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Make a Perfect French Braid Hairstyle – As a Beginner

Make a Perfect French Braid Hairstyle – As a Beginner

This is one of the hairstyles of the century, due to how easy it is to make and the thousand ideas that can come out of it. You don’t need a lot of materials, since you can even make it with your own fingers. It is one of those hairstyles that our mothers used to do when we were little, but it looks great even with a few years of age!

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If you haven’t noticed, Instagram and other social networks are full of stylish and accessorized versions of the same braid. So that you don’t get left behind in trend, here we’ll teach you how to make one and you’ll decide whether to keep it or take it up a notch.

  • First step:

You must comb your hair back in its entirety, you must take out all the knots you find on the way and try to make it as untangled and manageable as possible. Since this way we avoid that when it’s time to take off our fabulous braid, we can’t go back to our natural hair without having to give us terrible hair pulls.

  • Step two:

You’re going to take a strand from the beginning of your forehead, one of the considerable proportions. If you have a fringe, you have to decide to make it part of the braid or you can leave it free to add a personal style to yours. This goes hand in hand with your preferences.

  • Step three:

Like a basic braid, you are going to separate that strand into three sections. Taking care of the proportions, as they should all be the same length and thickness so that it doesn’t look uneven.

  • Step four:

We will braid in a standard way, you must pass the left strand over the main one, and the right one also over these two. We will repeat this multiple times, maybe three or four more.

  • Step five:

This is where our braid differs from the others, as you are going to take the same braiding pattern, but you will have to add several strands from around your head. In other words, every time you have to cross one of the three strands, you will take some hair from the same section of your head and add it to the strand that is going to go next to it.

You will do this all the time, so you must be careful that the strands you are taking are the same amount as the one on the other side so that you don’t run out of hair prematurely and some strands look thicker than others.

  • Step six:

After we have been adding multiple strands of hair to our braid, we will probably have reached the end of the nape of the neck, so we will have no more to take.

Here we are going to braid in a regular way, like any other braid, until we reach the end of the tail. Here we can tie it with a rubber band, a ribbon, or whatever you want to hold it long enough so that the braid doesn’t fall apart.


And that’s it! You can add some circular earrings or you can put a bandana around your neck, you decide how to wear your new braids. They are great for running or going to the beach, even to wear to an outdoor picnic.


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