will you use for your chunky highlights? Maybe a pink, a blue, or even a green, your creativity is the limit.

You must know your hair and its tone to decide which one suits you best, you must also consider its current state and the health it maintains. Even if this treatment is not totally abrasive, your hair will undergo changes. Therefore it is essential to keep it hydrated and in good condition to prevent it from falling out or breaking in the process.

And that’s it! So far our report, have you made up your mind? I think you have. We can bet that you will look beautiful!


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