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Curl Perms – The Gospel Truth That Every Girl Should Know

Curl Perms – The Gospel Truth That Every Girl Should Know

If you have straight hair, you want waves. And those who have waves, spend millions on treatments to achieve a natural straightening. It is normal for women to want to try that style that we don’t have naturally, and it is seen daily in salons all over the world.

Perms had been discontinued since the early 2000s, as straight hair was for a while the fashion of choice and remained on the podium for a long time. But watch out straight hair! That the fashion for loose curls, afros, and hairstyles with lots of volumes is back with a vengeance.

The world has advanced exponentially in terms of beauty products, but even for this type of treatment multiple chemicals are needed, that can be harmful to our straight hair. So, if you’ve made up your mind, it’s best to take a step back and take a look at how to take special care of your hair before, during, and after the treatment. What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at what a perm is, along with its pros and cons.

What is a perm?

This type of treatment allows you to customize multiple types of curls, from thinning to natural waves and even creating thick afros. Even if you have this type of hair, the treatment allows your curls to be more voluminous and controlled. However, the technique can vary depending on the type of hair you have. This is affected by: the length, the haircut we keep, the thickness and the hair procedures we have done before. Short hair will not have the same capillary weight as a curl from a person with longer hair.

Depending on the type of perm you apply, it can add more size to the curls, add more volume to the roots of the hair or create curls throughout the length of the mane. This depends on the size of the mold used for each strand. It should be noted that large curls tend to disappear more easily than a smaller one because of the weight it creates on the scalp.


Things to do before taking the big step


  • Test before you take the plunge, there’s no going back.

This is one of the options most recommended by hairdressing professionals, as you can decide the type of curl that best suits your face and not regret it after applying it. You can go to the salon and order a perm test to decide if it is right for you, or you can try to do them at home with a curling iron or flat iron.


  • Your hair should be in the best possible condition before you perm it.

It’s no lie that the permanent treatment puts the hair under high temperatures and abrasive chemicals for our hair and skin, even to the point of mistreating it and even causing hair loss. So much so that during the first 36 hours it cannot get wet because it will continue to work on our scalp.

Because of this, hairdressers recommend maintaining a hair recovery procedure three times of the application of the perm, that is, before, during, and after it. This is because the hair itself may not be able to withstand the harshness of the chemicals and it will help us to keep it healthy and not suffer possible accidents in the future.

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  • A drastic change in a hair routine

One thing that the curly hair trend that has been going on since last year has left us with is that curly hair needs a lot of care and attention. Curls require twice as much hydration, they can fall out, lose their shape, and not just any product will do to look spectacular. Therefore, they will need constant touch-ups at the salon to get back to normal on a regular basis. It is a new stage for each person, are you really open to learning?

A tip from our specialists is to use conditioners with foam in the curl for a short period of time, this will help to mark the curls and keep them moisturized for a longer period of time.

  • Not everyone has the same hairstyle and the same products do not work for everyone

If you have already made up your mind and have a date set for your perm, remember to experiment and specify to your hairdresser the cut you want. Remember that there are cuts, blow-dries, and toiletries that are not for everyone and not even for the same type of curl. The Post-perm care: General guidelines

When the hairdresser releases the comb, and your perm is ready, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the process is over and you can go home to sleep. That after sitting for 5 hours in front of a giant mirror watching your hair take shape, or checking your cell phone, everything is totally perfect and finished, and that you’ll have gorgeous curls for life. But, the reality is very different.

There are two main liquids that make the perm stay the way it is for a long time, the first is the direct perming product. This is in charge of the characteristics of your curl, and then comes the neutralizer. This has the task of keeping the curl hard and defined for the rest of the day. But, even after the salon rinses out, they will still be inside our scalp neutralizing and working the whole area without resting so that the curl doesn’t unravel. This means we can’t rush to that party that is calling us so much and think about what NOT to do after getting the treatment done.


  • Keep the perm away from any liquid for the first 48 hours:

This is a more common mistake than you might think, but it’s the most fatal of all. You can’t apply any kind of liquid, you can’t wash your hair, you can’t go to the beach, you can’t even wet it with your fingers. The water will make the neutralizer fade and not finish doing its job. Therefore, the curls will not stay stable.

  • Use the right shampoo for your hair type:

After you’ve gone 48 to 72 hours without washing your hair, you need to be careful about the products you apply to it. Try to discuss this with your hairdresser so they can prescribe the right one for your curl type. They will most likely recommend one without sulfates. This means it will be mostly hair mousse, as harmful chemicals or detergents will be eliminated. Relax, the mousse will restore the moisture you lost and cleanse the scalp thoroughly, but it should be applied with great care and gentleness.

  • Take care of your curls while you sleep

While you’re dreaming of your new curls, they’re probably being destroyed by the constant movement of your head while you sleep. We don’t tell you to sleep standing up, but you can apply a pillowcase over your curls to keep them in shape. This should be of a material like silk or satin, as it will probably frizz if you put it in a cotton or lycra one. You might get a little warm, but it’s worth it the next morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pick up my hair after perming?

After the first 78 hours, you have every right to do so. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild by repositioning your new curls. Since it is a permanent procedure, they will go back to where you left them. So, you have a thousand and one hairstyle possibilities to try for every day of the week, don’t limit yourself!


  • Avoid heat tools

Even after the first few hours, completely banish the blow dryer and flat iron for the rest of the time you wear your perm on your head. If your hairdresser hasn’t explained this to you, it’s because afro or curly hair tends to be more porous. This means that it doesn’t take in as much moisture as normal hair, which will cause the heat to gradually dry out the hair strands and even cause even more frizz to appear. Reform it is important to ask your perm manager how to maintain your perm and the basic care you will require depending on your hair type. 


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